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Just you could see that look in his eye that we’ve seen before i’m, not even going to ask you for your take i’m going to let lebron take it from here. I don’t know man we got our ass kicked, i mean it’s just that simple um they did got to whatever they wanted to get to in this game and uh. You know we got to be better. Obviously if we want to force a game, seven so um. Obviously, a lot to learn from in this game a lot to cover, see uh. You know what we got to do better going into game six, but uh i mean they pretty much. Just kicked our ass. I mean there’s, nothing else really to say i think he said it pretty. Clearly one fifteen eighty five, the suns beat the lakers in game five. They were down by 30. half at the half 30.. It was a 16 0 run in the first quarter. That kind of set the tone right until the game night termite into the second quarter. I mean i watched the wrestle game and then i kind of fell in love with what dame lillard was doing that night. But man i got to give phoenix a lot of credit like we’re we’re, going to spend a lot of time talking about lebron, but off the top. I just want to say: cp3 is such a difference. Maker devin booker had that mama mentality, the whole game i mean he had 30 games.

It was ridiculous and once again, deandre and is that dude right now he is a dude for them. It’S crazy, the way they’re playing even with andre drummond they just they took the fight. They took the life out of them early. The game was over early, which was not what you expected to see from a lakers team that their back was against the wall. You thought they were going to fight you’re disappointing, watching the lakers, proud of what you saw from the phoenix zones, and you have a 0 4 9 game for schroeder. With without a d, you needed schroeder 049 over four from downtown two starters: zero points. Caldwell pope comes back from injury. He only took one shot: 84 million and he turned today. Oh he’ll get paid in the open market, but lebron 24.7 assists only. He played 32 minutes, but you could see it the look in his eye. He had that. Look in his eye, like you know, i need to go back to cleveland. This is not going to go back to cleveland, but i need to get. I need to go back to my house in malibu. I need to look here. I need to it’s just i need i need to rearrange the furniture hey man he’s already telling like rich, rich paul let’s work on this roster. Well, that whole roster will be revamped yes. Well, i mean, of course, we it depends on how we get out of this let’s not start.

Acting like i mean it’s, tough right, we we’re in a 3 2 hole. Can you win this series without anthony davis man, it depends on what it depends on what lebron goes back to la and doing i mean anything, can happen. You got two games. He needs to play anything. He needs to play tomorrow, night, worse of course, or whenever the game is whatever i don’t know exactly what the game is. Of course he needs to play back against the wall, elimination, game, groin or not got ta be out there. Man just had a couple days. Rest you’re gon na have to figure it out. I don’t like the fact that he left the court with five minutes to go yeah lebron yeah. I don’t like that cause people gon na turn it into something that it’s really probably not even including me like. I would have preferred to see him wait to the end with 30 seconds or something just to walk off. Just you know it just didn’t the optics of it. Just didn’t look right. Those are some. Sometimes you see those things you’re like damn. I just don’t want to be that frustrated. You know what i’m saying because then i look at him like he on top of being sore he’s frustrated and it just you know i’d like to see my big dude stay right there and let him know. Okay, you got to come back to la and we’re going to be down 3 2.

Unless you know well, they did take a piece of cp3 late in that game. Wesley matthews, you know just kind of like all right, let’s let’s try to even the playing field here, a little bit. Let you feel something because our guy’s banged up, but i mean, i think, that’s a fair question: can they win this series without anthony davis? Yes, they can without anthony davis. Yes, they can the bro like what more do you want lebron to do. I want him to put the whole team on six of ten from three point range. They were 12 for 35.. The rest of the team was 60 for 25.. I wanted to be 10 for 10.. He didn’t attack the paint, though seven assists, but no one else could make a shot. I wanted to have 13 assists. Oh, my ankle still no i’m not making excuses at all, but it didn’t look like he was 24 points in 32 minutes and seven assists on a team that shot 34 from the field. What did we say yesterday, that’s pedestrian for lebron james? How can you have more assists if guys can’t make shots exactly? This is this is hey? Look man it’s, unfair we’re, talking about him being one of the greatest of all time right mm hmm was talking about. He is okay, well that’s. What i’m saying so expectations are unfair, where’s, the crown they’re unfair. You said: seven assists, i need 25.. Whatever i mean you know.

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