So excited because it looks so cute, i always love winky lux packaging, and this is cruelty. Free vegan, paraben, free sulfate, free phthalate, free gluten free it retails for 18. It has jojoba oil, so it’s supposed to be moisturizing for the lips, which i cannot wait to hydrate my chapped lips right now. My lips are feeling so uncomfortable i’m, just dying to put this on my lips, it’s supposed to have a sweet, scent, flavor to it and a sheer pink color, and since i did receive this in pr, i got this for free. I love to give a disclaimer when something sent to me for free, but this is not a sponsored video. I am just so excited to try this out. Oh my gosh. Look at how cute the packaging of the product itself is. Of course, i love the pink and it’s so cool, looking it’s tri colored, which reminds me a lot of the s’mores lip balm that i love from winky lux it’s. Also a tri color like this and it’s like the perfect nude lip balm. I have a review. Video on the s’mores lip balm here on my youtube channel that i’ll have linked in the description down below. If you want to see that review as well. Oh my gosh! When i take this out, i can smell that, like vanilla, sweet scent, which i am a sucker for a really lovely scented lip product – and this is definitely giving me that here you can see what the product looks like the tri colors before i apply to my Lips i’m going to do a swatch on my hand to see that pink tint.

It definitely doesn’t show up like much at all like it’s it’s, almost invisible, but it seems pretty moisturizing on my hand and that’s. What i really need on my lips, so let’s see how it looks Music. Oh, i feel like on my lips. They definitely look a little bit darker and a little bit more of a pink tint. So, on my hand, you can kind of see it a little bit but it’s actually much more noticeable of a difference on my lips than i was expecting and it looks beautiful. I think this is such a flattering shade, it’s, basically your lips, but amped up with a little extra pink hue, which of course i love makes it super easy to wear alone with any makeup. Look just that perfect, throw on anytime lip enhancing shade and it is so comfortable on the lips, a beautiful lip balm formula that adds a slight sheen to the lips, which i like and super hydrating. My lips no longer look at all dry or chapped. They feel completely moisturized it’s, a nice kind of thick balm nice coating over my lips, so this really performed how i was hoping and how i was expecting it’s. Basically, just like my favorite or one of my favorite lip balms that s’mores one, but the s’mores one gives more of a like a nude lip shade. This one gives more of a pinky lip shade, which i just love a tinted lip balm, because i feel like it’s such an easy way to add a little bit more life into your face.

Just add such a natural enhancement like the most minimal type of makeup, but it can make a really nice difference in how my whole face looks. So if i want that pink tint, which of course, i always want that this is a great product for me to reach, for especially since my lips are always dry and trapped, and this will completely get rid of that as well. So i mean 18 is definitely pricey, but you get such beautiful products from winky lux, but you know they’re not cheap. I can get this same effect from much more inexpensive products that give the same amount of like moisturizing, even a tint of color. In a lip balm, but just price aside, i really really like this and i know i’ll continue using it. So i would really like to hear in the comments down below if you’ve tried this product out. Of course, let me know your thoughts, but what are your favorite winky lux lip balms? They make so many incredible unique adorable lip balms and it’s so hard to rank them, but i would love to hear your thoughts on your favorites. Well. Thank you. So much for watching my video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.

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