Copa América, Venezuela, Brazil national football team, Brazil, CONMEBOL ⚽ Brazil vs Venezuela ⚽ | Copa America (13/06/2021) | Fifa 21

You’Ve got to say i’m derek ray here on the commentary position joined by lee dixon and we have group stage action from the cup coming up for you. It’S brazil, against venezuela, thanks derek well with their place in the knockout stage, is already confirmed. I’M sure they’ll want to give the fans top spot in the group. Doesn’T always mean you’ll get the favorable draw, though either way i can’t wait for this one derek and with that they attack fizzles out. This is the lineup for the home team. Alison begins in goal: thiago silva plays alongside marquinhos in central defence, casimiro plays with fred in central midfield and it’s two strikers up front who look to provide the goal scoring threat; Applause, determined defending Applause and as we assess the table final match of the group stage And, as we touched upon a fine opportunity for the homicide to make certain of top spot lee well, i’ve never met a player who ever wants to finish. Second and finishing top obviously gives you the advantage of an easier first round knockout phase game, so they’ll be looking for that, but income superbly, red and executed filmmino, a really sumptuous ball and neymar’s motoring and a goal to open the scoring. No wonder they’re celebrating well here’s the replay and it’s a lovely, quick counter attack that sets up the chance and he composes himself coolly sliding past a lonely keeper who will be asking questions about where his back four went to the opening goal of the game.

Then Applause, christian casares, jr margot, has it. This looks, threatening Applause, fred has an effective clearance. Applause wanted to keep it, but couldn’t Applause, Music Applause, good work to regain possession it might be on for them. Oh big chance, no trailing but plenty of time left and a corner coming up Applause and firing it into the area relatively straightforward to mop up defensively Applause, rincon good tackle Applause, so a throw in here danilo Music, in a position from which they could potentially do A bit of damage here, Applause, firmino neymar – and he scored not once but twice. They simply cannot stop him and no wonder he’s enjoying himself wow. What a lovely controlled finish bobby, charlton used to say, passed the ball into the net. He certainly did that a chance to revisit the goal so toenail now, rincon and casimiro carries it forward. Oh a fine block and a throw in forthcoming Applause. He has time to play us over a very timely interception. Applause. The hosts have had the lion’s share of possession. If you have that much of the ball, you can put pressure on the opposition defense and they look like the creaking that’s. Why they’re, winning comfortably and one minute of stoppage time has been added on Applause? Well, half time it is and no surprise at all to see that they’re currently in line to grab top spot this evening, yeah they’ve really took this group by the scruff of the net.

Everything’S gone right for them, they could qualify with games to spare might be a good opportunity to bring a few subs on fringe players, etc. Next, fixture is quite far away need some game time. The two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half junior moreno working away patiently. Looking for an opening, can they take advantage? Well, the chance looked to be on but found himself offside, neymar, roberto, firmino Applause on the ball richarlison fred neymar. Oh, he really bruised the crossbar and he knocked it over the touchline, so it will be a throw in here. Substitution, then let’s see how it affects the match, and the cross is very much on Applause, an example of how to good looking ball. Applause matisse green con and he takes on the shot marquinhos with the block Applause amber inside the final 30 minutes. Applause and the attack looks promising Applause and teammates to play it too. Now it comes to nothing in the end. Really should have made more of that Applause herrera, chancellor, and possession given away Applause. What can they do from here? Applause, we’ll carry angel deserves credit for winning the ball back top class, defending Applause so 20 minutes to go. Rincon and with that they attack fizzles out and neymar, is in here Applause. Oh, a superb save corner kick played in and the no nonsense clearance neymar has a go here and that’s easy peasy for the keeper rincon Applause neymar, an incisive pass keeper.

Getting the touch. Applause machis: he read the situation defensively and did his job roberto, firmino neymar on the offensive Applause, rincon that’s, a lovely ball and a good looking ball mopping up defensively, roberto firmino, totalling up all the stoppages. We’Ll have two additional minutes: neymar fred, a very timely interception! Well, it doesn’t get much better than this in the context of the group stage. Top spot is theirs ideal. Well, job done. They set out i’m sure to finish top of the group. They’Ve done that now they can sit back and just wait to see who they get in the knockout stages. Well done indeed, well. This man has given us plenty of reasons to dwell on his performance this evening.

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Copa América, Venezuela, Brazil national football team, Brazil, CONMEBOL vs Venezuela 2-0 | Copa America 2021 qualification match

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