Copa América, Lionel Messi, Argentina national football team, Brazil national football team – All 72 Goals For Argentina – With Commentary

Oh, what a fabulous goal! Music is argentina up to the top, the shot messy brilliant to the back post, argentina, too, Music, very quickly. What a chance inside six minutes, the opening goal from messi Applause, united man, great football, argentina, oh wonderful, messi and again and raider – has beaten and the world champions are behind and it’s the little maestro Applause with a magical feather like touch third for both teams. But is it gon na come later on from messi? Messi has a path through and shoots? Yes, he’s done it taking matters into his own hands in spectacular fashion, little messy messy from 12 paces against repatricio messi, calmly, it home Applause, Music, foreign Applause, nice. A sloppy sloppy goal from colombia’s point of view: Applause, Music, the line 12 yards away. The icing on the cake for messi a hat trick: it’s messy Applause; it’s, not like brazil, to give you the opportunity when they’ve got an extra Applause, messi, two nil emphatic from lionel messi beautifully, worked Applause, argentina, go in front Music and a chance for the opener Music Applause, argentina penalty kick messi stepping up buries. The confirmation for you looks like tamiya was never going to miss it. Applause cut by aguero, often back to the chicken for messi, and he tucks it home with lethal precision. Two, nothing argentina Music, give it to him and pray. Oh he’s done it. It had to be Applause, feeding messi for the fifth big wein messi off the thigh help in the middle.

If he needs it, messi leaves his weight and he just tucks it into the corner like a baby in bed, seven, nothing, argentina. He needs help like a fish Music, go to argentina, half time ten minutes away and leonardo messi made it 2 0 to argentina, Applause. Costco feeds it in to messi what is oh they’ve done it and who else 89th minute and lionel messi to the rescue for argentina, the argentina captain scores unstoppable, brings delight to soldier field. That is what the crowd demanded. It was well worth the wait. Wasn’T it Music Applause, Music Applause, Music strip, was written before the match began. He made them wait and finally made his appearance in the second half and has produced moment of history messi. Oh absolutely astounding perfection brad goes beaten for a second time and with that goal, lionel messi becomes argentina’s all time, leading scorer 55 goals. Now for his country, Applause, Music Applause, it is messy it’s, a beauty. Argentina opens the scoring in a vital game who else messi. Argentina won colombia, Applause, Music and messi maria in support again and messi’s. There, argentina or messi might be through again it’s messy Music Applause messi in space to accelerate to look for the hat trick: Applause, Music right; the challenge le celso, plus he was there Applause Music. Yes, it is that’s what they came to see and he’s provided the touch as the arms are reached up to the gods slipped through nicely for messi messi on his left messi into the area messi for the opener it’s messy and it’s one nil for argentina.

Well, it had to be him: it’s been a brave disciplined performance from nicaragua now it’s aguero, so what’s the contact initially save at the near post and messy doubles the lead followed up on widow’s shot by keeping messi out messi from the spot and he hammers it Home and argentina are leveled being spotty with his pancakes Applause, but the rebound from home, his 69th goal for argentina, and it took a little extra effort to rely on lionel messi created the first scored. The second argentina are level in stoppage time, ecuador, presumably claiming to the referees who will take this penalty messi. Well, he got close to it.

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