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It is a wednesday thursday, epic. Why? Because friday i will not be here and so we’re going to do a little bit of a final project on weather kind of a fun. Little thing just a basic cer play with some simulators, etc. So you’ll have today and tomorrow, to finish this lesson we’re starting today, this friday, i don’t want you to have to do anything but wrap up slideshows finish turning things in really, everything needs to be turned in by the end of today um. I probably will start doing those grades tomorrow will be a busy day yeah, i hate to say it: everything’s got to be turned in by the end of today, so we need to finish things up, so this assignment really not due till the end of the day. Friday, so if you’ve got things to catch up, you should do that first and then work on this, but we will be pretty busy today just going through these different things and playing with the game. So then, tomorrow i’ll tell you what i’m going to give you till the end of the day tomorrow to turn in those grades, but they’ve got to get in there because i’m, just not going to go! Look at it anymore so anyway get the password done, get it turned in by the end of today, tomorrow latest and today, we’re learning about thunderstorms and your other favorite weather friday. I will provide a awesome little video 20 to 30 minute long, video on extreme weather.

I will provide that to miss carter, and so she will play that video. You can watch that video and then you can use the rest of friday to work on this project or any other project, because that will wrap out science, so we’re gon na call. This a wednesday, thursday, friday, epic, basically but remember friday, there will be a video and you really should have all this done by the end of the day tomorrow, and that way you can get some of your stuff caught up today. So, basically, today, if you’re behind you’re catching up tomorrow, you finish this assignment. People that are on their a game. They’Ll probably be finished with this, and then they can just enjoy a video tomorrow and on friday, because we’ll have another good storm. Video tomorrow i’m, just trying to make the work trim up a little bit all right, we’re going to be reading a this is timing in history and science it’s disaster in california, we’re going to be playing making thunderstorms here and we’ll watch a nice little video link. Here on thunderstorms, so it’s all about rain and thunderstorms and kind of the damage they do in a little bit of history, so pay attention and we’ll go over the assignment. The bottom line in the assignment i will put here in just a moment all right, let’s, get started with before we read about the disaster in california, you’re going to try to get three annotations, but before we do that, let’s get a little background.

Remember as we learn about thunderstorms, you will use that to help make the biggest thunderstorm imaginable a little bit of a contest tomorrow in class we’re, going to look at these screenshots i’m not going to provide a screenshot for you, but you know it’s, not that big. A deal if you can’t get it done, but it is kind of a contest who can create the greatest thunderstorm so we’ll get to that in a second but pay attention on how our thunderstorms created, because that will help you to quickly make a great thunderstorm. They do give you some notes here, but the video will help you so let’s go watch the video now, if you’re, watching this in zoom it’s right over here in a thunderstorm video let’s watch that get a little background on thunderstorms and then read our article. All right let’s do this video time, yo lots of notes, be thinking about what you learned and how to see. If you can pick up or corroborate any of that with our read along all right, let’s get started on our read along here. Just always look at the title disaster what’s that about look at the visual. What kind of disaster do you think we’re dealing with here that doesn’t look like an earthquake? Does it look like a drought? You know from this black and white picture. You can get an idea what the article is about. There’S a lot of water, but waters can come from.

Floods from rainy from tsunamis could even be something coming up from under the earth could cause a flood. So we have to learn about that 1862.. So one thing when you read an article: just do a quick browse and we have our map here. There’S la do a quick browse of the article it’s a flood. We can tell that already now from that title. Another picture: this is a drawing primary source because it was from a paper. Remember: primary source is secondary and let’s see, and then we have evaporation. So we get a little overview, always do that when you read articles and tests and things just to help. You kind of understand things before you start reading, so you now have a kind of a framework in your brain before you read all right. Let’S do this Music disaster in california in 1862, a natural disaster in california caused thousands of deaths and destroyed the state’s economy. This disaster wasn’t an earthquake or a fire. It was an enormous flood that hit huge sections of the state. The great flood of 1862 was caused by a series of storms that brought more than double the normal amount of rain to california. In a very short period of time, scientists and historians called the great flood of 1862 a mega flood because of the devastation it caused before the flood. There was an extensive period of time with little rain and california. Farmers were struggling because there wasn’t enough rain to water their crops.

However, they probably weren’t expecting what came next during december 1861 in january 1862. So much rain fell that many of the dry flat farms in the center of california were completely covered in water. The whole valley looked like a large inland sea rivers and streams all over the state swelled up and over their banks, causing dangerous water flow that destroyed homes and killed animals and people in its path. Using sources such as newspaper reports, data collected by scientists and diaries and letters from people living in california at the time, people have reconstructed the kinds of damage done in this two month period because of the massive rainfall and flooding entire towns were destroyed in some places. The water from the flood was 30 feet deep, covering the telephone poles that had just been put in place. Farmers and ranchers all across the state reported that they lost their homes, barns farm equipment and most of their animals. The devastation was so great and affected. So many people that the state of california went bankrupt, trying to support the people who were affected by the flood. What caused the great flood of 1862, the great flood of 1862 was all plastic days of powerful storms that began over the pacific ocean. These storms were so strong because local temperatures were higher than normal. The winter of 1862 was unusually warm in california out in the ocean, both the ocean, surface water and the air above it were also warmer than usual.

