Elon Musk, Mars, SpaceX, Tesla, Inc. 's NEW DISCOVERY On Mars Changes EVERYTHING!

His interest in the planet seems quite serious and he does not seem to be stopped until he makes a huge discovery, while no man has set foot on mars. Elon, musk and nasas discovery has changed everything in todays video. We will be discussing this new revelation and how it has changed it all for as long as weve known humans have always had complaints about earth, they have been dissatisfied with their planet and have always dreamt of having another option. This unsatisfied human behavior existed way before we even discovered that there are other planets other than earth. If it were in human control, they might have migrated to other planets. At a glance, however, whats, stopping us is that we are continuously reminded that earth is the only planet where human life could survive, and the area beyond that is cold and cruel. We have been told that the only planet and the milky way that can meet human needs is earth. Well, we all believed it was true. Until a man from our own, named elon musk rose to the fact and started his search to find a place for humans to live beyond earth. He joined forces with nasa and targeted our neighbor planet mars. To this day, no human has gone to mars, and all we know about this planet is because of nasas amazing discovery of mars rovers. Thanks to these mars rovers. We know that this red planet has no sources of water, which is the primary need of humans to survive, and the recent discovery made by elon musk does support this hypothesis.

So this might change the course of his plans for life on mars. Elon musk spacex has been exploring the possibilities for humans to live on mars and have many plans it needs to execute and with nasas goals of sending astronauts to this planet by 2030 seems like. There will be a success to create a hospitable environment on the planet. Mars, however, there are challenges. One of the most pressing concerns is whether mars is habitable for people or not. Well, naturally, it is not. It is cold, hostile and a cruel planet that does not seem to provide for any of the human needs and the chances to survive on that land for humans are low. The biggest reason is that this red planet has no water. Another difficult challenge, both spacex and nasa would face, even if they find a way for human survival is to find a way to transfer people from earth to mars. It is a 34 million miles distance and that too, in space when it comes to the red planet, musk has high hopes. His plans for mars are extremely ambitious and well hes. An ambitious man. Elon musk is known to come up with plans that have always seemed impossible to be true, but he has proved the world to be wrong. So we vouch for him with this one and who knows he might be successful, and humans would have a new planet where they could live on because lets be honest, earth is not getting any bigger and the population is not stopping getting back to musk.

He wants to develop a full scale city on mars surface. According to his brief plan, this would be a metropolis where everyone, not only scientists and researchers, but everyone could live. Even if you have no relations with science or astronomy, you can still have the chance to live in musks red city. Spacex will be responsible for trading you for the new life ahead and once they approve you can move to a whole new planet. People who want to go to mars could take out a loan to pay for their travel. They can then repay the debt by working in anything from iron foundries to pizzerias after they arrived because there has been no life on the planet before that there would be many options for employment. Musk predicted that there would be labor shortages for a long period at the 2016 conference. Even though elon musk has a foolproof plan for the planet mars mission, it is going to cost a fortune and when it is elon musk, he has got a plan for that. As well, musk projected in 2019 that building a self sustaining metropolis on mars would require about 1 million tons of cargo. Assuming that sending cargo to mars with the forthcoming starship costs, 100 000 per ton, a mars city would cost roughly 100 billion dollars. Musk believes that it might cost upwards of 10 trillion dollars. That seems like a lot and musk plans to do all it takes in steps to collaborate with nasa musks stated goal is for humanity to evolve into a multi planet species.

He has compiled a list of reasons why humanity would wish to extend into the universe. Over the years, he frequently mentions that a life ending disaster on earth could mark the end of humanity, but that humanity could survive if it can establish a base on a new planet like mars. According to him, the planet earth is getting filled with everyday passing and there will be a time soon that there would not be any space left for more humans. This is why he thinks before this happens and the world turns into a war zone for survival. There should be another option for humans to cultivate their lives and musk believes that mars. Is that option? Even though musk has everything planned out, it is also important to acknowledge how he aims to execute his plans. According to musk, the starship is the heart of his red city plan. Spacex will be able to fly personnel and goods to mars. Using this reusable rocket, which is currently being developed in texas, the spacecraft will be able to launch over 100 tons of cargo or 100 people into orbit at once, because it runs on liquid oxygen and methane rather than rocket propellant used by the falcon 9. Explorers can fly to mars recharge, using resources, discover there and then return to earth. The astronauts could potentially travel further into space, constructing a network of refueling stations as they go. The ship is anticipated to fly for the first time before 2023 starts, which means it could be any time now that we would be hearing the news of a starship that has been launched to reach mars.

While the companys first goal is to launch the ship from its starbase facility in texas, musk has said that if there are too many delays, the team will launch from cape canaveral in florida. We understand why musk wanted to have this contingency plan. He is a man who always likes to think with his mind, open to both sides, the right and the wrong. Thus his planning always has a backup. This is also one of the reasons why no one can defeat him. The biggest concern for humans to survive on the planet is that there is no water on that land, but what? If there is thats right? The recent discovery made by elon, musk and nasa is about the water on mars and ever since they released this news. The hopes of living on mars have held up high technically it is not water, but they have revealed that after an explosion on the planet surface, it was revealed that there are massive cross sections of ice underneath the land, approximately 100 meters beneath the surface. Building upon this research, it has revealed that underneath one mile of the north pole of the planet, there are layers of ice good enough to restore water for the survival of millions of people. So the problem of water seems solvable. However, theres still a long road to go because restoring ice from beneath the land of a planet that is harsh and cruel to human life and getting it to melt to get to water is challenging and lengthy process and to get down to it would require many Hardships, however, we do agree that before this news there was no chance of water on the planet, so this one does give us hope.

So, when theres a goal, theres always a way, and we are sure that elon musk would find that way. He was not going to stop even when he knew there was no water, and now that he knows it is possible. He is going to be unstoppable till he creates a city on the planet. However, there is still one obstacle in elon musks way, and that is the planets atmosphere. According to nasas research, the atmosphere of the red planet is cruel to humans. 95.3 percent of the planet is made up of carbon dioxide and theres only 0.13 oxygen, which is the primary gas humans need to breathe. So if there ought to be life on mars, there must be a massive supply of air on the planet. Moreover, another thing to look at is the atmospheric pressure. According to nasa, the atmospheric pressure on mars is 6.1 millibars, which is extremely low compared to earths atmospheric pressure, which is 1013 millibars. If you dont know how important atmospheric pressure is, you should know this. If the earth did not have this much pressure, the pockets of air inside our bodies would expand and at some point would explode, our eardrums would explode and the water inside our bodies would boil. Furthermore, the temperature on the planet mars makes it impossible for humans to live. Nasa reports have suggested that the temperature on the planet mars is negative, 285 degrees fahrenheit, which means it is too cold and well with all the ice beneath the land.

It is justifiable. However, these obstacles are truly something we cant ignore, but we are sure that elon musk will find a way to overcome all of them and soon we will be hearing all about it. He will not stop until he builds life on mars and elon. Musk has proven to do what he aims in the past, so theres no point in doubting his potential anyways guys if you want to see more interesting videos, click the video right above.

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