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Trailer in this video well check out the new trailer, along with some new screenshots and the pre order options theyre offering hey guys. This is chris with bmb gaming welcome back and i hope youre doing awesome today. Thank you for taking the time to check out this video if youre new, here and youre interested in evil west hit that subscribe button for more content. So, to start out with guys lets check out the brand new trailer. I have a bad feeling about this one wrong move and were dead in the water, the one right move and you could catch her and end this war. Young rent here still on your fathers leash. I see what did you see while felicity was in your head? Death? Okay, lets dance Music yeah that was predictable, Music Music, so as youve seen at the end of the video evo west release date is september. 20Th. 2022.. We always got to make sure to say that, because you never know right well, anyways, evil west is going to be available, digitally and physically in a standard edition. Only as far as a pre order bonus theyre offering what theyre calling the wild wild east pack, which includes the golden defender outfit for jesse and the golden relics weapon skins. Now, if youre unfamiliar with evil west, its description says evil, never sleeps, but it bleeds a dark menace, consumes the american frontier as one of the last agents in the top secret vampire hunting institute.

You are the final line between humanity and a deep rooted terror that now emerges from the shadows rise up to become a wild west. Superhero eradicate the vampire threat and save the united states in visceral explosive combat, unleash hell with your firearms, lightning fuel, gauntlet and gadgets, kill, bloodthirsty monstrosities in style as a lone hunter or in co op with a friend explore and fight in a narrative driven campaign. While upgrading your weapons and hunting tools unlock new perks to involve your monster, slaying mastery crafting your own play style to defeat the supernatural hordes as far as the features it says, battle alone or with a friend in stylish gory action, combat myths and legends retold. With a stylized weird, wild west universe evolve with perks, upgradable weapons and tools explore and fight through a story driven campaign to save america. So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Are you excited about evil west? Are you thinking about pre ordering it? Let me know what you think for me: im really excited about evil west, especially because its from flying wild hog and they have a pedigree with shadow warrior 2 and shadow warrior 3 of making some really good games. So, im hopeful that evil west is going to be up to that caliber. I do, however, have a few reservations before i pre order being that evil west is only a campaign focused game as a gamer. I need to know how much gameplay is here.

Generally speaking, i think the medium that we expect with a with a campaign driven game these days anyway, for me is wolfenstein or doom, eternal doom, 2016, so probably a minimum of 20 hours. Now we dont have a playtime estimate on evil west. Yet, but for me, if its 20 hours or even more, that would definitely move the needle towards me pre ordering it along with that id also like to know what kind of replay ability this game is going to have.

What do you think?

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