Russell 2000 Index, Stock, GameStop, Stock market index, NYSE:AMC HUGE WEEK AHEAD | (NAKED SHORTS) | GAMMA SQUEEZE? | AMC ADDED TO RUSSELL 1000? | Amc stock news

Once again, i have my amc. Only discord called amc to the moon as well as my ss training team server. Both linked at the top of the description so feel free to join check those out if you haven’t already, but with that said, let’s get right into this video. So in today’s, video i’ll be going over amc, giving my thoughts, predictions and analysis for this upcoming week and also talking about some of the recent news that came out over the course of this weekend. And we do have a lot to talk about here. In this video, but if we take a brief look at friday and its price action, you can see, we had an intraday high uh. We were where we were slightly green at 57 and 48 cents before closing down in the red at 47.91 cents. Giving back about three dollars and 43 cents or 6.68 uh during normal trading hours and then giving back a little bit more over here and after hours finishing the day at 43 dollars and 74 cents, particularly some of the most recent news guys you can see over Here on stockholm tracker, i did talk about this in my last video, but we had 114 040 call options expire in the money this past week, which could cause a small gamma squeeze similar to something like we saw last week on that 95 day. As soon as this upcoming week in terms of borrowed shares, you can see the fee is currently set at 11.

2 percent, which is still pretty high on 1.7 million shares available to short and 40 000. 45 297 etf shares. If we take a look down here, a little bit further at the option data, you can see extremely big date, and this has been talked about for some time now – guys it’s in two weeks – uh, not this friday, but the next friday, 6 18 is a huge Expiration for amc in terms of options you can see at the moment with where we currently trade at the uh, the upper to mid 40 range. We do have 423 361 call options currently set to expire in the money. If we were to close where we are now on 6 18, with an additional 127 113 call options out of the money at that moment, and this is mainly due – the fact that the 618 call has over 100 000 in open interest, so it’s definitely playing a Big role in that expiration date, if we get you know these 500 600 000 calls to expire in the money on 6 18 it’s, more than likely it’s almost guaranteed that we would see a gamma squeeze the following week of 6 25. So just keep that in mind if you are playing amc options. Next, you can see this wednesday june 9th is going to be a pretty important date for amc. You can see in this latest press release. Amc said they expect to receive an approximate count of the number of individual shareholders whose trades have settled as of june 2nd, and they will release this information as soon as is available, which is currently anticipated to be no later than june 9, which is this week On wednesday, so this info will give us a little bit more knowledge and a better understanding of what’s going on in terms of the share count and in regards to the number of individual shareholders holding amc stock.

Next, if we take a look at this lovely lady right here, guys for those who don’t know this is the cnbc host melissa, lee um. This picture right here is pretty funny. This is from this video they actually posted over here on my channel that actually blew up 151 000 views. Cnbc admits that naked shorts exist in amc stock. If you haven’t seen that clip i’d highly recommend doing so it’s. My last uh video over here on my channel, so a lot of people are talking about this. This in itself could be a catalyst uh come monday and come this upcoming week. A lot of people were talking about this hashtag naked shorts was trending all over twitter, and this does just kind of get more exposure more attention on the fact there is fraud and malpractice going on here in the stock market, and especially with these highly short stocks. Like gamestop and amc also guys you can see over here, this is another thing that just popped up today. As you can see, this was posted at 8 a.m. On sunday june 6. Today, how to tell whether amc and gamestop will make the russell 1000 gamestop and amc are both currently in the small cap russell 2000 and could be moved into the large cap russell 1000. The key date is friday june 25th. The way that they would be moved into the large cap, guys is if they had and maintained a certain market cap by close on friday june 25th.

So just keep that in mind as well, that is, and in itself could be another upcoming catalyst if we don’t squeeze prior to 6 25. next. If we take a look over here and do brief technical analysis, because i don’t really want to do too much ta guys – because this is a short squeeze play and doesn’t follow a traditional technical analysis. But, as you guys can see over here on the 30 day, one hour time frame, we are forming this pennant. This lower trend line has remained true a few times. You can see bounce there, a bounce there bounce once again there and we are currently sitting at it at the moment, and this upper trend line has just formed from the all time high of 77 and 30 cents. You can see three touch points already. We should see a fourth right here and a potential break to the upside as soon as this week so, like i said guys, you can see it’s getting pretty tight in here. I do expect a breakout to the upside and probably a retest of this previous high of 77 and 30 cents as soon as this week, i’m extremely bullish on this week, guys we’ve had a ton of catalysts. We’Ve had a ton of excitement over the course of this weekend. A lot of new apes are getting in and you just think we will regain these previous highs of 77.30 and be well on our way to triple digits and then, lastly, guys and yes, i know this is on robin and i’m just showing you this.

For the example, you can see this week’s 145 call option the highest one on the chain that expires this friday june 11th does have some pretty interesting open interest already. A 15 201 call options which is extremely high, considering how far away the strike is from the money over 100 strikes away. I also want to say guys: don’t be chasing these extremely far out of the money call options. I know they are tempting. They are pretty cheap, only 238 dollars per call, but you have no time until expiration. You do have some pretty high theta of 91 dollars and for those who don’t know what that means. Every day you hold this option: uh disregarding price action. Things like that in iv, your option will automatically lose 91 per cop of your contract value, and this rate does accelerate as uh. It does get closer to contracts expirations. So just keep that in mind. A lot of people are just giving these short sellers the premium. By buying these calls, and they expire out of the money, then they just lose the premium and the the option writer collects that profit. But to sum it up guys overall, for this week, i’m extremely excited i’m extremely bullish. I think we will break out of this pennant. I do think we have a lot of built up, excitement and momentum leading into this weekend. I do think that triple digits is inevitable this week that we could even see some more upside following that with that said guys.

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