The higher temperatures caused more ocean water to evaporate into the air. These warm air parcels full of water vapor rose high into the troposphere above california, in fact, because they were warmer than usual. They rose higher in the troposphere than the cooler air parcels that caused normal rainstorms as they traveled up through the colder parts of the troposphere energy transferred from the parcels to the surrounding air. Lowering the temperature of the air in the parcel the parcels cooled until they had the same temperature as the surrounding air, causing the water vapor inside to condense, into liquid water, the higher they rose, the more energy the parcels lost and the more water vapor, condensed the Clouds that formed from these air parcels were full of liquid water. That would soon fall as rain the same pattern of high temperature all right. So as usual remember, if you’ve opened this link, you may go back, you may check things we have our map. I think i messed up in the beginning, and i forgot to scroll so some of this in here you had to just go with read aloud. I was checking my uh my advisory class in and i forgot i had to come scroll too bad. This doesn’t have automatic scroll but there’s. Some key notes in this it’s called a mega flood. Some background, like i said you always want to look at naps and you want to read what what are they telling about the maps? The dark brown areas of this map show the parts of california that were underwater during the grapeville of 1816.

. Wow didn’t know that look at all that giant areas down here down here, there’s something called the salton sea that still has a lot of water in it. I think it’s that area right there there might be this area here, look at all this that was under water. What i did not know about this, this is new to me and look here. We have our sources what’s, a source newspapers reports, data collected by scientists and diaries diaries are primary sources, uh and letters from people living in california. The time people have reconstructed kind of damage done that’s amazing. So this is great. This is a tie into history. Big time and then we have what caused it now, here’s your key evidence that you might want to look at to help you with your torn, i mean your your thunderstorm creator, troposphere high temperatures, low temperatures, so there’s a lot of science data here that you might Want to refer to to corroborate with your game, because our third wednesday, thursday epic, is a cer, cooperating article game, video and your own research to write a nice little informational cr on thunderstorms. This will be the only one you have to do: that’s a sea on thunderstorms, all right, let’s, keep reading winter, causing multiple storms and record rainfall in many parts of california hold on here. Music hold on all right here. We go right here. Turn up high temperatures leading to more water vapor in the air continue through the winter, causing multiple storms and record rainfall.

In many parts of california, los angeles received over 167 centimeters 66 inches of rain in just two months four times the amount of rain that normally falls there. Each winter, rivers and streams are already full of water, so there was no place for the extra water from the rainfall to go. The waters stayed above ground for weeks and caused flooding all across the state. Could the conditions that caused the great flood of 1862 happen today? Meteorologists say that the perfect conditions for these kinds of storms – surface air temperatures that stay warmer for some months and a constant source of water for evaporation happen once every 100 to 200. We can Music. All right, so, hopefully you can go into groups open. This link, it’s easy! Look at this here’s a note right here. What has to happen? Surface air temperatures stay warm for several months, constant source of evaporation. So what do you need for these big storms? You need that, so you copy it. Oh no, i’m. Sorry you do copy it. Then you can put it in your top slide, but you also, i should have first before you do the copy you, oh man, why does it do this there? It goes you highlight, then you annotate or note warm temp. Temperatures are needed to bring water into air cooler. Temperatures cause water to drop precipitation, so it’s, just no something i know about based on that little citation. So i have a citation.

I have a annotation. I can copy this and put it into my slideshow for an a but remember, we’re, mainly learning by having fun so do that. But i want you to you know i wouldn’t stress about it too much a level people do it because they want to learn, and then you can get that going now. We have that and we have information from our video well now let’s go play with our thunderstorm game now: i’m. Not going to do this because it’s fun this you have to do so. If you don’t get to the annotations, if you don’t get to the notes, if you don’t get to the cer that’s fine but i’d, like everybody, to try to make a thunderstorm copy and paste it so that we can have a contest and see who can make The greatest thunderstorm check this out. You have high level temperature, very cold, cold cool. You have humidity high, moderate low, you have low level temperature, cold, cool, warm remember, high level, low level fronts creates weather instructions. Can you adjust the atmosphere to make a thunderstorm thunderstorms? Can only happen under certain conditions, what do temperature and humidity need to be like up high and near the ground and make a storm, and here you have what happens when temperatures near the ground is different from temperature up high and then there’s a answer there? What is why does humidity ant matter there’s an answer there? I just did it quickly.

I want you to come play with that. Now. Look at this make a hurricane forecast. A hurricane create a snowstorm. Don’T know that we’ll have time to get to these, but these are things you can do and play with and for your hurricane slide. You can talk about it or even do a screen shot for your hurricane. We don’t have snowstorm, but you can make a screenshot for that. These are bonus activities to do tomorrow or friday for people that are caught up. Remember i’m, trying to let you guys catch up, make sure this slide shows good, so what’s our basics. Let’S get to that. So wednesday, thursday friday, epic read, along with article, create an annotation for three citations, highlight text copy and paste into top slide. Watch the thunderstorm video play with thunderstorm games, screenshot your thunderstorm and place in top slide best thunderstorm winds top slide use information from video. Your slide article and simulator to write your final cer and thunderstorms, use, corroborations and evidence for your sources. Bonus, create snowstorms and hurricanes. In the same simulated screen shot in the slideshow for showing on thursday, so some of you guys are you know you can get all that done. Probably, by the end of the day, thursday friday, we will have a bonus little bit longer than normal video on extreme weather to wrap up our weather. Remember, you’ll have a sub so play with these games finish this activity uh turn in any extra work.

Probably gon na accept work through friday, so you can have friday to get stuff done during the sub time. I’Ll have a short little video to present to you that you can. The sub will watch she’ll show the long video and then you can catch up work on other things. Get work done all right, thursday, friday, no wednesday, thursday, friday, epic. I want to see how big a thunderstorm you can create and it’s kind of fun if you get down to these other snowstorm ones that are in that simulator and see those as well make a hurricane forecast hurricane create a snowstorm all right.

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