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Of may striking, out and fanning burke again to just kind of gauge where that strike zone is to see how much you can get and whitaker is swinging and miss and everly finishing off the inning, with two strikeouts off early in the game and o’leary striking out Naomi for the first out armed behind the plate and this one first pitch swinging, cheyenne factor lines out to corona two away and those eyes say it all carter. Looking shay o’leary she’s excited pumped up as well the question momentum so big for our sport ellsworth on the ground naomi. Is there and out number one and it’s elephants, Applause, Music Applause, the grounder over to second base and penny finds fevery? Who scoops it out and retires? Rhodes 20. Carry you on to the women’s college world series mary hayakovo hits it over to pennington who drops it out of her glow, not able to get iacopo in time and the catcher sprinting down the space with two outs and mckenzie parker standing in first pitch swinging. Just past pennington so back to back base runners it’s times this year. They know each other. They know the punches that are going to be thrown sullivan over to pennington. She casually tags third base. Two runners left aboard nothing pushed across and moved to. The bottom has shaken out throughout the week how about jmu, today, odyssey alexander major props to the dukes as hayley busby sends that one into right field, the first hit off of shay o’leary within the defense that’s been a revolving door in right field.

Nine different players have suited up in right field. Meanwhile, an outstanding double play from the defense for the longhorns. She had to get ouch sullivan racing back to first base in time, Applause, the nine hole hitter camille, corona, leading things off, tries to lay down the bun in fair territory and reagan. Wright zips it down over to petty one in the pressure filled moments the moments that matter most and that one bounces off gets away and the two hole this one on the ground: petty flips it over to second base just in time, and they get the lead. Runner jefferson out at second after a five hour weather delay, whittaker puts the back to the ball, sends it into left field, bounces off the wall and now runners at the corners with two outs: jordan, whittaker, continuing her great hitting here travel go opposite field; Music Applause, Ellsworth, the grounder, the third and out of the innings second inning in a row, a couple of runners left on base still goose eggs on the score, see alexander facing the sooners Applause. Nice, throw right there as out number one, but let’s go back. Okay, odyssey alexander! We saw our last weekend anthony martinez. We got to play together at o.u. Applause was an awesome year for the cowgirls who did their thing, laying it down and not able to beat out the punt in time. Chelsea, alexander can’t believe it but great defense. One tim walton, they were buddies best friends, florida, head coach, who saw guyanski serve as an assistant under him over to naomi again and this time same results caught parker.

Looking Applause. What can i bring that’s different Applause, Music, calling off jefferson as colleen sullivan in the batter’s box on defense, Music and this one popped up corona? Is there near the cowgirl dugout for out number two Applause and the walk to feebry with two outs heck of a pitch busby swings the bat at it runner left on base o’leary able to move on to the fifth among one of my favorite parts sullivan cracks. This one into center field and cheyenne factor is there for the first out well, the champion out of her in the coaching world corona and stopped by petty, but corona is able to leg out the base hit Applause 13 game hitting streak for jefferson smacks it over To naomi, she decides to turn the double Applause play. Well, that hits sydney pennington, so she trots to first base is that what’s happening? Oh, that one goes off the head of petty go out. She sees the first strike. Go by Applause lays down the sacrifice but moves the runners over to second and third and right to hobson. The chopper gets through the infield and the first run of the game, scored by oklahoma state, and you shall receive you want variety tiffany green here. It is the left side hobson slapping this ball perfectly placed the squeeze, is on they’re, taking off hobson hobson gunned down by iacopo the dish. The transfer from mariah coppo is just point. Blank look at the wave.

Oh, she did. The bye bye. Look at the wave. The bye bye, wave behind home plate Applause alexander lays it down. Does she make it to first in time? Yes, another run touches home and the short game strikes again textbook perfectly placed down that first base side requiring o’leary to hop off Applause, naomi, the little blooper doesn’t fall, yes, lauren burke couldn’t get to it in time, and the delay allows naomi to go to second Base Applause, janae jefferson able to get jogging out at first, but we’ve seen some waves, trade game, the love of the game, and you want to be happy. He said we weren’t happy on day one sharply hit over to first base and febre. Is there one away tur, even in that shortened season, she induces yet another ground ball, really refined her stuff. Over the last couple of years, Applause ellsworth sends that into right and a one two three inning for carrie everly. If i was playing Music, bieber recording out number one and away from us, and so to be back here, for these teams to be playing for the post season as busby hits, a towering fly ball to left for out number two it’s a treat and it’s an Emotion, the personality this one rocked by cindy pennington, all the way to the warning track and alexander, is there last chance for the longhorns their season on the line, iacopo parker set to do a little damage and shannon rhodes, one of the best in ncaa play throughout Her career swings at the first pitch flies all right, kopo sharply hit through the hole gets past.

A diving naomi goes all the way to the wall and she’s standing up at second base. Parker puts it on the ground charging in as naomi one out away from okc and one out away this one’s sitting in left field and put on your dancing, shoes, oklahoma, state, you’re, gon na move, scoop and boogie to okc cowgirls back in the women’s college. World series, for the second time in the last three years night time in program, history, Applause, Music, what a hard fought battle between both of these teams, their sixth time to face each other. You can feel tiffany.

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