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You know undervalued, so let’s just get right into it. Now uh for those of you who may not know there have been reports that ribbian automotive is now seeking a 70 billion dollar valuation as part of its efforts to go public via an ipo. And you know we basically got the news that revenue was going to go public sometime around february. You know in the beginning of the year now uh to recall for those of you, cciv shareholders, i’m sure you guys remember that uh the shares were hammered all the way back in february when, as a part of the uh agreed upon definitive agreement to merge, lucid Motors was able to command a lofty valuation and that’s exactly why we saw that entire sell off, because you know shareholders were not getting the valuation that they expected to be getting, and therefore we saw that sell off. Now it looks like the rivien’s proposed public flotation value has knocked those previous concerns out of the park, meaning that rivien’s valuation seems to be a lot higher and potentially overvalued in comparison to lucid motor. Now it says bear in mind that lucid motors commanded, a transaction value of 11.75 billion in its merger d, a with cciv. This is essentially the value accorded to lucid motors existing business operations uh when 4.6 billion in cash is added to the transaction value. You get a post deal equity value of 16.3 billion dollars. However, when valuing the company on the basis of the pipe investment at 15 per share, you get a valuation of approximately 24 billion.

Finally, lucid has a pro forma equity valuation of around 33 billion, based on the current cciv price, factoring in a gradual upward drift, as the merger approaches uh, this individual states that they expect cciv to trade at around you know 24 per share, which is uh. You know kind of interesting because it looks like it’s trading at a discount to that value, or rather that price right now at 19 and 72 cents per share and therefore that approximate pro forma equity valuation would be between 34 to 38 billion dollars. Uh let’s assume that lucid is able to command a 38 billion dollar valuation at the time of its debut on the stock exchange based on a favorable share redemption scenario, it would still be worth just 54 percent of rivian’s uh evaluation that they’re going for at around 70 billion dollars, so you know, essentially the argument over here that’s being made, is that hey rivian going public at 70 billion uh, lucid motors, going public at looks, like maybe 38 to 40 billion let’s just go with 40 billion as of right now, that is considerably Less in comparison to riven’s valuation and therefore lucid motors might to be undervalued, it’s a very interesting argument, uh, but then it goes on to say that you know why even compare the proposed valuation of lucid motors and the proposed valuation of rivien well, there are some Similarities with it – and i do agree with that first, both are now slated to commence a formal deliveries in july of 2021, with lucid motors debuting is lucid air ev, while rivien is launching its r1t electric truck.

Now. With that argument, uh lucid motors, they haven’t specifically said july of 2021. They said sometime in the second half of 2021 um, so it’s possible that you know rivine actually delivers uh in advance of lucid motors, but going on it says. Moreover, the base versions of the products offered by both companies will cost around 75 000, although the lucid air base version will not start retailing until the year 2022, so we still have one more year for that and it says. Finally, both of these companies are relatively new entrants in the ev sphere and are currently targeting the luxury segment of the market. Nonetheless, riven does have an edge with amazon pre ordering 100 000 units that would be delivered over a period of 10 years. So i think, it’s kind of interesting that you know they compare both rivian and lucid motors and they state that they have legitimate reasons as to why they’re comparing them. But then they go on to pretty much dismiss those claims by just stating that rivien has an edge over uh, lucid motors, and you know presenting some arguments which kind of i don’t think really, you know line up uh, but then they state that lucid is said To consummate its merger agreements with cciv within the next few weeks, although we are unsure of a definitive deadline, as of yet with the date of a special meeting of the spax shareholders, expected to be announced in the next few days.

