Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, MLB, Julio Urías pregame: Dave Roberts reiterates challenge of repeating in wake of Lakers getting eliminated

He was uh again just uh doing amazing things now last out against the giants. Not so great, did you see anything mechanically then that you thought maybe was off that he’s kind of right at the ship and you look forward to him tonight um i i don’t. I can’t really speak to anything in particular with the um mechanics in his last start. I think, with julio he’s had some really good ones and he’s had some not so good ones. Um. The stuff is always there and i think to your point about the mechanics. That’S, where the the command starts to kind of show, some inconsistencies um, but when he’s good with the fastball command the life to it, um that slurve that he’s gotten to change up. You know he’s as good as anybody in the game um. So this team a lot of the same guys that we know certain guys um that we don’t, but still a really good ball club and uh this guy tonight, um anderson’s got a good arm. Good young pitcher, so it’s gon na be a tight game. Two good young, pitchers, um yeah julio, had a lot of success against these guys last year. As far as kind of this rematch with the postseason, so it’ll be a fun series for sure. Let me let me ask you this um. You know, i know that you, like all sorts of sports, including basketball, the lakers lose and they don’t lose their chance of repeating uh.

You yourself, having won a world series title uh, the lakers didn’t get a chance to repeat it’s very difficult. Do you use any motivation about that at any point throughout the season to continue to remind this club what it takes to repeat and saying you know, it’s, not easy it’s, not a given. Well, i i we talked about a little bit early uh in spring. As far as there hasn’t been a team to repeat since yankees in 2000 and so that’s a long time, um so um obviously hard to do and now you’re talking about as close to home as us with the lakers and we’re pretty tied in with the lakers And so obviously, for those guys to fall short uh understanding that everyone’s gunning for you, so we’ve already sensed that this year, but it’s, something that i don’t feel i need to address with our club specifically um. I think we’re, all pretty mindful of you, know what it takes to to be good every day to win a baseball game and understanding that we’re a target, and you know we’ve, earned that and you’ve got to embrace that kind of bull’s eye on you. Thank you. Yeah questions: hey dave, just curious what the reports were from tony gonzalen and brewstar graderall, and what the next step is for both of those pitchers, so bruce darr. They both threw well tony um is, is here just i just spoke with him. He feels good uh was a little kind of had a little stomach thing going on yesterday, but got through it got built up, so uh he’ll be starting uh.

What is, i think, it’s uh tuesday or wednesday, so he’ll have an extra day um from his from yesterday’s start and bruiser was good, so he was good and uh i’m, not sure when his next outing will be, though dave. I know you had felt very confident that mookie was going to change his season very shortly. Here. Did it come a little sooner than you expected, considering what he did in that st louis series? Um? Not not really. You know i just felt that he was on his way and i think i did reference once we get to the road trip and i didn’t know uh. You know what type of series he would have against the cardinals um, but so i just felt that his work has been good um with the hitting guys uh he’s in a great space, and he was just on the come and uh. So for me to miss it by a couple days. I think that was a good miss by me. I know everybody’s asked about the effect albert’s had on your younger players. But what do you think albert does for a guy like mookie who’s accomplished a lot, but still obviously there’s some motivation there, a ton, i i don’t there’s, only a very small percentage of players that have signed deals like albert has, where clayton or trout or mookie. So you can’t really so that’s a small group of people that you can potentially understand can understand what you’re going through and expectations and all this kind of stuff.

So for him specifically, i know that they’ve talked and i don’t really need to know the details, but i do think that having someone, that’s kind of lived through it and been successful on his way to the hall of fame has been very helpful um as a Sounding board, certainly for mookie thanks dave, yeah, hey dave, you’ve talked about the work you know, julio’s done between starts. That’S kind of you know, helped him grow a little bit and i’m just kind of curious. You know one of those things seems to be that when he does have a bad start, he’s able to kind of shake it off and bounce back. The next time is that just a better understanding of what he did, what he needs to do kind of start to start where he needs to improve, or what do you think’s kind of gone into that part of it? I i think julio, like most great players, are hard on themselves um, but i think the separator is he doesn’t. Let uh recency, good or bad affect the next outing, and that was even when he was in the pen. You know that’s as a starter and so that just maturity he’s always had that um. I think that now with most starters, if the slider’s not working well the fastball command, you don’t feel good with your delivery. You take that into your uh side session. To take it into the next day so into the next start, so that, along with kind of trying to figure out what he’s going to need to do to be ready to attack the atlanta braves, all that kind of lends itself to that side.

So um! I have no doubt that he’s going to you know pitch well tonight. Thank you. Hey dave, what’s uh what’s cory going to do here this weekend, any progression there yeah um, the the progression is basically he’s. Gon na he’ll be in the cage, i think taking one handed swings, i don’t think he’s swinging. I know he’s not swinging off an arm, yet um he’ll be working with his body with uh brendan mcdaniel travis, on kind of the core, the conditioning stuff running bases, uh, taking grounders uh he’s been playing catch. Extending it out think i think, out to 90 feet. Maybe to 120 so just keeping his arm moving, so the progression each day has gotten a whole lot better and and for us to have him around is a positive. When do you think he’ll be able to take full swings to the ball and all that stuff? You know i just right now i don’t know – and i just don’t want to guess and then with a julio, do you think uh, maybe that game 7 last year was sort of a coming out party for him? Do you think that was sort of a turning point in his career? I think so um what a go. Two three innings uh to finish out: game, seven in uh against in the nlcs uh and then backed it up in the world series. I. I certainly think that that was certainly uh.

I wouldn’t say a turning point, but a defining moment for him and um it’s always obviously been in there and he’s pitching a lot of big gauge force in the past, but yeah to kind of see it through. In a game, seven pretty special.

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