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Layup is good that’s a formula for trouble. Browder stops nice feet inside and ayton throws it down. Hey you’ve done your job defensively. Chris paul finds room, elbow, jumpers, good three, so they don’t get hurt there and make them score over the top down. The other end. Wes matthews launches a three pointer, that’s good. You were talking about before jeff, make him take that shot and make him make it and if he can make it as booker, a good drive to the rim, but davis gets up in the front court. James rattles into three that one way short schroeder on the break, true to james and the finish, and a timeout call by phoenix 36 years old, playing against lebron james in the playoffs for the first time in their careers. These two pals as crowder, gets to the rim alex caruso pain, three pointer well short rebound karim’s. All the way back out to pain, don’t, see that very often and then knocks down the three and you don’t see that very bridges is a great defender. A huge height advantage, obviously for anthony davis, turn shoots and scores that’s that lineup they have out there right. Now caruso’s a good 6’5 as gustal hits the three and that’s the fourth turnover for the lakers. Both teams a little sloppy early Music booker tough shot is good and booker. Tory craig has come on now for the phoenix suns payne lines up. The three he’s been shooting the three ball extremely well off craig to pain.

Seven on the 24. payne kicks it back up craig plenty of time to set nobody near him. Job by cameron praying on that possession. You want him to be aggressive, but not just as a scorer being aggressive as a playmaker. Also schroeder floats it up and in the defense and the rebound craig thought he was fouled. He’S upset slow to come back up. The other, a davis out to schroeder schroeder lines up the three pointer, it’s good phoenix, has a foul to give kuzma drives past craig throws it up, mrs gasol, on the follow. They’Ll count it at the buzzer we’ll continue to evaluate that thanks. So much bonnie appreciate it. Yep back to you mike all right. Rachel kuzma throws it up. Drummond throws it down, of course, as the game went on well, he’s looked sharp early on cam johnson goes right at drum and then finishes beautiful corner boy. That should have been. I think that should have been a violation. Absolutely that was a pass from lebron james and cruz, craig, the former nugget who was acquired from the bucks early this season macklemore three pointers good well james, got hung up in the air and made something great out of nothing. Ben mclemore sticks to three that’s. Three points made up off of a bad of a call that should have been made amen. Oh james, amen on that, but spinning on the slam, Applause, frank vogel said he saw that look in the way he was playing.

It was like i’m taking this game over. Look kuzma backs it home, kyle kuzma, some good minutes off the bench, 10 straight points by the lakers payne and a goaltender, but the second unit only cam johnson off the bench because the bench just didn’t get it done, bucker count it and the foul devin booker A chance for a play there, paul to crowder cross court johnson johnson’s had some good looks and that one goes down that could have easily turned into a drum and dunk mclemore, no hesitation, drills. Another three he’s capable has not played a lot so far. Didn’T play games. One and two of this series, as crowder goes inside bank shot is good, jake crowder his second, but he was hit eight in the rebound. The sun’s bench. Yelling pushed the ball crowder open three that’s good now boy does that have to feel good for g and tennant kumpo had one for the ages. You don’t play with your food and crowder knocks down the rebound gasol cross court pass, finds matthews for three that’s good. Another great plan, the love and appreciation and guidance and leadership that his coach and coach van gundy gave to him it’s so important and should be recognized. I know we joke a lot. We don’t see that often crowder misses the three james stolen by payne. James gets it back caruso up to james for the slam, what a wild play and the lakers go back up by four brown up top bridges, an open look that three pointer is good and it’s back to a one point game i loved how phoenix ran it Right back, quick davis against eight little step back, two pointer is good.

Just the second field goal that shot is not going to beat us chris paul, the hesitation, the pullback shoots over gasol and paul is set up as booker down the other end slight limp and a grimace from anthony davis. Bridges knocks down the three and davis rest of the players, heard it from frank vogel at halftime. He told them their fouling discipline was poor and he also stressed the need for players to get back quicker in transition, because the suns are trying with the rebound eight and four points. Six boards, chris paul nice feet inside ayton, goes right at drummond and finishes with the foul paul eight point: phoenix lead with anthony davis back in the locker room, ayton down low against james and eighteen able to finish an overall pick back in 2018 after playing one Year at arizona spins and throws it down drummond trying to draw the charge, presents them more spacing on offense kuzma scoop, layup beautiful shot for kuzma with his left hand, nine points now for kuzma bridger’s little fake fires. Three pointers: good mikael bridges to make too so just going right at using their speed as paul gets to the mid range. Chris paul sons are trying to accomplish offensively third foul on kuzma chris paul falling away rolls around and drops through five points so far today, and they also need james to be dominant drummond on a nice feed from schroeder an easy to get to the ball game.

He’S too good and too accomplished in this league. You need energy, you need competitiveness as pain since his earlier days in the lead, he’s, tough, too, just not afraid of the contact, cameron, payne, not afraid, drive to the basket. Crowd’S been rather quiet with the poor play here in the period james. The runner is good that’s. His first hit Music paul on the drive, goes to the rim left handed flips it up off the glass one dribble like he did just there, kuzma blocked from behind tory craig ice rejection here comes crowder bumps into morris, lays it up, and in jay crowder you Were thrilled with your team defensively even before a.d went out? What do you want to see in the fourth quarter? For that right? On that end, yeah we’re competing got ta, make sure we get back and honor our coverage six to shoot james on him, payne off the bounce flips it up shot rolls around and drops through nice play from kevin. We are seeing all the reasons why phoenix had the second best record in the nba, by what they’re doing here in the second half chris paul, knocks it in kuzma. A just layup is good. Nice play from kuzma, hey what’s happening just under 13 boards. A game in this series paul throws it up and ayton gets it to go. Didn’T quite grab it at 87. Right now, i think they’re playing faster they’re, shooting it with confidence as schroeder makes the three he hasn’t shot at great.

But i think bridges has really done a good job in searching out opportunities as james again lost the handle five to shoot, payne blocked by gasol payne gets it the defending champion. Lakers, the sole three pointer got it marcus from downtown his second quarter, booker out to bridges, bridges for three puts it in mikhail bridges, a big even looking at it, Music booker. Looking for an opening, fine shot, blocked castle and at last touched booker. The sun say no way so all the time, since one of the reasons we’re so good defensively is what he does james inside on a beautiful feed from gasol Applause. Ayton sets the screen for chris paul back for booker bucker fires, away, it’s good, a two pointer for bucker who’s. Their leading scorer they’ve got six players in double figures. Caruso tries a three got: it Applause, all, looking paul, driving falling away, it’s good chris paul wants it. Here’S schroeder schroeder has not shot the ball well, as gasol tries another three and mark gasol. His third three points for deandre ayton bridges out the crowder crowder for three bang jay crowder from downtown and the sun’s hooker switches on james brusso fakes, the three behind the back gets in the paint. Scoop lamp is good. Pretty move from alex caruso harassing bridges pokes. It away, but right to crowder back to bridges inside craig for the dunk, almost a terrific demanding what a job by the phoenix suns.

This is a big time win. James drives this time, able to finish figures.

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