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This is actually my first time customizing a lock screen, but i did learn from the keynote here that if you unlock your phone and then press and hold, you will bring up the ability to customize your lock screen. So it says customize down here at the bottom. Theres also an add new, which im guessing is add new wallpaper, and this immediately brings us the ability to add from featured weather and astronomy. You have emojis collections or different color, and you can kind of jump into all that here at the top its going to go off of photos, it can do a photo shuffle theres based off of different emojis. If you want to um, you can here add all these emojis and it creates a new wallpaper based off of that or you can go in through the weather, which is pretty cool im going to pick, which one are we going to pick or theres astronomy? If you want to do that or again, you can pick off of a color which is pretty cool its going to give you a gradient im going to go with weather, because i think that looks pretty cool. So lets do weather here and now, as you can see its going to show you what you can customize its kind of reminiscent of the apple watch like complication customizations or your watch face customization. So as we see here, if we tap on the top widget, which is your date and time uh, you can go ahead and pick through different apps and availability of widgets and suggestions and whatever that you want to change here.

So i can change that to just monday the 6th, with just the weather i can go with calories. I can go with alarms, theres, all sorts of stuff that you can choose from and then obviously, as developers implement this themselves, you can go ahead and choose from third party apps, but right now we just have the stock app. So well do date and time and then we can click on the font here and we can change the font and the color of the um. I like orange, so im gon na go with that. We can change the font and color of the clock and so theres a few different ones to choose from, hopefully in the future. You could download, like third party packs, for that, maybe down at the bottom. Here you have more widgets to choose from and again third party widgets will be coming, but as of right now, your options have kind of limited im going to pick the home app. So you can pick through climate light switches, security. Home summary lets do home summary and lets. Add i guess the battery was pretty cool. I dont know if that was one that was already there. We can add our battery status to see what we have left and so thats what you get in terms of your lock screen and so right now, its cloudy, where were at so its not really doing much in terms of you know, the lock screen itself, its Just pretty cloudy and gray, but if its storming, which it looks like its about to storm here, youll get the storm interactions, which is pretty cool.

Youll, have the thunderstorm animations, but lets go ahead and change it to something else. Im going to do this pride one because it is pride month and this looks really cool, and so we can again customize the different uh options. You cant change the color, because this wallpaper already features a bunch of different colors, so thats what youre getting and then you can add your widgets like we just did earlier also, instead of dragging like i did, you can just tap if the slots are open. So i do have open slots here so its automatically, adding that for me so there now weve got news and weve got calendar added there, and now we can hit ok and were all done and if you wanted to add it to a focus mode, you can Actually do that by long pressing and getting into the customization options and then tapping on focus, and then you can link the focus that you want to link it with. You can go ahead and set up different focus settings if you havent found one that you wanted to link it together with and so now this is going to be my sleep lock screen and its actually going to put it into my sleep focus mode and of Course you can go back and change that, if you want to you can unlink so thats pretty much what it looks like to customize your lock screen. I do want to point out how notifications look on your lock screen now um.

They are now kind of added at the bottom and thats where they come in. I dont have a lot of notifications on this phone, this isnt my primary device, so i had to make my lock unlock here for homekit quite a bit but as you can see here its down at the bottom and if i tap on them, i can interact. I can show less um if i swipe them down here: itll actually remove the notifications from your lock screen entirely, but itll put it down here where it says three notifications, then i can tap on that to bring them up, which is kind of cool. So if you just kind of want your lock screen to be clean – and you know not super bogged down notifications – you can hide them and dismiss them away, which looks really really nice yeah. You can click it here at the bottom and you can interact, as you normally would, which is really cool and another change for your lock screen, and so that wraps up pretty much a quick video and an overview on how to customize. And what notifications look like on ios, 16 um and on your lock screen? Of course, let me know in the comments down below what you think of this update and again, please subscribe to the channel, so you dont, miss videos, were gon na, have a ton this week going over every single thing, all the platforms, all the operating systems, that Just got an update, well be going hands on with them and when the new macbook air drops well have our review of that as well.

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