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Speaking of that, jan in extra time with me, he has shown in the past that he hates me now that he doesn’t like me that he hates me and thanks, thank goodness you’re here. Okay, because when it’s me and dan jan does not like it at all. Jan you have the right to reply. Who is this guy? Next to you? I’Ve, never seen him well, he’s a fun favorite here on extra time only he can be here for a full house. First question for la: if lionel messi has an outstanding, copper america campaign, is that enough for argentina to win the copper america no and here’s? Why leonardo messi has had great tournaments in the past with argentina and it hasn’t been enough? He had a great world cup in 2014.. Was that enough? Not quite there isn’t enough help around him. Now he could have a great tournament. They could make a deep run and it’s really going to depend as to what happens with brazil, because, according to casemiro, brazil is not going to play cop america, so we shall see. Okay, we shall see we’ll move on actually as well to talk about hairstyles. Oh okay, dan, the orange all right i’m good with this i’m going to start with you nader. He says after foden copied gascoigne’s blonde haircut, which current or former player’s haircut. Would you copy, my goodness at the age of 34, turning 35. um poor? I don’t know.

I um i’ll tell you what i like. I like rhys james’s change up for the champions league final and it seems to energize him. So if that’s the same for me, i’d do exactly the same thing. Yeah let’s go along all of you for this one, jan who are you going to copy? Well, i got a son who was a big fan or is a big fan of david beckham and he from he was 17. He was 12 every haircut, so i would have probably at that time done: david beckham, i’m in concern of phil phone i’m, not sure if i love it or i hate it, i haven’t decided yet, but i i love the praise he had for paul gascoigne over 96 euros, so i think i would love it uh yen. What about the cornrows, the david beckham cornrows uh? He did he didn’t go there. He didn’t go there. He stopped okay. Well, he stopped. When he took everything he went bald. Then he stopped or i stopped him yeah good that’s good to hear um let’s go along then chaka. What about you? I can see myself very near my esque. What nothing i’m just saying i can pull it off ally i’m feeling it you can feel it all. You want but you’re not going to pull it off. You can feel it in your finger haircut. They used coffee uh. Well, because i don’t have many options. You see.

Okay, uh hair is not something that i have plenty of, so i would suggest that. Maybe i would go with the ronaldo look from 2002 world cup right, maybe that’s, something that i can recreate. I think that that’s needed yeah but that’s going to take some time. Shaq it’s, going to take some time. You can plug a few holes let’s just leave it at that. I think you’re looking great alley anyway. Thank you. Madame vascotta says for ali don’t. You think barcelona should try to sell griezmann and look for a long term. Striker he’s neither a winger nor a striker, and surely he can’t dribble well so i’m going to get that code that doesn’t like in grinsman all that much. I guess not. The decision to bring griezmann to begin with was incorrect by barcelona because there was no place for him to play. He he wanted to have the messy role and uh yeah as long as messi’s there he’s not having that role and so he’s trying to find his place in this team and hasn’t quite succeeded. But there is no market really out there for antoine griezmann and by the way, other teams around the world know that barcelona are desperate to find some sort of business partner and because of that, they are going to push barcelona to limit to where barcelona ends up. Losing anyway, so if you’re barcelona, you kind of you’re kind of saying you know what we’re just gon na have to make the best of what we got and antoine griezmann is part of that package.

Okay, i’m gon na give you uh this or that again this time shaka like i did the other day, but you don’t have to be too biased in this one, kevin newan says between spurs and everton, which job opening is more appealing and why oh um, i I think i think spurs um. I i just think i have a feeling i’ll be abused for this i think spruce is a bigger club of the two um. I think it’s it’s it’s a more attractive proposition, one of the traditional big six, so they they haven’t. Really enjoyed that position for the last couple of seasons between the two, i think that’s, the one that more managers would lean toward nadem, spurs or everton, which, for you have to agree with shaka. I think, especially given the fact that spurs have made it into the champions league before and at this moment in time they still have one harry kane. I think that would ultimately be more appealing to me and adding the fact that right now, tottenham are doing better than arsenal, whereas in liverpool i think liverpool are probably going to be the dominant force there over everton for a long time to come. So i think spurs is probably the more appealing one at this moment in time. Jen. Would you rather be dealing with daniel levy? I think that the big challenge for any leader or any manager to go to tottenham would be to get a winning culture into the club, uh it’s easy to make the options of of who you like or biggest club or whatever.

