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Kindling, a real need to set things straight, things left unfinished or cluttered can appear glaring to you now as well. Your desire to work perform, serve and otherwise make yourself useful comes to the fore. Intelligent, curious mercury begins its transit of your communication sector today sharpening and enhancing your ability to process information quickly and effectively. You are likely to be quite busy during this cycle, coming up with new ideas, making contact with others and learning an assortment of new things you thoroughly enjoy both taking in information and relaying it. There can be times when you feel too busy, or perhaps a little wired or fidgety to truly relax. However, if you avoid mental strain or stress, youll reap the rewards of this cycle of information gathering and improve connections, savvy mercury will join jupiter and neptune in pisces. Today, bringing clarity and momentum to your mobile third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings, but rest assured this has nothing to do with looking at things from a logical standpoint, despite whether youre single or taken todays, astro weather is encouraging you to tap into your Intuition and trust your inner, knowing the moon, will also be in detail oriented gemini, which contradicts the point of trusting your intuition so its an opportunity for you to strike a balance between your logical and intuitive mind, love isnt, just about relying on the facts. Do what feels right? Over the last few weeks, mental mercury in aquarius encouraged you to think about unique ways to make and budget your money.

You could have some ideas left over from this transit that can be pitched while mercury is in pisces. If you want to ask for a raise, seek out new opportunities at work or coordinate with a financial advisor, then now is the time to do it. Fantastical mercury has a positive tone instilling your conversations with a sense of hope. You may find that it is even easier to connect with your colleagues during this transit too, nearly two months after first returning to your income sector. Mercury finally leaves today, however, not before leaving you with a smart head for money and the means to keep your head in the game, just as you move into the most potentially lucrative weeks of the year. Mercury is the planet that has helped to set things up with venus and mars. The planets of money and drive taking it from here use this time to renew contacts with your family. They will be pleased and you might even be able to resolve old conflicts as a mediator or by taking the first step to clear matters up. The constellation is favorable for burying the hatchet once and for all stand up to that authority, figure or higher up whos. Being super stubborn, you know youre in the right, and you have the facts and figures to prove it put those debating skills to good use in touch with your emotions. You are fortunate to be so clear about your feelings, which helps you decide exactly what to do.

Whether you are looking for casual dates or interested in starting a more serious relationship, you make the right choice, start planning how best to best pursue your own happiness. You are no stranger to change, but it may take some reigning in of your personal power in order to direct your ability to change constructively. Imagine you are both your own father and your own mother, depending on your age. This will be easier or harder to do and create your boundaries, including your actions and language, your limits in relationships and your requirements on the job. You are also in charge of nurturing yourself with the food, the rest, the exercise, the affection you need to survive. Dont forget to give yourself a lot of positive reinforcement being able to recognize when something isnt working and when its best to step back is a sign of professionalism and maturity. If there is a situation in your life like this, you can expect it to be more prominent for you on this day. This essence encourages knowing when to quit, and wrapping things up, be sure that you realize that by respecting your own boundaries, youre a stronger person, not weaker, be honest with yourself and with those whom you deal with as the moon leaves cancer. Today it is a given that this would leave you with your instincts, sharp and feeling more emotionally and intuitively engaged. This last visit before the sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year is always important, but having returned to find the dwarf planet series here and in her first deep dive into your personal needs and priorities in five years has been a game changer.

This is something that you can continue to work on in the lead up to the suns return to cancer before leaving cancer. Today, the moon will clash with pluto in your relationship sector, something that happens every four weeks and can put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test. The difference this time is there is not only a much better chance now to achieve that balance, but there is support from the communication gods our eyes in the sky. Although the sun is soaking up, smart airy, gemini vibes today in infusing your mind with logical ideas. There are three planetary bodies: ethereal neptune and asteroids juno and vesta in water, sign pisces, revealing your subconscious visions. This elemental blend has your mind, moving in one direction and your feelings in another which can be pretty confusing during those important decision making moments, but put those doubts and fears aside, because, as always, the universe has your back the confidence you get from the gemini suns Perceptive energy reminds you that you have the thinking capacity to put all the details together when it matters most and then, when its time to dream and take advantage of those imaginative. What, if or aha moments those subconscious pisces influences float in and surround you with intuitive guidance, so lucky us todays planetary forces are at work in both the left and right sides of our brains and helping us cover all the bases make sure that you pay close Attention to your health, which is all part of the process checking in with loved ones and keeping a gratitude list, can help you see that youre progressing exponentially every day, believing in positive notions can guide you through the energy if youre willing to let go of the Past and move toward a more meaningful way of life, which is very possible today, in the morning, the leo moon forms a square with chiron in aries prompting anxiety, a difficulty expressing our emotional needs generates conflict on an inner psychological level, no matter how we seek to Right, the ship, our efforts fall short, causing us to feel inept and angry.

On the surface. It may seem like we are facing a straightforward dilemma yet challenging incidents. Events or interactions are really intended to serve as catalysts for deeper reflection and reconciliation of past wounds. It is now time to take responsibility for our feelings and to stand up for ourselves with any luck. We can do this without taking our frustrations out on those who may simply be in our line of fire at the wrong time, aim to be as intentional as possible in your words and deeds to unravel, insecurities without creating collateral damage. Following this, the moon forms a sextile with uranus in taurus harmonizing our intuition and instincts flashes of insight occur to steer us towards new and exciting possibilities. We might meet someone in the course of the day who turns out to be a lucky connection. It is also possible that this signature will manifest in the form of an auspicious attitude adjustment. We understand how our emotions can be harnessed to work for us, giving us more bandwidth to deal with the unexpected.

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