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Just let me pick one day i didn’t wear makeup: hey don’t, you wear it. This is the game. 12 press conference featuring the florida state seminoles joined by student athletes, sydney, sherrill and kalyn. Arnold questions for student athletes, graham hayes uh sydney i’m, so gon na ask you if you could kind of walk us through how far from normal your routine was getting back from the game late last night and getting up this morning and just how? How far from normal that was uh yeah, it was definitely um. It was definitely different, but you know we came here to play softball and we wanted to play last night. We fought and we won the game and we were just excited to. You know have another day of games and, and then this game obviously getting delayed was another. You know hiccup, but um. You know we work for that stuff. All year, coach always tells us friends with adversity and we knew it wasn’t. You know it. Wasn’T gon na affect us too much, and you know we showed that this game so yeah ronald smith, yes, ronald e smith. I just wanted the for both in this question, for both just talk about the pitching performances. You know this game, like you said, was so long for you guys from the four hour sleep to the rain delay and seeing your pictures go out there and give it everything they can to keep you in the game.

Just talk about the excellence that they threw out there: okay lynn, since that was mainly you, let’s go let’s start with you um. Well. First of all i appreciate it. Thank you um. I mean you know. We just want to give everything that we have for our team that’s what i went out there trying to do today. People were asking me: how do you feel? Are you tired, obviously, i’m tired, we’re, all tired, but i said i’m just going to go out there and give it my best and cat did the same thing: cat’s been phenomenal all year long, so i didn’t expect anything other than that from her and i’m. Just really happy: you know that we were both able to come out and be successful sydney. Yeah, i mean i agree with kalyn pictures were lights out today and held them off. You know we’ve kind of had that duo all year, pitchers holding them off us figuring out ways to score, and you know we did that this game and it’s awesome to you know have that stability on the pitching mound, knowing that they can hold us off and We’Ll figure out ways to score melvin, stith uh. Congratulations! Guys um, were you surprised not to see montana thoughts on them on the in the circle today start with sydney, um yeah, i guess i was surprised, but also um. You know we we scouted every picture and uh. You know we knew what they had and um.

You know. I think we knew we were to play two. We we want to play two, so we know we’re going to get her at some point at some point. So um, you know we’re ready for it. All sydney take us through the at bat that you drew the walk, races, loaded, walk, he fell behind o2 and then uh took some really close pitches and through the walk, uh tell us about that man, yeah um. You know i’ve i’ve been seeing it well, and you know just trying to stay in there and battle how to plan going in um didn’t really work out to seeing the pitches. I was trying to see so that was okay. I was just trying to you. Know battle my way through and get the pitch that i wanted, and i only got it once and i fouled it off. So i just kept battling – and you know sometimes a walk – is what it’s going to take and i’m all for that ronald smith just talked for both players. Please uh talk about the mantra, because this is your seventh elimination win in this tournament and your your mantra’s always been past. The bat keep keep it going to the next person. How is it that you guys never allow the moment to get too big? And you just focus on getting the moment done, start with sydney yeah, i think um kind of comes from experience. You know we’ve been there so many times this season, every it’s been everybody throughout the lineup throughout the bench coming off, the bench everyone’s been through it in these moments, whether we’re down or we’re up – and i think that experience throughout the season and that adversity has You know gotten us here today and it’s: a it’s allowed us to be able to you know, work through those moments, and you know everybody it’s been everybody different every time, somebody different every time and that’s just so cool to see, and we know it can be.

