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What can i say, except youre, welcome godzilla charging up his atomic breath be like serious situation. My brain laugh people who shower with shampoo people who shower with dish soap, people who shower with laundry detergent, people who shower with motor oil you wake naturally and wheel, rested calm youre supposed to wake up to an alarm panic. You check the time and its 10 minutes before it goes off calm. My hair in the barbershop mirror my hair in my home mirror what did the guy, who invented the door? Knocker get what a no bet price guys when they see big boobies guys when they see small boobies me late. My poop bonjour evolution of 20th century fox 1935, 1941, 1953, 1976, 1997, 2013 present day missing dog. If anyone sees her, let us know super mario is japanese, so mario is actually his last name. His first name is itsumi itsumi, mario, when youre on a bus, and some kid is playing their music too loud, but that music is actually led zeppelin when youre gaming with a random stranger online, and they send you a friend, request and ask if you want to Play again next time, gravediggers we are gon na rob this grave. No one will know archaeologists. One thousand years later you have disturbed the dirt company. Come work in our diverse team, the team Music, gender, fluid people, gender, solid people, gender gas people, gender plasma people me gets a compliment by a girl from my class, who i barely ever talk to me for the next year rate.

Your laziness from 1 to 10. Me, Music, a random girl thanking me for opening the door for her, my brain, creating a whole fictional life with her having a hundred dollars as a kid having a hundred dollars as an adult Music student. Can i go to the bathroom teacher? What student? Oh sorry, can we go to the bathroom humans when they see a mars surveillance camera humans when they see the google earth car Music, graphics, triple the publishers, gamma play ethical business practices, everyone hows life, going me my sister saying that onions are the only food to Make you cry me throwing a coconut at her, the guy who can lift 100 kilogram of steel, the guy who can lift 100 kilogram of feathers. Me gets a single bad grade. My self esteem i to my head out guys. I think i downloaded the wrong mandalorian. Music, dad so youll cook do laundry and hold down a job for our child mom. And what will you do that jack shoot im leaving strippers cats sit in your lap, but get mad? If you touch them me lets go shopping for halloween costumes friend, but were too old for halloween spooky music stops hey. Can i listen to this very specific song? Please best i can do is a playlist with the same name, someone animated movies are not true to life. Meanwhile, the most accurate presentation of the dmv Music, slow and steady wins the race eight year old me trying to win race by running slow.

So that was a ducking lie psychopaths and serial killers, people who can correct the typo on their password without deleting everything my broom when i bought it. My broom two months later, when you wrote attached and sent the ml without an attachment me handling, diluted chemicals. In eighth grade chemistry, astronauts visiting unknown planets for first time in alien movies, popular girl, i dont, like nerds nerds, are weird the nerd whos, probably going to get paid three times more than her Music lol. My neighbor in creative mode me waiting for my mom to get ready after she yelled at me to get ready Music gamers. Are you two friends? Terraria? Yes, minecraft? Yes, girls, pockets holds half their phone boys pockets, putting steak sauce on steak, putting nothing on steak. Putting ketchup on steak, the loading bar loading from 0 to 99 im speed the loading bar when it reaches 99. Well, maybe i dont want to load anymore when you spend years going to the gym in order to have the perfect physique, but you realize your body was never the reason you didnt get girls Music, nobody, kids, five minutes after they learn how to walk sprint mode Engaged computers are the only thing where too much heat can cause freezing. I worry about you. Sometimes candace you get to go to the hospital and miss school. Your parents and the doctor start crying the avengers cast come in a man in a suit offers.

You a cigarette interviewer, so tell me a little about yourself me. I would rather not. I really need this job girls. I cant believe he didnt cry the titanic. Do men even have feelings boys? What are you doing? I think the king should finish his last race. Me in my car doing nothing my brain. What if you open your car door at 80 miles per hour on the freeway me Music shut up, curse words after inventing gordon ramsay Music. When you ask your mum to go to mcdonald – and she doesnt say no asian parents, when they make a baby and their blood type isnt, a plus Music, when your highly catholic parents block all porn sites, you just fap to youtube ads improvise, adapt overcome my parents At age 25 lets have a baby. Yes me at 25. Let me weigh myself before and after shooting to calculate the weight of my shoot. I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth. What now, when i talk, i have this weird accent: mom. Why are you taking a picture of your nieces toys me? The internet will Music understand nobody youtube when im about to sleep. What? If the moon was a disco ball? Nobody, cars, sun, the opposite lane during the night, Music speedrunners a game that devs worked really hard on mr chandra diagram in the textbook, mr chandra diagram in the exam, the photos that the barber has on the wall when he cuts your hair Music.

In my 15 years of teaching, my teacher explaining his favorite subject me listening because i genuinely like the lesson: Music manga anim, netflix adaptation. What i wanted to be when i was three years old what i wanted to do when i was 10 years old game. What i want to be now speed bump that one guy in a group chat be like behold, my gifs, that one movie where the final villain starts out as a good guy, hating spotify ads spotify me premium users im! Sorry! Is this some sort of peasant joke that im too rich to understand, therapist and thats, why life is precious and you should enjoy it? Credit card declines, therapist, kill yourself when youre eight and the hotel employee calls you, sir, have fun trying to find someone like me.

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