Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, NBA, Chris Paul Inside the NBA Reacts to Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

You had booker, you had pain, you had booker again, draymond green! Well, then, devon turned down that shot right there that’s, when you knew oh they’re, making it a point to get to the get to the cup. He was wide open and you know they kept going to the basket. Lakers had no answer not only that draymond they’re already not scared of the lakers when they found out a.d was not playing aka street clothes. They smell blood chris paul, treating marquis morris like a rental car right there, and then here you go again. They just put the hammer down on the lakers everybody’s feeling it Applause 66. 36. At the half now chris paul, tangled up with wesley matthews underneath and uh chris paul, i don’t think that was a dirty. I don’t think that was a dirty play: that’s just physical basketball, common foul there’s, a this is significant, though, because you never see chris paul just lay on no he’s, not one of those guys. Who’Ll get shot every game, no it’s, uh later all good, so 115.85. Good night uh suns take a 3 2 lead in this series game. Six is thursday on tnt it’s back at staples center that’s ugly. What do you think? What do you think we’ll see from the lakers in that game and will we see a.d? I think we’ll. Definitely see a.d as desperation um. The fact that you had him warming up tonight lets you know that you know he’s going to give it a go on thursday, but i think if the lakers won a chance to win this series, they also had to play taylor horton tucker more.

You know they had one playmaker on the floor, the entire part of the game where they had a chance to compete and they put taylon in maybe sometime late in the second quarter. But at that at that point it was too late. They needed other playmakers out there and not just lebron, and i think they needed to go to taylor and especially with a.d out, you needed someone else who can create offense and that’s what that’s, where they lack tonight and phoenix, took advantage he’s, one of those guys Who was getting a lot of minutes when the injuries hit to a.d and to and to lebron, both in fact, you’ve written a lot of lakers who were getting valuable time back then, but um man, when you get to this? You get to this point in this game and and the lakers were never competitive in this game. As a former laker, i have g14 classification to say what i’m about to say. They play soft. They play with no heart play with no pride and they play with no sense of urgency. Lebron had 24 points. Uh one starter had seven one had four, then he got two starters that had zero when one guy goes down. Next man got to step up. Every team has that guy draymond chuck that i wish i had more shots. I wish i had more opportunity. You got to step up not only that they’re giving that money away now.

This is your chance to make a name for yourself. You know kyle cousin, like we’ve, been waiting for kyle kuma. To be that guy i need i need. I need a 30 piece from cop from kyle coos, my 80’s out somebody got to step up. You know braun, mr big shoulder, you know he didn’t play great and i’m sure he’s going to come back and play great, but you know when it comes to lakers and you know the great championship team they played with pride. You know we always have all our players healthy, but we still play with pride. The stars played well stars played when they were hurt and the other stepped up. They’D been fighting through that shoulder injury for the first three games of the series looked good in game. Four and now holding it again here in game, five shaq came out pretty strong about what the lakers did not do in this game. Chuckster the lakers don’t have anthony davis, they’re gon na lose. I said that the other night say it tonight. Don’T say it tomorrow: lakers are not gon na win this year without anthony davis. He if you go back and look at them last year in the bubble, it was a toss up who was gon na get mvp in the finals that’s, how great of a player anthony davis is, unfortunately, he’s always hurt, and now you have to factor in uh. The nba is going to have to make a decision about the future of the nba.

At some point, these guys gon na have to get some rest. You know between the bubble, shortening season, uh quick turnaround, a lot of guys getting hurt, that’s a fact. I understand we need to play games because everybody’s losing some money. Well, the tv networks, but at some point basketball is hard on your body and if you don’t have time to heal, you’re always going to keep getting hurt and the davis has a history of getting hurt and now is compounded with a shorter season and now playing Every other day i don’t think he’s going to be ready to play thursday. Nobody pulls a hamstring or pulls a groin and get better in four to eight hours. You know i was surprised they had him warming up before the game. I know you said last night: you didn’t even think he should make the trip he should have been in l.a again treatment.

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