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We are on the road to the women’s college world series with top seeded oklahoma and the 16 seed washington. The sooners took game one of our best of three another two strike offering sent the other way into the gap back to the wall in right center and jennings has another double from hawaii the senior who has already announced she will be returning next season. Music Applause plane able to knock it down, bates scrambling nowhere to go with it, runners on the corners and nobody out over in that third base box for oklahoma, here’s, jada coleman, one of the toughest outs in the game she has reached base safely in all 51 Of i think they have just called coleman out for stepping out of the batter’s box Applause. The view we saw jada coleman do this yesterday come out of the batter’s box. She clearly does it there to try to reach a pitch way away, and we we saw this yesterday. It was not called lined for three errors. That was a rarity for these two defenses and that pitch gets away from plane and sliding in safe with the first run, is jennings scoring on the wild pitch pitch kinsey on a seven game hitting streak chopped to short that will drive bates onto the grass couldn’t. Get her footing and hanson is aboard winner. Take all game three tonight in westwood for a spot in the world series which gets underway on thursday in oklahoma city got snow to swipe at it, and there is one of those strikeouts for gabby, plain Music Applause.

Ninth pitch of the at bat for grace lyons skies that jadelyn alton out in center makes the grab and a couple will be stranded, but one run is in for oklahoma. You see where the holes are it’s. An art form that you see a lot of these lefty slappers able to do Applause up top one down over 60 career home runs running kristen, rivera and jamie clark was the only members of that club and the punch out for shannon sayo Applause. Reynolds delivers down the line and left riley boone out there to get it back in klingler to second and a runner in scoring position. Key the senior from orange california 0 for 2, with a couple of strikeouts, so she’s happy to look at a different pitcher. But the ground out here will end the threat. One come first time in two years after the pandemic, canceled last season’s conclusion and the fly ball out to left sammy reynolds. Has it nicole, mitte Applause early, which sets the defense back sets pitchers back Applause. Runner goes the throw down from flores and safe at second is janet jones. With a stolen base come to tokyo, gabby plains still has a shot at making. The australian olympic team as she delivers boom, does her job of advancing the runner top of the order. A runner on third, with Music Applause, draws the walk two on and here comes jocelyn allo, janet johns at third tiara jennings at first with two outs, and the bases are loaded for jada Applause, coleman, Applause, Music and janet johns touches the plate.

Two Applause, Music Applause, dropped. The ball. Flores dropped the ball Applause, the first base was occupied, so it should be a strikeout together if it’s, a drop third strike and it’s not tipped and first base is occupied it’s a strikeout that did not look tipped to me. That should be a strikeout. Now you can see between the ball and the bat. I thought it did get the bottom of the ball. On that overview, only two people know run hitter from game. One. Yesterday, it’s six seven eight in the lineup and shannon sale has her third sheila’s job by sweet, lou and her coaching staff getting the dogs ready. These dogs are trying to make some noise nothing doing so far against shannon’s sale. What you got for us, holly, roger and now it feels like this – is the trend and i love it. Music, lewis opposite field and back to the truck to make the catch is mendes a one two three inning for shannon sale: Applause, 3, 2 to town, snow and the grounder. The first kelly lynch went down. They can get in that’s when they are extremely effective and he got her to pop it up. Taryn atlee two down into your point jess. So she starts with a change up coming. Other left handed batter is doing it’s, a very visual generation. I like to see it Applause deep fly ball way back and gone. Two rod home run doubles the score for the shooters at least another one until you get the pitch.

This is like center cut, put it on a tee right down the middle of the plate, but it’s the pitches that janet johns wasted to get to that pitch off of pat moore to drive it and crush it. Put oklahoma two runs more up put in that. I mean she’s got a formula for everything and the strikeout for moore to end the inning, but the big bop from janet johnson jadelyn gives this one a launch back to the wall. Donahue looked like she got a glove on it and it popped out and jaden ulchin that i needed bates was on deck. They were trying to get it back to the top of the order and couldn’t bates pops it up in foul territory, Music. Here this is the part of the lineup, though that’s got right back to sale, only players to first they get bates altch into third waits on it and delivers, and a run will score off the back of bayley klingler and it’s Music Applause. Music. 4. 1.. I know we’ve pointed out pitch location on the oklahoma side strike so far swings at that one alto, mendes, Music blocked in the dirt, but it squirted away from hansen Applause, Music Applause and the emotion of shannon sale, Music running the first one in the second. Two more in the third on the janet jones home run and tiari jennings, with the top of the order. Those numbers flirting with a national, triple crown best batting average home runs, runs batted in Applause, just shy of the b.

a and the rbi. She is atop. The leaderboard at home runs, and she has just tied the oklahoma single season school record with number 30.. You think she was ready for gabby plane to return to this game. How about the first pitch she comes out. She’S got a zone she’s looking for. She opens up that front side but uses that backside to meet the ball. She knows it. Two steps out finger up in the air home, run, number let’s just disappear, and the purity of that swing tapped to third klingler. Has it one down how about a studio update with chris got knocked out by the side, and there goes another one off the bat of kenzie hanson third home run of the game and how about kenzie hanson coming up that number four spot, so much power. These sooners can hit pitch on the outer half rise ball and she just elevates. It gets this out of the yard and her teammate allah loves it Applause taylon snow with one down just got underneath that one marching three, i think as soon as the ball goes in the air now lucky to have in the same game, Music and the strike To lions ends the inning, but a couple of long balls, jess mendoza and a seven. If you can, let him go. You do at this point in the season. If you get all seven innings Applause, Music Applause, he draws Music Applause, Music, virginia tech showdown tonight called strike.

Three that’s number five for shannon sale. 3 2 pitch face knock mendez, turning and heading for second sliding in with the double how about a studio, update Applause, Music, john’s, all chin out in center, one down let’s check in with holly road. You guys beside nicole mendez. You talked about to effect in the bottom half of the inning and force washington to come up with something to continue the game you for jennings and coleman and nicole may, who got the win yesterday, jennings two down Music waits on it and gets the base hit And another run comes in, i’ll have one more at bat in the bottom half of this inning. They would need to get a run in to extend the game and, of course the sooners may not be done yet base hit. Jada coleman let’s go all the way around to third at noon, with a quadruple header on espn hanson, not quite enough of it.

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