Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, James Harden ES HARDEN INJURY OVERCOME BY KD AND KYRIE | Game 1 Brooklyn Nets vs Bucks REACTION

Boy okay hold on. We got my boy kd joe harris boy, blake, kyrie and james hurt man that’s five for your life. I missed it. This is the anterior banker. We got pj tucker, oh peter tucking, that stomata when they do those when they do those, i think they just did they switch that up for uh. They just switch that up for these, for these nets got brick lopez. Chris miller’s, bro, that’s, a good five man. That’S, a good fire bro, they got pj tucker, oh they gon na make him guard james hard. Oh, they got defenders versatile defenders out here on this wing dude. This is gon na be a this is gon na be for the face of the league. Whoever wins this, this is gon na, be the face of the league. You know what i’m saying do you just go? Are you just gon na have dudes that can just go get it explode on offense or you’re gon na have a bunch of versatile defenders. You know what i’m saying, who can you know, get a bucket every now and then what you gon na have what you gon na have oh off the rim. They don’t care anytime, milwaukee’s got no, no, you did not. No, you did not. I don’t believe it. I do not believe that is what happened that’s. What happened? The first play of the game harden tweak this hamstring. Oh my god! Oh my god.

Oh my god! This is not the same team. I mean they still good, but ain’t the same team play boy. You telling me harden is done. Is he done? Oh boy see this ain’t the same team. This ain’t just katie get up man, this ain’t, just the kd kyrie team, either. Well that okay good shot this ain’t. Just the k katy kyrie team, either they ain’t got none of them role, players that they traded for james harden. They ain’t got none of them role; players; Applause, oh, no! No! No! Y’All! Oh! No! No! No! I mean kd and kyrie is good, but i don’t think that is good, it’s literal that’s out of bounds. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh this ain’t, looking good at all this ain’t looking good at all. It was all – oh, my god! Oh, no, it was all fun and games when the lakers was hurt. It was all fun and games when a.d was hurt. When lebron was hurt. Now heart hurt now it’s a wrap now it’s ridiculous. This is stupid. I don’t think the next is winning hard ain’t coming back. The next is not winning bro, oh hell! No, that you got mike james, i mean he can go. He can get a bucket, bringing ain’t no heart leaders. This is this is literally the most disappointing thing. All season, i don’t think they got enough firepower, it’s, literally just two it’s literally two, two on the team: okay, well joe here’s, another sleep with him, good job boy, milwaukee, y’all, better, not let brooklyn beat y’all with no harden you better.

Not you better! Not they ain’t got no center. Thank you give all this up just to be. You know what i’m saying ooh that’s good floaties. You float ease, throw it up. Oh it’s, not this game! It’S, not his game! Oh yeah, get off me! Kyrie! Show them what you made up boy show what you made up, what ah blake get up play, get up. They say they’re gon na get y’all. All of these stop all that flopping boy, buckets Music, almost got those come on drew they need you boy, okay, not bad, not bad! Yonah y’all just had center out here, man fds, oh okay, ain’t gon na flush them nobody, man, i’m gon na, go crazy. If kyrie go flush on somebody, okay, okay, live with those. This is one of them playoffs, where it’s really like whoever the best player is just go. We all going 1v1 well now. This is 2v2 1v1 or 2v2, like literally 1v1 or 2v2. This is going to be honest in what i don’t know: bucks got three: they got three though they got giannis drew holiday and damn chris middleton wherever he at there. You go bro. That is not the blake of old boy rim, grazing good shot boy all right! Well, we’re at the park we have to park good shot like he never got to get you with the move. All he need is a half of a step and he gon na get his shot off for some reason.

Whoa, let that you let him you let that block go to waste what’s wrong with you that mess out of here boy, bucks, y’all, got ta, beat these broken nets like what are you doing, you’re supposed to be a knock down dragon fight? They ain’t even got james harden what y’all doing like what is these if they can beat y’all without hardening, then it’s a wrap boy, damn boy kyrie got 25, all ready, hey all that defense drew holiday. All that defense. Damn you got dunked on boy who is out here hugging each other on the bench who’s these oh that’s, joe harrison Applause, joe harrison, damn jeff green y’all see those that boy is climbing. On top of my man give me these last time hit. Look at that. You dude hopped on him, got his leg all on him, too. That’S a good, dunk wow. We getting these three balls. They just said we just gon na score Applause. Oh he got those. You got those okay, good, dunk griffin is everywhere tonight, Applause. That sounds like a damn knocks down the mid range. Okay, bring him back. Giannis all right, brianna’s bring him back. You got 32 and 10.. This ain’t good enough, like this. Just ain’t good enough like what is y’all still gon na lose. They ain’t even got hurt. They never got hurt, hey man y’all still gon na lose. Are you kidding me um uh? I take back everything.

I said at the beginning of this video hell, no y’all can’t be y’all. Can’T beat him. Okay, y’all can’t beat him without a heart wow. That boy is out here: man get buckets good buckets, everybody injured, huh stayed in the game. Boys ain’t got no damage, oh no, they got. I guess you go practicing them. Damn you trying to hurt somebody bro i’m gon na i’m gon na get up and still on, whoever it is. Oh that’s is that thonas dinos stylist, why you doing how you do black, like that? Thon is potentially how you doing like that dude squad. Look at that, oh hell! No! You just ran them into my boy. K.D! Oh nah get them out of here donuts. He came in to like hurt somebody right back at your ass uh huh yeah, slapped him in his head. No, what what’s up and stepped over what’s up yeah what’s up yeah. He saw that last play yeah yeah nah. He saw that last play. I saw the last play shut up. You ain’t, no enforcer get out of here, like you were in forza. Get these dudes out game. Thank you. She was trying to hurt my boys. You got donuts in here just going in boom squad. Just because you got beat okay, you got a kind of hat, damn bucks. I have no chance if y’all can’t beat these dudes without hard y’all have no chance. Y’All got no chance.

Talk to him. Blake blake said after that i’m gon na enforce Applause we playing five and guess what still lost all that spread. It out spread this spread out now: 34. 19. 17. 13., seven for pj tucker. He had no threes. My guy pulls hit some threes. What the what the nets do go back, what the nets do? What damn they just spread you out too. They said: okay, okay, james harden had one minute what what what the hell, what the hell mike james said, yeah we ain’t got hurting, but we got mike james. You can get a decent a decent bucket, at least who who filled in for the assist kyrie ain’t. Nobody getting 18 assists out here. Nobody on this team, getting no nowhere near 18, assists but hard it’s a completely different game. What a completely different team boy had 20 knot. Damn kitty had 29 huh 25 well that’s how they gon na win. You see how they gon na win. We got four, they ain’t even going five. We got four in my chairs. Ah, this is really sad, though, like dudes is really hurt. Man.

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