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Is everyone? Okay? Let me just clean this up, so, as some of you guys might have seen, i just signed a deal with showtime boxing, the biggest best boxing company in the business, a big step for the jake paul career and boy. Oh boy, do i have a fight announcement for y’all got your hat it’s metal. It has been an eventful couple of weeks. I took floyd mayweather’s hat one night. I talked to a bunch of people online Music. I even took floyd mayweather stage on clubhouse Music: hey floyd, hey floyd, hey floyd got your stage, got your stage. Okay, it’s cool! Hey, get off the clubhouse. My brother’s gon na beat your ass okay that’s cool anyway. So, like i was saying, i got. Ta move back to the audience this guy can’t get rid of me. There was even an article that came out from sportico saying that i was the third highest paid boxer of the last 12 months. Only behind canelo and anthony joshua we’re, just getting warmed up baby. Now i could just sit here and brag all day, long but i’m just going to cut to the point uh. Oh the park rangers we’re, not doing drugs, but without any further ado i’m. Here to tell you who i’m fighting it’s a man by the name of tryon wildlife, tyrone woodley five time, ufc champion a knockout artist, that’s it woodley looking to finish working very hard to. Ah, oh, oh, he tagged a big shot.

Everybody that he’s talking about is opposite of me: dustin, poor, yanking, conor, mcgregor and nate diaz, no fight me i’m. Your same way, you know what i mean you had a lot to say in the locker room, let’s fight and that’s. When you hear the crickets, because some people are really built for this – and some people not it’s, not even an mma fighter, fighting a youtuber it’s, a man fighting the man let’s handle it let’s handle it, let’s get paid for it, and i just really don’t think He got the balls, i don’t think he’ll. Do it quick side note interrupting the video a lot of you mma guys. Think i’m scared to fight you for some reason. The reason i haven’t all of you up yet is because it takes a long time for the lawyers and managers to set up these actual fight deals. So as fast as we can do these fights and as fast as we can sign, these deals. Y’All are all getting up i’m, not scared of a single one of you, not not you tyrone you’re you’re, the second one on the mma list, that’s getting up ben asking was first you’re going to be lucky number two one of the best welterweight strikers of all Time you may be saying: jake: are you out of your god damn mind, and the answer is yes, i want to challenge myself. I want to step up my opponents. Hey j leon leads us to my next point, here’s, where the beef all started.

It all started when me and jay leon started talking to try on woodley in the locker room, because nothing about these – you really don’t, know nothing about these roll. The clip you talking about these, though i’m, here for some clout, you and ben, are gon na. Have a lot in common after tonight, both got knocked out in the first round. I’Ll do this chase! I do this. I got my belts too chad, i’m already hall of fame, bro that’s cool, that’s, good. You still can’t with me all right and we talking about that ain’t no money back there, ain’t no money behind you. Your just went down dude and i got five world titles. Now look tryon. We respect your career and what you’ve done, but you’re just a recycled ufc fighter, who’s gon na get killed by a youtuber, slash, influencer, slash, tick, tocker, slash high fashion, dolce gabbana model Music; no cap, there that’s, not photoshop. You don’t know nothing about these channels, yeah. What you know about the oh let’s not forget, tyrone woodley was in the corner of ben askren. I think after the knockout of his best friend, he might know a little bit of something about these. He might know that these are lethal Applause – oh, that was a lethal. I don’t know about those. Could we get some early fight predictions jake, paul versus tyrone woodline? Well, i think uh he doesn’t have a chance with you brother.

I think you’re gon na get them in uh, see the fourth round. I think it’s a third round first minute knockout. Thank you guys back to you. I mean this all started with tyrone and i talking into the locker room. Look. I have a lot of people on my death list. Tyrone really just happens to be the first one up. Oh, you want to know the date august 28th. That is less than 92 days away. You’Re gon na blink and it’s gon na be here. Wait. Wait wait hold on what’s up let’s, also not forget about the time we completely punk, tyrone and prank called him idiot just see if he falls for it. Hello, hi. This is michael irvin from espn uh. Is this ty ron woodley so when jake paul stuffs his down ben aspen’s mouth? What would you feel like since you guys are such a brotherhood and team august 28th, early fight, predictions jake, paul versus tyrone, woodley, okay, too bad? So sad, sorry tyrone just called tyrone and find why he’s not on the teleport jake paul in two that’s, what you’re gon na do and so far i always called it right. Melon’S been right, every single time, jake paul in two. You heard it here. First let’s talk to pogan let’s, see what logan paul has to say there. He is right there jake paul versus tyrone, woodley, early fight predictions okay, so i bet twenty thousand dollars on tyron woodley and he lost and he’s lost every fight since jake’s gon na.

Take your you’re gon na win man, you’re gon na win back to you guys august 28th. Be there okay, will you be there yeah i’ll be there? Maybe you should take tyrone woodley’s hat tyron strong good striker was once the best welterweight in the history of the ufc, a worthy adversary for sure. Are you up for that town? I already signed the contract. No, of course, i’m up for the dance i’m gon na kill this that i swear to god. I don’t leave for watching this rip. Your head off. Some of the boxing heads are saying that you, you haven’t, worked hard enough to be a boxer, and so what do you think about you here’s? A clip of me training rigorously. Some people are saying you’re only fighting mma fighters and avoiding a real boxer. Are you a bachelor? Well, i would have to say what is the first basic skill of mma boxing. You start on your feet. Tyrone woodley is a legitimate striker. What does zig did or what does this say if you keep beating up his fighters? I think dana white should be a man this time and actually place a one million dollar bet on his boy, tytron woodley, any other questions. Yeah. Do you think over here? Do you think ben asking is going to give tyron woodley his training partner tips on how to beat you, given his experience with you let’s hope, not i’m, bending to the and, if you’re, watching that story i’m going to rip your head up? If i ever see you in the store, i swear to god anyways, i would do a homicide on you.

If i wanted to any any other questions yeah, does it bother you that bad aspirin will still be somewhat relevant, at least for this short amount of time? Even though you wiped him from the face of planet earth, okay, do you know that since he released his song called i’ll, be your ass? He hasn’t won a single round.

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