Anyone at any time – and we have faith in our you – know our whole – our whole um bench, our whole lineup – everything, okay, lynn, you’re, obviously not really involved in the past. The bad part but let’s talk about past the ball and and what was your thought when you knew you were going to start this game and and what was your approach going into tonight? Um well i’ve, pitched against alabama several times before, so i felt comfortable going out there. I was excited very excited: who’s not excited to pitch in the world series um. So that was just kind of my mindset going in and i i’m so confident in our staff. I’M, so confident in cat danielle. I know that they’re going to come out and do their jobs, and so that gives me confidence when you know they come out there. So that’s i mean i just feel really good about us as a staff. Merrell go ahead. Merrill merrill go ahead, melvin. Thank you. Um. You guys have got a lot of fan. Support out there, i’ve i’ve heard like k time several times. Um and they’ve been really um helping you, i guess, are you so locked in that you don’t even hear that or does it help you to have the fans there and also your some of your former teammates as well start with city um yeah? I think it’s really awesome our fan base um. You know a lot of our alumni are here it’s, just so cool to see the support, and you know this program that has been built by coach, the coaches, obviously, and the alumni before us it’s all been built and we’ve created a fan base too, which is So cool to see – and the support we have is just amazing – you know looking up there and you know we have our section too and it’s just so cool to see and yeah it’s really awesome to play behind i’m at third base i’m, hitting my thigh k Time like i’m right there with them, i’m it’s, so fun, it’s, it’s, a great um, great chance, we’ve heard it ever since i’ve been here so it’s been awesome.

I think our fans are awesome. I think our boosters are awesome. Our alumni are amazing. The family atmosphere is truly incredible and how cool is it that you know a former pitcher megan king is leading k time i think that’s awesome. I definitely hear it and i definitely appreciate it and i think it just keeps us all really hyped up and together during the whole game, all right last one for our student athletes, let’s try merrell again, i could either of you guys describe what it was like Getting back last night at the hotel, i assume it was around 3 a.m. Could you just kind of walk me through what you guys did and what that was like start with kale um i went upstairs, took my uniform off brought it down to be washed, took a shower, and then i went to sleep, and that was that was that Um, i you know we were so tired, um we were excited, though we were still jamming on the bus on the way back. We were still excited and hyped up and ready to roll and get the sleep. We need to come out today and perform so sydney. Yeah i mean it was honestly, it was hard to take a shower. Last night i was exhausted. I was so tired um, but you know i knew we got to play again and that was kind of the motivation. So i did shower and i went to bed.

I think i didn’t i couldn’t go to sleep, though, because my adrenaline, so i went to bed around four and then woke up like right before the bus was about to leave so yeah. I got a good night’s, rest and i’m just thankful to be back here. Playing again sydney caitlin! Thank you so much for your time. Congratulations we’ll, see you tomorrow joined now by smiling head coach, lonnie alameda coach, the the the process is not necessarily always pretty, but the end result is beautiful. Tell us a little bit about tonight’s game. From your perspective, yeah um, i mean, i think, it’s just been a grind. A lot of us don’t really know um what day it is, what time it is, and we’re just kind of rolling and with that little rain delay. So when sid alluded to we bend, we don’t break and adversity is our friend it’s been a mantra all season? I mean maybe kovid has prepared us for this all season, is you just roll with it, and the girls have been outstanding with that um and then you know just during the game. I just there’s. So many cool moments i can think of – and i know everyone likes the long ball on the home run, but you know the extra bases we’re getting on decision making from balls in the dirt or balls in the gaps or just the scratching and clawing. I mean sid’s walk, you know when she got to first base.

I mean it’s, just incredible like a big moment and you can get outside yourself and swing yourself out of it and uh she’s got the the plan to be there for a team. It walks a walk that’s, what they need and it’s just it’s, so cool to see those moments and and the pictures i’m just so so proud of them. Tom tibbetts, hey coach, uh, just your thoughts on uh. You know just getting the chance to rest tonight not having to play alabama again later tonight. Is that something that you think will benefit your team? Would you have rather done the late night warriors thing again, nope uh, i don’t know if it was the world series. After dark hashtag yesterday, something we don’t want to do again. No, that was uh. That was super late um. You know, i definitely think uh you know, knowing that we only had a single game was a little more energetic for our team and to know that they get to sleep in tomorrow. Um. You know we don’t have to worry about getting up for any testing or anything like that, and we can just get some good rest and get some good recovery. I think is huge and you know to speak on that, and i don’t really know where it goes. In our game, the coaches, the the talk of the ncaa, whatever it might be, but um we’ve got a really good game. It’S, really exciting.

