The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Xbox One Quarry – All Hackett Family Members Death Scenes

Put me down a hell: everybody just relax, cant shoot, but you cant see darwin gotcha youll pay for what you did to my kaylee. Get the off Applause. Everybody stop Music. What the is going on up here! Uh! Oh! Wake up! Wake up darling, oh Music, shes gone little bobby marlons gone Music, no, more! No more! Protecting anyone, travis wow Music. We aint playing games, no more little girl. Try me, you know something. I aint got enough silver to kill you, but are sure the hell can make. You suffer. No Applause, um, Music, uh, hi, wait. Uh yo come on man. You got ta help me. I do yeah. I promise i wont, tell anyone anything. No man family first, besides ill, get in trouble. Oh you stabbed me. Yeah hurts donut. I aint never been stabbed before leave me alone. Oh, it really hurts dad. What was that? I think i think we found chris hackett son of a uh. Oh bobby theyre, good, hey, uh, thanks for not killing me yeah, likewise, so what now everyones back to normal? What? Oh you think this is over Music, this isnt over you know i cant! Let you go Music, Music, Music, Music! Welcome back my friend im so glad youre back, especially now that more vermin have been stamped out. A few stragglers remain, but theres still time. So then what more has been found? Shall we take a look caitlin this way over here, caitlyn caleb, you dont have time for that.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Xbox One Quarry – What Happens if You Shoot Silas Vs Spare Him

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