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My funeral here. Hi welcome. My name is all in today’s video i’m going to be doing a review and some swatches of the new ilia, balmy tint hydrating lip balms. So these are their new and improved formulas. They did have a tinted lip conditioner that i was so sad that was being discontinued because i fell in love with the shade little sister. You probably saw me wearing it a bunch of times in my little tutorials, but i am so happy because they decided to come out with a replacement for those, so to speak, so i don’t have to go without my favorite color. So a little bit about these lip balms, it says on the website that um, the buttery balmy formula quenches lips on contact while adding a kiss of color that builds with each swipe solid cornea, which is a sea succulent um, which is an ingredient that’s in them. Um has roast hip seed oil and shea butter, deeply hydrated nourish, helping lips look smoother and more plump, and i got two shades. I got the shade lullaby, which is a cool rose, pink, and then i have lady, which is described as a neutral cranberry. So i wanted to get um like a flushed red shade, but i also wanted to get a more natural subtle, pinkish shade. They do have a shade that’s called runaway. That is very similar and comparable to the shade that i have little sister, but because i bought a backup of that one.

While i was panicking thinking that i would never be able to have it in my hands again since it was being discontinued, i decided to go with lullaby, which is more of a pinker tone, so we’re going to start off with lullaby right now, i’m, not wearing Anything on my lips, nothing at all and i’m, going to swatch it first on my hand, so you can see and what’s different about these is that the applicator is more of a rounded point, as opposed to the tinted lip conditioner. That was more of like a true lipstick type of bullet, and this is the shade of lullaby. I don’t know if it’s gon na focus, but it is like a true pinky um color it is, it can be built to be deeper, which is what i did. I did like three swipes of it on my hand, and this is what it looks like on lips. It is super moisturizing and honestly it’s, so buildable and even the first swipe gives you like a full color payoff and it is very like balmy and very like glossy looking. But if you don’t, like that look, you can always just put it down a little bit with a paper towel or a tissue and it’ll modify it down a little bit, but you will still have that pretty pretty color on there so yeah. This is lullaby. Okay, now moving on now i’m going to go ahead and try the shade lady, this one, like i said, it’s called compared to being a neutral, cranberry um this shade.

If you’re familiar with the old tinted lip conditioners, they did have a shade called arabian lights, which knights, which i have and it’s more like a redder tone, so that one is comparable to this one in case you’re. Looking for a replacement for it, i’m going to do a little swatch on my arm here, as you can see this one’s going to be more of like a red tone – and this is lady, and then this is lullaby, as you can see, lullaby is more of Like a pinky rosy tone, and then lady is more of a red almost like brick, like color, now i’m going to try it on my lips and you can always build it up to be a deeper color for me, um, i usually just like dab it on, Because i like more of a stained look, but you can always add more layers to it and just build up the color, and this is a shade lady. I feel like this would be a perfect color for like valentine’s day, even though it’s months away. But i just think it’s so pretty so yeah. These were the two shades that i got because i always just go back and forth between like red tones or pink tones and i’m, so happy that i picked these up because they’re just like the perfect colors. For me, um, like i said i can build them up and just make it like a super um dark tone.

Lipstick like or i can just dab it on and just give my lips a really beautiful, tint and i’m super happy. I highly recommend these. Oh, i didn’t um say how much they were so they retailed for 28 dollars and i know they’re a bit pricey for like attempted um lip balm but honestly they’re, just so good and they’re. Also, a clean and non toxic brand, which i love even more and honestly, i don’t care i’d, rather pay the higher price to have an item that is good quality and that has really good ingredients for you and that’s. Just like how i determine if i want to buy beauty items and yeah, i can’t recommend these enough. I love them so much and i feel like you will too and we can always buy them from sephora and if they don’t work out for you or you just it’s, not what you expected, you can always exchange them or get your money back, which is what I like, but as for me, they’re winners, i love them so much and again this is lullaby, which is a cool rose. Pink is what it’s, um or cool pink is what it’s described as – and this is lady, which is like a neutral cranberry and both are very beautiful colors. They can be built up, as you can see here, they’re pretty dark that’s, because i did three swipes again. You can just do like little dabs on your lips and you’ll get a really beautiful, tint and um yeah that’s.

All i have to say my little review. Swatch try on um. If you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up. It lets me know that you like this, these kind of videos um. If you do, i can try out different things. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below and i can hopefully make that happen and, if you’d like to subscribe, i would love to have you here.

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