These girls work really hard um, i think from the viewership. You see. People love fast pitch softball and sometimes when you’re playing until three four in the morning and getting back up, maybe we’re not going to get the best game to put on tv and um. You know not the most for the kids when they’ve played 60 games a season so um, so i don’t know having lived it now. You know. I really want to be a part of bringing that discussion up because um i know in our sport. You know we’ll play to all hours. We’Ll do what’s ever needed because we’re a blue collar sport, but on the other side, when we’ve got something so great, we got to protect it and take care of it. So that conversation has to start happening and now that i’ve lived it, i can help that conversation move along but really proud of the product that we’re all putting out there. You know from alabama to you know james madison, to you know, oklahoma, it’s, just a really exciting game: ashley coleman, coach, again, congratulations! You mentioned before the importance of having your team to enjoy the moment have fun. How important was that for the team today coming off of maybe three to four hours of sleep yeah? Definitely you know, i think the thing that maybe a lot of people don’t realize i mean there’s there’s, so many highs and lows in a game. The emotions of a game that the bases loaded, strikeout or ground out it’s a high it’s, an emotional high, and you come back in the dugout and you kind of chill for a little bit and then you’re back into a high again.

And then you win a game and then you know you get some rest and then you get the bus and you come here and you got music playing and it’s a high and you get you know you get loose and it’s a high and then you sit For two hours, because you’ve got a rain delay like those emotions up and down all that’s draining it’s very draining, and you know we want to be here for sure um. I think six of our kids took a 30 minute power, nap and and one of the locker rooms and the other ones went and played games because they knew if they took a power nap. They were not waking up. You know they were on some adrenaline and they said you know sleep wasn’t good for them. At that point so um you know they played some games with each other, so um. It is what it is right now um, but they’re gon na they’re gon na get going, and i think we were kind of just motoring along there for a couple, innings um and then uh. You know kat and kayla were getting after in the circle for us and then the team rose up later in the fourth and fifth and got after it. We got the bump, we got the break and you know we got to run and, and we do what we did. You know it’s pretty awesome that we do small ball.

We do team ball and it’s really exciting. Nick kelly coach, were you expecting to see uh montana files in this first game and with them starting lexi? How did that maybe change things? How you guys approached batting today, um i mean fouts is awesome, but kilfoy is awesome too. Like i mean they have probably five amazing pitchers in their staff and and montana’s what she’s done you know for them and in the postseason has been incredible, but um kilfoil is just as good, i mean. Obviously, today you know she threw very well um. I think, when you’re going to a double header, you know and it’s it’s easy to go to have montana for game two, but when we got the rain delay um, you know there’s. Probably the mindset that oh there’s only one game today and you know that – might change a little bit um. You know so i don’t know what they were thinking on that, but i don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference. Um, you know with the two of them. I know. Montana has been lights out for them, but i do think kielfo is very good too, and you know she kept him right in that ball: game. Melvin smith, congratulations! Coach! Um! I want to ask you about um you’re, managing your pictures when you found out that you’re only going to have one game today. Did that change you your decision on how you were going to manage kailyn versus bringing in cat yeah it did.

I knew with the double header. Like you know, we want to get championship series, we got to win both, so we got to get through game one first and um. You know to cat pitch great yesterday and had two games under her belt. Well, a game and a half, and i knew we have watson too, with a really good rise, ball and um, so trying to manage 14 innings and figure out how to do it. Cat could be on the back end of the second game, to get us the championship series. When we went to one game um, then you know, i thought you know caitlyn for sure, with the rise and change and she’s been great she’s been able to handle righties and lefties you get to the third fourth inning, and then you know cat could do what She does by keeping the ball on the dirt um. You know, which is huge. So if we can get a lead or two and then we can keep the ball in the dirt – and you know that might help us a little bit and then obviously have watson to go to there too. So it did change our game plans a little bit. Um – and you know, definitely works in our favor with the single game, all right last one for coach merrill, i think merrell’s, not there. I guess not all right coach. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it.

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