I remember in the 80s, where everton were fantastic with harvard candle and so on, but i think that the biggest challenge to go to to tottenham hotspur is to find that winning culture, a culture that can win them titles. I think that is a big challenge for for a lot of managers around your question about daniel levy. I was watching the amazon prime video special on spurs and one of the takeaways that i have with that is. How could anybody work for this guy it’s? Just annoying every meddling interfering all over the place talking to the coaches every morning, having breakfast with them, it’s like dude. Let me do my job. Let me work all right. You just take care of the other stuff i’ll! Do the work on the field so to that end, i would suggest maybe everton simply because whatever you do with everton carl ancelotti walked, there won a couple of games like yes, yes, yes, whatever you do with everton seems to be whatever you gain seems to be A big deal so, therefore, i think there’s much more to gain with everything that there is with spurs nathan. You want it to come back in. Yes, i did yeah because i fell off the fence for a second, but i need to jump back on, and one thing i need to say is that, as far as everton goes it’s, an incredible family club so depending on what the manager is, you know they Might want to be part of that environment or go into a more high pressure, one where you do deal with daniel levy and deal with more of an expectation of winning things, even if it doesn’t work out.

But i have to give everton credit because everybody that’s played there. They’Ve said they’ve loved it, so that is a very attractive proposition yeah. But i also want to say that Laughter big, but i think that what we will find in the international football uh is that they are all mad in those positions. This is the only guy who showed it the reality tv. So i think there is some mad guys around except gibson at middlesbrough he’s, a decent guy, oh yeah. He is the middle’s return and steve gibson, steve gibson, uh, funnily enough. That leads us perfectly to the next question. Jan busted spike says what is jan’s favorite memory of the borough and that could be more than just a team. Yes, i i was lucky to to come to middlesbrough at the time when everything just exploded. It was a revolution up there. I remember driving past riverside stadium every day and they said well he’s gon na be ready for the chelsea game and so on and so on and nobody believed it and then suddenly we were there. We beat chelsea in that first game. I scored a bus, altering goal, uh being the after craig higner did the first and it was also great. The first first game of juninho juninho is a fork: hero, he’s, a legend he’s, a harry potter of middle school and uh, and it was a fantastic game against leeds united. I was fortunate enough to score that goal with a pass from juninho, and that was uh was a fabulous day.

Okay, were you there? Of course i was there young. Do you know what i did here? I heard that down the road in newcastle. There was a goalkeeper who was very jealous and wished that he’d um wish that he’d sign for middlesbrough. Of course, of course, of course, Laughter brought a good time, there’s, never a good time to go to middlesbrough wow there’s, just a last bad time, wow yeah yeah. I would hide if i were you as well shaka. We do have middlesbrough fans watching this memories. Yeah i’ve got i’ve. I’Ve got a couple one for the borough. Fans was when they beat city 8 1, but i wasn’t playing so i’m not going to mention that one, but in terms of a big game between the two of us, when i was at city, was 2005, the last game of the season. And if we won, we would have qualified for the uefa cup, but if borah didn’t, if i didn’t lose, then you’d make it there and in the game. I remember my old manager as it turned out to be jim thought. Hasselbank hit a free, kick from 30 yards out and then from there we were pushing pushing pushing we had to go. We had two goalkeepers on the field. At the same time, for us, i think uh we scored as well to make it one one and then the last minute, robbie fowler had a penalty to send us into europe which he missed and he never misses penalties.

But lo and behold, the next season. You guys make it to the uefa cup final and i was just left thinking. I wonder if that could have been us, but yeah that’s that’s a strong memory. I have of that particular middle side in that game, because it would you guys were a good team. I’Ll, give you credit where you enough it’s a strong memory. I have as well of that game, but i think i have a better recollection of it than you do anyway. That will do it for the latest edition of extra time. Thank you. So much to all of you for joining us. Thank you for your questions and sorry to those of you who were upset that i called the last one a full house without i was here. I was here: people it’s all right, it’s, okay, i’m back baby. Well, thank you very much for watching espn on youtube for more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the espn app and for live streaming premium.

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