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Well, i i’m gon na put most of the onus on lebron james and coach, frank vogel. I mean listen, it’s, a game, six it’s, not a game; seven uh it’s, not the end. You know you don’t write the epitaph of lebron james because of this, because there is a game: six rather uh, because this was game. Five. There is a game, six um, potentially a game, seven, so it’s not over uh, but you knew what you was. What was stacked against you, particularly with anthony davis out, and here you are, you show up, and i know that you made passes and guys weren’t shooting open shots. I get all of that other times. They were missing uh and i let max get into all of that, because there were a few people on the los angeles lakers that were pathetic. They were soft, they were weak. They came across as a team uh that conceded uh the game of pretty much minutes into it. But lebron is the leader and guess what he didn’t look much better, so i’m gon na put that on him because it’s not just about you, scoring your points or whatever it’s you galvanizing the troops and leading in the way that you’re supposed to he didn’t. Do that last night, but the big onus, a bigger onus to me, falls on coach, frank, vogel, see this is it’s moments like this, where you get reminded that frank vogel wasn’t their first choice.

He really wasn’t their second choice: it’s just that, because of somewhat of a checkered pass against jason kidd, he couldn’t be the guy that was hired to be the head coach of the los angeles lakers because i’m. Here, to tell you, as a point of fact, that jeannie buss wanted jason kidd to be the head coach of the los angeles lakers, which is why everybody was contemplating. You know how long is frank, vogel gon na be there but props to frank. Vogel came in and won the chip last year and had them ready to play in the bubble, but last night mr vogel coach vogel, where the hell was your defense, i mean we saw guys running layup lines. We saw guys shooting uncontested wide open. Three point shots. We saw them pushing the ball up the floor and god’s not getting back. We saw you start put forth a starting five last night. They hadn’t started together all season long, if i remember correctly, and by the way where the hell is montreal’s herald where the hell is. He okay, because it’s just inexcusable inexcusable that you haven’t found a way to use this dude who’s, the sixth man of the year. You brought him there. I understand that andre drummond is a bigger body he can play. He was serviceable with his 13 rebounds for offensive, but montrose herald is an energizer bunny he’s a dog, and i mean that in a positive way, he’s a dog where the hell is he you got to put him out there.

You know, anthony davis is not reliable. Now, i’m, not going to disrespect anthony davis, because if you injured you injured and he’s got multiple injuries to the same leg max, and i get that. But damn you got charles barkley on the air i mean. If ever there was a time charles barkley was hilarious and made you fall out of your chair, it was like nice when he called anthony davis street clothes yeah. We have his injury history for this season. If we can pull that up um i mean that. Does i mean that was just hilarious, okay and i ain’t knocking i don’t like the child and anthony davis because you injured you injured and i respect that. But the bottom line is he’s an injury prone player. You notice frank vogel: how in the hell, do you not prepare the los angeles lakers, particularly your front line, to be able to play without anthony davis, at least defensively, at least when it comes to rebounding, at least when it comes to having some kind of interior Presence that’s on frank, vogel, that’s on frank, vogel, so i’m, just looking at it max and i’ll hand it off to you by saying this lebron james, listen this on the line. I want to hear no damn goat conversation. It was never an issue with me. I don’t want to hear you better show up in game six and be not just a great player. We know you to be somebody who’s worthy of being on a mount rushmore.

You better galvanize these troops and get these boys ready, because your teammates look soft. They look weak last night. They just got straight punked you down by 30 in the front let’s get let’s get max in here that’s what happened the person most responsible for the loss and it took a lot of people to have a loss like that, like you could say whatever you want, I don’t know what happened in the second half of that game. Anyone watching the second half of that game. Everyone was watching denver and portland 20 down 27 down 30 points at the half get out of here. The person most responsible for the loss is dennis schroeder. That’S the person most responsible and i don’t want to hear steven a the particulars about what role needs to be filled. Now that a.d is not playing it’s much simpler than that. Your best player is lebron. He was able to play your second best players a.d. He couldn’t go. Your third best player is dennis schroeder. Dennis schruter turned down 84 million dollars because he wants a hundred million he’s, the third best player on the team. He has to step up and be the second best player. The big question was: okay, schroeder’s, better than rondo in the regular season, not in the regular season now we’re in the playoffs and there’s playoff rondo what’s playoff trooper. Look like there’s no such thing as playoff shooter. Apparently, stephen a here are the numbers from shooter last night: oh for nine, shooting all four four from three: he had one assist and no points.

He when you needed this dude to step up. He had zero points, not in the first quarter in the game. Zero points the first laker to go scoreless in a playoff game, while shooting nine plus shots since the franchise moved to la. So you can talk to me about montrez, harrell and andre drummond, and how coach should have used them and lebron, not stepping up enough and everything else. Your wannabe hundred million dollar point guard needed to step up and he gave you zero points. He did something that no one has ever done with the los angeles lakers. If you’re looking for one guy to blame schroeder deserves it most, please please no disrespect max you’re, not wrong i’m, not trying to imply that you’re wrong with what you’re saying about true to himself and his pathetic weak, impotent performance, you’re, absolutely right, but it’s, an absolute Joke if you acting like heather cause or what the hell happened last night, you could have a bad game like that from shrewder and still be a bit more respectable. Understand that we’re not here talking about how the lakers lost a game. If we just talked about how they lost game five, we dissect how they lost game. Five, all right, you roll back to the staples center for game six. This conversation is about a beat down that took place in phoenix a straight up beat down. They got punk yo, i mean these brothers rolled up on the court.

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