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uh. This is for iphone ipad and ipod touch. I want to go through how to install it without the aid of a computer ill. Also give you the link for the dot ipa should this get revoked and how to install this with side load lee, so that will be underneath the no computer installation im also going to quickly cover what it actually does, what it is, what it does. So the no computer link will bring you here and it will be right at the top. There. Files are escaped ios 15., it supports ios 15 to 15.1.1 and anything in between iphone ipad. Ipod touch so faster escaped is a file manager with root access root access youd only normally get through a jailbreak, but unlike a jailbreak, this is not a jailbreak youll get access to all the root files within the ios system. It wont trigger jailbreak detection apps, which is why sometimes like um. I prefer to use this on my ipad, because i can do all the customizations. You can change icons. You can change the wi fi image, the cellular image, the anything anything with a png inside the the file manager. If you know where its located, you can change it, swap it out, save the original. Just in case you want to put it back in. You can also do that old trick where you can get the iphone 10 or iphone x gestures for older devices, so theres lots of things you can actually do with it.

In fact, what ill do just just in case you want to see it in action. I have a um a slightly older folzer video that shows you how to change the icons and the slide to unlock just so you can see if youre, if youre interested in it. I will follow up with a few more videos showing you now on filezilla escape how to uh how to do these uh modifications, mainly the uh, the icons thats, my favorite thing, changing the icons um and again because its its not a jailbreak, it doesnt trigger the Jailbreak detection, so you may prefer this, although there isnt a jailbreak yet for ios, 15. theres, no um concrete eta for that jailbreak um. But you know me ive sort of done the update videos im not going to keep milking those like you know: theres, no, new, real information, so theres no point, but as soon as theres anything with an eta on it with a jailbreak. I will come back and update on that, but for now lets just tap get uh youll get ads. These are just these are just ads, just press cancel and that that calendar weird thing uh hit the pages go back to the original tap, get again youll get an ad just tap. The pages kill the page go back to the original. Once you see the police weight and the countdown in green youre on the right part skip ad, you can redirect it again.

Cancel pages, go back to the original part, cancel pages back to the original, and you will get the pop up and then the second link. I was talking to you was uh files or escape. This is the uh. This is where you can get the uh. The ipa to sign with side loadly alt store just tap on when you want files or escape 15, is right at the top. There also im going to be brutally honest. It is a little bit buggy as of right. Now it does panic im going to show you im going to go through it, so you can see how it sort of reacts magic, so just a little bit of troubleshooting before we continue if the application, any third party application that you install via this method directly From the device, if it disappears after installation turn the device off, then back on again and the application will appear if it grays out – and it just says – uh theres a little cloud icon at the bottom. That means its revoked. So that means the application certificate is revoked and youll have to wait for uh the stores to sign it again or you have the second chance in the description which will allow you to download the dot ipa and sign it with side, loadley or old store, whichever You prefer so we need to go into settings general profiles, device management or vpn and device management tap into the profile, hit, trust trust again and then well have access and again im not going to pretend this is perfect.

Im not going to cut it and make it look amazing. It has panicked quite a lot. This application. For me, i dont know if anyone else uh will have a better experience on this version. Uh than im. Having see i didnt, even all i pressed was star button and it panicked straight away, but dont worry it will just reboot itself uh and you can get to go again, but i think what ill do is um ill. Have that video in the description, the one i was telling you that shows you how to change the uh, the icons and that when this becomes a little bit more stable, i might actually try it on my ipad and see if that plays it a little bit Better um, but again this allows you to see all root files. Files can be amended, changed, i.e. What i was talking about before icons, uh any labels, anything with text, any uh pngs can all be uh. Did i didnt even press anything that time? I have seen a couple of tweets of people that have managed to get around and i guess, if you stick with it and keep going into your documents and keep going back, you will be able to get to where you need to get so guys, quick, update, Ill also come back and ill do when, when the stores are fully signed again, this is signed the course no computer, but when theyre all fully signed ill come back and do that, those of you that are waiting for ipo, i did send a message um, because I know everyones trying to get on it before the weekend ends because theres a free vip code going oh going around, so i i did send a message hopefully ill get that signed today as well.

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