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The far sideline kicks it over to morris morris, the three dmps in his series, but oh the mark, james snatching down the rebound here, is kcp sitting out with that injured knee in the last game, james inside on the attack to always get himself in foul trouble And shooter has been quiet. The last couple of games after erupting in games, one and two look: fires from d always good to get that first, one to go down Applause, james teeing, up the deep three and connects make or miss, but preferably on those missed shots. As book sets up morris goes off the glass crafting something that the laker fans have talked about wanting and needing to see more of from lebron james is drummond on the rebound putback last three playoff series for lebron, james or playoffs total as can’t get the three From cp3, but bridges knifing in the suns have to continue to exhibit in this game all on the inbound get to the crowder catch and shoot three on the way deposits it during the season, but, as we mentioned, has only played 12 total minutes through the first Four games book, fading Applause fans being in the house – here’s bridges swings it around to payne, gets the open look for peter, knocks it down. Timeout la picked up by bridges out there, caruso gasol, kuzma, matthews and lebron james driving inside slithering for shooting the ball. Three pointers getting to the rim what a back up player their campaign is for this ball club punishing lebron james caruso uncle james is on bridges.

Matthews is on pain, cameron, payne, again elusively taking it in sports inside. Firstly, matthews out to lebron shot clock at five crowder defends kicks it out, kuzma running two got it from 15 on the fly: it’s devin booker, the all star, kaminsky has screened for payne’s triple. He is looking to score and he is delivering here comes lebron johnson. There, oh one, did great strength in his skill level, i’d like to see more of that from lebron james, with seven good fake there, evasive move inside pucker hits the deck fouled on the play, counted for two poker with 12 phoenix team. Lebron now works on torrey, craig third different defender on james easily finds kuzma cut of eight 13 points on eight shots and james holding it again screened by drummond into drummond pick and roll scooping up being against schroeder kaminsky picked up by drummond. They got him way outside booker blows by takes it up and puts it down sodas, but there he is watching like everybody. This is a must see, game series tied at two kuzma takes it himself, aggressive clock and shot clock. Booker has been the star 15 points on nine shots got the screen launches of three got it two from deeper book. We talked about the struggles of both teams from downtown payne on the drive, scoop and score suns with numbers. If they push on the drop off it’s under their biggest lead here is cameron. Payne continues to be a fly in the ointment of the lakers.

She changes james, shoulder down blocked by tory craig brought the hammer to the king. Normally, when the team that’s being out work, the sons of getting all the lucky bouncing book fading from the corner of the mountain? Well, they’ve done it without chris paul gets the look at the three yes, 17 1 run for phoenix la hasn’t, scored a field goal in over five minutes and a drive by chris paul as he slices for two slices. Indeed, too many drive bys here, sons easily get into the basket against this defense of the lakers paul mclemore’s on him, down to three dancing: 15 footer chris paul doubled by mclemore screen and outside it goes crowder with a three and paul has got three assists three Boards seven points booker outside bridges, three finds energy well right now tonight the suns have all the energy they’re whipping the ball around playing unselfish and just facebook offense here on just the strength, just not quite there to have that kind of power. On those long distance jump shots good screen by 8 and a shot on the fly with six points, setting a wall shooter fights through it inside pass broken up intended for bridges, and now it goes to caruso he’ll. Take it the other way, it’s fantastic back and forth. Adjustments made different story lines, not a typical first round: matchup beautiful cut in percent shooting for the suns 32 shooting for the lakers gushing into the paint was paul, worked and outplayed on all facets by the phoenix suns bad boss right there by kentavious, caldwell pope and A spinner put up in noel pope, schroeder and james, and we talked before the game about lebron, james and shooter having to play big, but the two is so so it’s it’s, you know it’s just puzzling right here.

I did not see this coming whatsoever step back. Three crowded and it’s, almost like after the heartbreak of game, two and game three for the suns and then making the necessary adjustments as lebron. No ball movement, no player movement right now for the lakers on their offensive end playing right into the hands and, as you see on the other end, so they had actually strengthened. They thought blocked inside by bridges on a slashing move by schroeder, but they felt like you know. We know exactly what we’re up against tough shot down the hatch. It goes. Booker really got things right. Well, they hired the right coach, imani williams. They make the deal for paul, they pay booker. Who takes this shot right here and trains? It they’ve done everything right, but this town as great a basketball city as it is, has not had a lot of winners over the last 10 years, lebron from last year and, of course on display with their record in the bubble winning eight in a row. So they felt good about themselves going into the offseason you bring in chris paul, you bring in jake crowder the expectations rise and they have delivered as chris paul Music. Oh man, it’s schroeder, well paul a three by lebron, the perfect teammate, the perfect player, the perfect leader for this team at this stage, kuzma in for caruso versus north carolina and cameron and we’re sitting behind the bench, and he has a notepad taking notes.

While watching coach, k and i’m looking at him rolling my eyes like, are you serious, like really gon na take notes in cameron and uh? Maybe i should have been taking notes because he’s turned out into an incredible. These guys have responded, and now you know on the verge here, they pull this game out. One game away from dethroning the defending champion began at pitt and finish at carolina. Here comes payne, 14, first half and then in his career he had to kind of move around to a few locations. A few addresses to find out what was missing james, hitting from so in there right now for phoenix payne, kaminsky cameron, johnson, craig and booker. Afraid of the moment thrives in that moment and time and time again, we’ve seen him step up and deliver james carves. His way in 11 finals tracking data used athletic coming up with some of those notes, cameron, jackson, triple the ball player. Three steals: two blocks his campaign going low to avoid the foul kuzma stepped back, three got it make 11 tonight, but lebron james, six of those cam inside, gets to finish it up, shoot the ball, and you look at the lakers who are a big team and Obviously, between all three of them, dario takes the dime. He don’t have too many chances to win yeah, and you know i think and you’ve said this a couple of times the way this season has in those games.

They never found a consistent group. That could give frank vogel any you see the strength there from taylor, horton tucker game tonight about an hour or so before, tip on the floor, working just really shooting drills. More than anything, i guess the positive thing for them is that he was out there, but normally with a groin. They just make him go sit down, sticks drop. The extent of his aggravation to his shoulder again seems like he’s, okay he’s been over.

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