So keep an eye out. For that uh ravine, on the other hand, is expected to ipo in q3 and has already selected the deal under writers for its public floatation as prairie report by bloomberg. Now, specifically for cciv, you know there was actually uh reports that their uh merger could be delayed up until q3 of 2021 as well. However uh this was very recent. I think it was a couple weeks ago, when uh lucid uh motors on their twitter page put out that cciv was going to be shifting to lcid so kind of putting out the message that this would be happening sooner as opposed to later. Now, if you were to just take a look at churchill capital, we already talked about the price 19.72 cents per share down. Point 80 in the most recent trading day and up 0.10 after hours market cap of this one sitting at 5.10 billion dollars. And if you were to just take a look at the stock performance uh, the stock is down two point: thirteen percent over the past five days over the past one month. The stock is down point: ninety five percent and year to date you know we always take a look at the year to date. Chart extreme roller coaster uh a ride that this stock has been on down 44 uh in comparison to the february 23rd price, and it is down about 66 percent in comparison to the february 22nd price, which is the day that they announced that they were going to Be merging so that is basically a look at the valuation between you know, lucid motors and uh, just also another update on rivian.

If you guys would like a separate video on rivien, let me know down in the comment section below and i could even go in depth and compare them against lucid motors now, just taking a look at the markets as a whole, they were green in the most Recent trading day, dow up 64 points s p, 3 and nasdaq up 12.46 points. Uh. It says s p gains slightly to wrap up the fourth straight positive month and sits less than one percent from its record highs. So the broad equity uh benchmarks ended the session. Uh upwards uh, the blue chip, dow and s p, advanced point nine percent and one point two percent this week respectively, and they both broke a two week losing streak. The nasdaq rose 2.1 percent to post its best weekly performance since all the way back in april 9.. Up for the month of may, the 30th stock dow and the s p gained 1.9 and 0.6 respectively posting their fourth up month in a row. The tech having nasdaq, however, suffered a 1.5 loss this month for its first and negative month in seven, a key inflation indicator, the core personal uh consumption expenditures, index rose 3.1, which was faster than expected uh, and therefore there has been a little bit of a you Know, inflation, uh scare and a lot of people are talking about what sort of investments they should go into in order to maybe uh, basically, hedge against uh inflation uh.

In terms of other equities, we have salesforce whether their shares pop more than five percent to leave the gains. In the dow the rally came after the software company’s. First quarter, earnings beat wall street expectation on its top and bottom lines. Meme stocks, although did make a return this past week, which was fueled by traders in reddit’s wall street bets forum. They had another roller uh coaster session friday, with amc shooting up as much as 38 and closing the day down. 1.5 percent gamestop uh erased earlier gains and dropped to 12.6 we’re talking about tesla next down. Point 89: in the most recent trading day, this one’s sitting at a market cap of 600 billion dollars and uh recently, the movement has just been on a downwards trend: um, basically, for the entire month, the stock was down about eight to nine percent. We saw it to drop below six hundred dollars per share. At one point, it was very close to five hundred sixty dollars per share. Uh here’s a look at the price movement over the past six months. It is up about six point. Ninety two percent uh year to date, though it is down overall and is down 14.33 now just taking a look at some of these meme stocks, amc most recent trading day down 2.17 percent uh, but it was crazy to see the price appreciation over the past five Days, the stock was up 113 percent and if you were to take a look, they actually surpassed the level that we saw in january, uh and uh overall year to date.

If you were to take a look, the stock is up very close to twelve hundred percent. We can see at that at the peak, the stock was at around nineteen twenty dollars per share and uh. More recently, the the stock uh made this jump from 12 13 per share to north of 26 and was up about 117 percent uh and even with the gamestop recruiter, take a look over the past five days. Stock was up about 26 27 less than amc, and what we saw was kind of interesting, which was uh that amc actually overtook gamestop to become kind of like the wall street bets uh new uh favorite uh. This one, though, is still down from its peak of 347 dollars per share or down about 36 37 percent uh, but it has made a recovery since all the way reaching down to 44 45 per share, and this is up ‘4 market cap of this one sitting. At 16 billion dollars, so let me know if you found this timely information to be helpful. Let me know what you think about lucid motors and their valuation. What do you think about rivian? How do you think you know everything is going on in the markets recently? What sort of moves are you making i’d love to hear what you guys have to say down in the comment section below if you found the video to be helpful, don’t forget to hit the like button, don’t forget to comment and don’t forget to subscribe and turn On the notification bell, in order to keep up to date on all information uh in regard to cciv and lucid, so if you want to be a part of it, i’d highly recommend you subscribe and you turn on the notification bell.

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