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Let me know what questions you have and what youre able to get out and see in the comments section below now. Sadly, for the month of june, there are no major meteor showers for us to go out and look at so lets jump straight to our closest neighbor, the moon, Music. After a busy may, with the total lunar eclipse things quiet down a good bit this month, but that doesnt mean that there still arent some great opportunities to get out and see the moon with the naked eye, a pair of binoculars or a telescope. We begin the month with the first quarter, phase, which is going to be on june, 7th and its during this time, that i encourage you to go out and study the surface of the moon after sunset, with a pair of binoculars or a telescope on the night Of june 14th, the full moon rises at sunset and shines down on us for the entire night. The last quarter moon follows on june 20th and the new moon of the month hits on june 28th. If you want to get some pictures of the moon, i would suggest you pick up a cell phone adapter like this one. You can connect it to your telescope and your cell phone to get some incredible pictures and video of the lunar surface and even live stream. What youre, seeing from your telescope to friends and family, if youre, able to get out and take any pictures or video of the lunar surface or anything else in the nighttime sky? Please follow me over at instagram and share what you found by tagging me at late night astronomy.

I would love to see what youre taking pictures of in the nighttime sky Music, as we move on to the planets of our solar system, were going to be spending the entirety of this month in the early morning sky. Looking especially at some particularly impressive views of the planets right before sunrise in the second half of the month, but lets begin this month, as we always do with the closest planet to the sun. Mercury which begins the month close to the sun and then pokes above the horizon by the middle and end of the month. Venus shines bright in the east as it passes by uranus on june 12th and the moon on june 26th. As we move the clock from 5 30 to 4 30 in the early morning, sky mars becomes a more attainable target for telescopes, as we look forward to our close approach to it later this year, the ringed planet saturn, is making its way to becoming an evening Target but best views are still in the southeast as it rises higher throughout the month. Uranus remains too close to the sun for any practical viewing and neptune finds itself sandwiched between jupiter and saturn as it sails through the sky. This month, my solar system, observing challenge for you this month, is to go outside in the early morning and see how many of the planets you can spot just before sunrise. Technically, all seven will be there, but mercury being low to the horizon and uranus and neptune being dim are going to make that a difficult challenge.

Let me know in the comment section below how many you were able to spot and share any pictures that you were able to take with me over on instagram as we leave the solar system behind lets go outside and take a look at the best constellations and Deep sky objects that you can go out and enjoy for the month of june now lets begin with the best and brightest constellations that make up the sky this month. If you go outside youre going to be able to see and find and study with the naked eye, the following spring constellations, beginning with ursa major bootays, leo cancer, virgo and hydra Music within these constellations, are some of the best deep sky objects that the night sky Has to offer now these are going to require, in most cases, binoculars and more than likely a telescope, especially if you live under light, polluted skies and are looking for some faint fuzzy dim galaxies to find the best deep sky objects. This month go outside around 10 pm and face towards the south look up until you come across the constellation virgo and a collection of targets. That literally, has hundreds of galaxies all crammed into one region of space that we call the virgo cluster lets begin in the lower region of virgo. By studying the brightest galaxy in it, m49 lets then move up to virgo a m87 another impressive galaxy. That is pretty close to the center of this galaxy cluster, be sure your eyes are properly adapted to the dark and spend your time looking for more and more faint fuzzy galaxies popping into the field of view as you scan this part of the night sky, a Favorite of mine to image is the coma pinwheel galaxy, whose beautiful blue spiral structure will show up in your astrophotography as we move back down into the core of virgo.

We come across an incredible view through your telescope or the lens of your camera. Marcarians chain, m84 and m86 make up the brightest part of this intergalactic chain of galaxies. The beauty of this particular structure and the immensity of the hundreds of galaxies that make up the virgo cluster is why i keep coming back to this part of the sky to observe an image. Year after year, ive got a detailed video on several more deep sky objects in the spring sky that you can view and image and ill be sure to leave a link to that. Video in the description below those are just some of the best objects and events that you can get out and see in the nighttime sky for the month of june. If theres anything, i left off this list or any experiences out observing or imaging that youd like to share with others, please let us know about those things in the comments section below. Thank you all so much for your continued support and clear skies from late night.

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Planet, Sky, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Earth Night Sky June 2022 | Planet Parade June 2022