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I know weve been gone for a few weeks. There hasnt really been anything to talk about, but today we have the question on everybodys, mind and im gon na be asking it to none other than abe aka one bad mother, abe hows it going buddy its going great and im always a good person to ask Questions to you because i know a lot of stuff, of course, of course, the most predictable person in the world uh abe. We have. We have a press conference coming up on sunday, uh sunday june 12th at 10 a.m. Pacific time, uh xbox era will be co streaming that make sure you check it out. Uh a the biggest question as it pertains to us here on drop pod is, will halo, be at the xbox and bethesda game showcase. It is time for halo to make way for others, so this is going to be the time for halo to step aside and allow others to the limelight. So the answer is no austin uh all right. Well, its a great show, yeah yeah! Well uh! Well, see you guys next time, uh peace out, of course, abe. I think i think youre wrong man. I i i understand where youre coming from saying: no it you know it makes sense, i totally get it. I think he will be there and heres the thing im going to spice up the prediction a little bit. I think. Not only will it be there, i think the only halo that we see if its there.

On the 12th mind you not the 14th. I dont think it will be there on the 14th, but if its there itll be on the 12th and it will be project, tatanka will be the 60 player battle, royale pve, hybrid mode – that certain affinity has been working on for supposedly about two years, because that, After all, the hit the attention halos got the last couple years, thats, probably the only thing that would be worthy of being on stage with all these other big ips that i have going on correct, which is why, if we believe that tataka is going to be That big is why its not going to be there this year. Okay, i mean i i i didnt say it a minute ago, but i do i do like fundamentally agree with you that you, i think you do, make a really good point about halo halos, not doing super hot right now, right, like there are some problems with The core game – maybe maybe a cool, exciting, big mode, isnt the right band aid for the fix, isnt, the right fix for for the problem, its going to be hard to to stun to bleed with uh, with a hot glue, gun kind of thing, right, uh right! So i i think it makes sense that maybe it doesnt show up. Maybe maybe this is the year like you said that it takes a step back and kind of lets, every other xbox ip go really xbox just has to deliver a super solid show so that people are like well.

Where was halo uh, you know, i, i think i think that totally makes sense, but i do think youre wrong. I do think genuinely that well see it at e3 and it will be tatanka its to me. Its not just about does the show need help. Obviously, the show we we hope at this point in time. The show doesnt need halo um. The xbox has always needed halo in the past, its its been there its been carrying it from the beginning, and i think its carried at the last couple years, where a lot of these studios kind of sat back, i think its time to kind of have the Favor returned for halo for it to kind of go away, for let people allow people to uh to miss it. A little bit um, also like we were the the key right now is halo, needs some more time not just to step some the bleeding, but but also to really fix some foundational things. Weve always said, halo has a great foundation, but really they were talking about. Like the core sandbox and the gameplay, when we started talking about all the other peripheral things, theres a lot of work to be done – and this is this – is going to be the biggest bullet. That halo will probably be able to fire in the next 10 years. If youre talking about one thing, thats going to bring everybody back at one time, its going to be super excited about it again, it like get people interested in campaign, expansion, more multiplayer stuff in general.

It would be this br right. That brings in a bunch of people that maybe have never even played halo before more so than the game just being free to play. Would i think that that totally makes sense um something something that you were saying earlier – that i thought was very interesting about what uh what the 14th could be? I guess i mean i guess i guess forge and co op campaign with that. Coming soon yeah i mean so on the 14th thats, where i think youll see some of the secondary announcements thats, where you get to the dlcs right thats, where you know thats, where you might have expected something like the flight sims, whatever dlc we had last year Right so thats, where you might bring in some of the second half of the season. Two, where we talk a little bit about forge, we talk a little bit about the co op. You know just some things to keep it relevant uh, so there theres an opportunity there, but that could even be something that comes a few weeks later, because maybe the maybe theyre, not even at the point where they they feel like demonstrating that now i dont think Its critical is the point, so i dont think there will be anything big enough for the main one uh potentially well get some secondary stuff. That uh will tie this over, but i i dont think that those are going to be meant to really lift the the tide a whole lot when it comes to halo.

No, absolutely, i think, i think that there is actually some interesting messaging right now right where unicheck whos, one of the community managers, uh retweeted, an official tweet from the halo account a few days ago, where it was officially announced for the first time that they do Want to do flights for campaign, starting as early as next month, uh, which is great thats super exciting. I cant wait to play this game in co, op again or sorry, rather for the first time uh. I think i think, with the i do say that with the messaging around that and that there is a june drop pod coming – and you know well talk about it in a few weeks or in the coming weeks or whatever right it does. It does kind of temper my expectations for a halo announcement at e3, but if ca is handling this mode right – and it is an extension of infinite but ostensibly just like warzone is uh for call of duty, its own kind of thing. That kind of fits into the infinite package. I dont see why theres any reason why we couldnt get this announcement at xbox smith thats the game showcase on sunday june 12th yeah, i mean i said i cant disagree with the with the fact that its always possible anything is possible. I just think microsoft is a little bit smarter right now uh. I i think that that, when this, this huge opportunity comes back for them with being able to fire the the ca gun, make sure all the rest of your ships in order make sure that you have everything from progression to cosmetics, to performance desync.

You know the stuff that matches everything needs to be ready to go there. They need to have some content lined up this time, so that when people do engage, theyre, theyre theyre kept theyre kept in the game and i think theyre not theyre, not going to make the same mistake twice, as is what im getting at. So if, if i thought this holiday season, where theyre going to have centers, whoever can come out, this holiday season is going to have center stage all over themselves because of all the delays that have happened as were still experiencing the the the tail end of everything. From the pandemic um, i think they would show it here, but it just it. I think its unrealistic. Really, it really needs to be like completely ready for them to show it off. The game has to be in a a better state than its in right. Now i 100 see your points. I just think youre wrong its its really awesome. I guess i guess were gon na find out and then yeah were coming back next thursday for the you had me at halo, podcast, so well, uh well, figure out some sort of arrangement, maybe maybe ill, send you a pizza or something if thats completely wrong ill. Just well just have the show and ill you know highlight you know all the things you missed and you know well put a little like wrestling belt together, so that whoever whoevers prediction is the most correct, gets to hold on to it for a year and well Pass that around a little bit uh but abe.

I think i think that does actually bring this episode, a drop pod to a close. If people wanted to find you online, where could they do that? Well, if you want to find me on twitter, you can find me at one bad mother at mother. Muta underscore one o n e uh. Otherwise, obviously, as we just talked about well, have well be on the halo podcast in a few days following the showcase. So come find us there and then obviously were always doing something else with xbox era, so just come to xbox hell, yeah buddy! Well guys. If you want to find me wherever you hope to find me, i guarantee im gon na, be there with a new handle for bear. Is dead, long live austin ford at austin ford games – that is my full name. Uh games is not my last name. Ford is my last name, but anyway, uh twitch twitter, youtube. Whatever you want to find me on thats how youre gon na find me guys make sure you subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content, give it a like. Even it really helps us out and uh go check out if youre looking for even more ways to support us guys. Thank you so much for watching this episode of drop pod until next time.

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