Apple, iOS, iPhone, Lock screen 's MASSIVE Overhaul To The Lock Screen

A little bit you made some notes will lets, hear your notes. Lets see the homework that you did here shout out ali its just a smiley face um, they had a big upgrade on ios and they changed a lot in the lock the lock screen you might like it, because uh its fully customizable and for you notifications is You know a big deal and uh what they did was well lets. Just talk about the um customization, so you can change like the fonts and you can add widgets. You can add, like um, like uber rides and stuff, like you could see like the progress running progress for um for running um, weather sports scores all that stuff. You can change it and i notice here as well. It looks like theres almost layers going on theres layers yeah, so you can take a picture and then somehow it figures out the foreground versus the background and have like the time and date right in between thats kind of cool yeah. I dont mind that a couple of filters you can apply to it as well um, so notifications are different, but this is just for the lock screen, though right when i pull down the notification pane its the same, this is just on the lock screen. This is just on the box gotcha um. Now the notifications, all of them are moved down like right, where the flashlight and camera is so. I guess its easier for your thumb right and its also a rolodex.

Now it kind of functions like uh like its just one notification, and then you can just scroll yeah. They pile on top of each other yeah shout out damian, but you roll through them uh. Somebody also mentioned in the chat you can now unlock with face id in landscape mode. This is a big deal to either of you. No, no, not really but kind of cool, maybe youre watching a movie in landscape and it locks and you unlock and you dont change the way youre holding it right yeah. I can see that happening. I dont know um, but this is kind of cool like they. You can customize it, but they also have widgets now, which is pretty important so so like, for example, the uber update section there like if i want to see the progress of my uber driver and how close they are to me. Is this a thing that i would just enable and then so long as i use the app the widget would exist? Yes, it wouldnt be okay, it would like be a push notification right, update the widget, but its more of like a rich kind of experience than what a notification can typically offer. You could see the progress bar and theyre going to look different depending on the app yeah, so developers can have to figure out what their notifications look like now, because theyre not defined by the typical notification structure, but instead theyre dynamic, like that weather one yeah.

So theres gon na be more development for these specific widgets as well um what else they have uh a lot of like little things like uh focus modes. You know focus like like work and right so that you so certain notifications are turned off and yeah. They kind of enhance that um. Let me see here live text, so its kind of like a google lens where they can translate, you can take a picture and then it translates and has advanced, drag and drop. So, basically, you can pull a picture and then it would like they had like this example of like a pig. They grabbed the pig and then they could drop it into a message. And then it would be like perfectly cut out very strange, but i find it kind of useful drop, a pig into a message yeah its like just the picture with like a background and a pig and then they just take the pig and then not the background. So copy and paste yeah more or less and um, but its like machine learning. I guess its cutting out the background. Wheres the origin of this pig Laughter, no im serious like where did they grab the pig from just from a web browser yeah, yeah yeah? So google image search and then yeah click on the pig cut, the pig out send the pig yeah all right. I dont mind that somebody says its a dog, though, why you keep calling it a pig? Was it a dog, a bulldog? Oh maybe it was.

I was like doing so much stuff, no, but you were so into it. You were so into it as a pig pig. You were so excited about the fact that it was a pig yeah. I dont know whatever like uh some sort of animal. I thought it was more impressive that they had to like just machine learning kind of base. You know well yeah thats the cool feature of it. Oh this, you better put that down. You pig put that down um. Oh another, gig of ram.

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