Welcome to real spill. Sound were going to do. Is my geminis hi gemini make sure you guys like share and subscribe? Please alright, so gemini, your pandora message is down below by writing. Rich you guys close to the song. You dont have to look at the lyrics its definitely a message up in there um im, seeing a situation where no ones seen your vision, gemini. So im seeing you celebrate by yourself here: okay, so this is some beautiful energy to have because im getting like enjoy your fruits and im getting im picking up energy where um you can definitely just trying to smile through the struggle, so thats, beautiful energy too. So lets see whats going on all right all right, so we have pisces energy. We have taurus leo libra and Music capricorn and sagittarius here, okay, so you could be connecting with those signs. We have um leadership, creativity. What do you want in your faith? Something hidden? So something some type of talent that you have is very hidden here: gemini im, seeing something like where you need to take leadership and whatever this is okay, and then we have south node and we have libra energy. Okay, corruption, perfection results; okay, its not the time. Remember consider okay, so im seeing a situation where um you could be going the wrong way. South node is going the wrong way here. Okay, so im getting like you might have to reconsider something or remember something here: okay, you could definitely be forgetting a lot.

We have taurus and we have jupiter okay, so this is sagittarius energy im, seeing you also traveling when it comes to your finance, all right, youre, getting good results here. Okay, so lets see were going to clarify the 12th house here to see whats hidden here. Pisces all right, we have the nine of swords here, okay, so some type of worry here, okay, some type of pisces – could definitely be worried about something here, yeah the tool, because this could be a lover. I dont know if you left this person, but someone is definitely like. Oh wow, this person is in love with you here, virgo, let me say brother could be a virgo gemini. This person is in love with you. They see everything with you. Okay, they regret doing something here. Okay, so lets see, lets clarify the spirit or you could definitely be worried about some type of secret here. Okay, so lets see we have new okay, so something thats hidden that you dont see coming is its new something new for you, okay, you could definitely be worried about something a lot here, but something new is coming in. You dont see it coming im getting like its hitting. We have remember, reconsider now its not the time all right – and this is your south node, so lets see all right. So we have the queen of swords here. Okay, so this is your energy here gemini. This is letting me know that.

Okay, the seven of swords, its not the time to do anything sneakier with the seven of swords yeah and remember that reconsider that, because im seeing something new coming in for you or cutting something off its, not the time to cut something off a lot of swords. All right or yeah im seeing you making a decision to go towards the new here. Okay, so lets see oh yeah, somebody is stealing from you. I really want you to know that it landed right on that card and someone could. This could be seven of swords to someone trying to steal from its not the time, thats the energy. This is what spirit wants you to know its, not the time for someone to be stealing from you or doing something sneaky behind your back its not the time because im saying youre going towards knowing youre cutting something off, especially if you get too worried or some Type of anxiety going off – or you cannot sleep up at night or something like that, its not time for someone to be doing something real sneaky here yeah, because someone could be trying to take something from you. This could be energy. This could be time attention. Anything all right so lets see. We have value, we have tourist energy, we have your resources to maintain. We have results: okay, productive, okay, so something very productive that you could be doing. You could be a tattle artist. Someone could be trying to take your work.

Okay, this tattoo artist is very creative. All right, someone could be trying to take your work or something so be clear about the work that youre putting out all right. We have resources to maintain. We have the ace of pencils, okay, so yeah. Some type of new opportunity is coming your way with the ace of pentacles, okay, but its a new um stream of income that could be coming in for you, especially if you was worried about something yeah, something new. Okay also im seeing a tourist coming your way. They want a relationship with you. This could be a new tourist thats coming in. We have the queen of wands here all right. This could be a new business. All right. Someone is very attracted to you theyre watching you, oh my goodness, all right, theyve been watching you and someone here control your thoughts here. Okay, so control your thoughts when it comes to the situation. Dont be thinking negative with the nine of swords here. Dont, be all up in your head: do not be um discouraged or nothing like that. Your gemini, because something new is coming in for you, where youre gon na be very stable and something is gon na, be very um im getting productive, some type of resource, some type of information, knowledge or something thats going to come in, for you is going to Have you feeling more like im, not worried or yeah and being able to sleep, so we have leo energy.

We have leadership, creativity do what you want to so this is taking leadership with that, queen of wands you having that courage, taking leadership when it comes to situations all right, you could be connecting with a a heavy leo. All right lets see all right. So we have the knights of swords here right im, seeing you being very bold and leadership position with this knight of swords just speaking up, and then we have the hermit about some type of um im, seeing you like this virgo or youre, going on your spiritual Journey here, gemini all right im saying you speak up about something you could definitely be doing something online here at a while see. A lot of communication is bringing in a lot of um. Okay, you could be communicating with this earth sign this tourist, this um capricorn its virgo, all right lets see or you could be stepping up or uh speaking up for yourself when it comes to this person, yeah being in more leadership here. Okay, so lets be clarified with spirit. We have take that leap of faith all right, so its a new opportunity, thats coming your way. You need to take this leap of faith, be bold here all right with this, not a source im. Definitely seeing you take leadership and whatever creativity you have, this could be online here, youre doing what you want. Oh my goodness, all right so lets see. Do that all right.

We have libra energy corruption tool, perfect. We have decisions, results all right so lets see. We have the king of wands a lot of a lot of um fire hair. You could definitely be connecting with a fire sign also yeah leo, but youre gon na be very happy about this new opportunity. That comes your way. Okay, we have the sun to the. What the star card wow! So, if you was having problems any money situation, any thing where you was left out or felt left out, someone um left you out in the cold or you was feeling like low on finances and things like that. This new opportunity, when it comes to your career, its gon na, be a blast: honey. Okay, yes, somethings gon na be a blast im getting im getting like youre gon na get justin wow okay, so we have jupiter, learn or teach. Oh no lets clarify with spirit some of you guys could be getting married to a um fire sign. Also, i was picking up like hermit energy and the king of wands, their face wasnt showing so someone is like behind the scenes, doing something here, trying to take some type of work here, yeah some type of business you have with this queen of swords where you Do something by yourself here gemini its not the time for someone to be stealing from you: thats the energy? Okay. We have red carpet, yes, youre gon na be wow wow.

Okay, some of you guys could definitely like do music here im. Seeing someone performing. We have the red carpet, you might be um offered to come somewhere to see some type of concert here, yeah all right or be in some type of concert. Okay lets see to perform. Somebody wants you to come and perform all right. Someone could be trying to steal your work here, though, so be careful all right. We have jupiter, learn or teach be creative grow and expand be positive. All right. We have the nine of cups here, wow youre, getting what you want some type of wish being fulfilled. We seen the star card, so you making some type of wishes coming in for you of a lot of emotion, something about you, youre being very intuitive all right. You could be emotional distance from um some type of drama here because of your intuition, youre very intuitive. Here, all right, all right so lets see whats this energy, this something about traveling, youre, gon na be having a lot of fun thats. What im? Hearing? Okay, something about traveling, youre gon na be having a lot of fun. We have stunned, like your daddy, so some of you guys could be traveling with your daddy sounding like your daddy, okay, yes, okay well lets see yeah, and if someone tries to make you be quiet about someone see you standing your ground and speaking up and speaking, Nothing but facts here with the um knights of swords, okay and being in control leadership leo got that leo energy in you.

You have these signs in your chart, also control how you think um gemini, also all right. So we have news. We have the nine of swords for some type of were moving into career and finance, some type of something new that youre worried about and its telling you to have faith. You could be secretly like worried all right. We have parenthood, some of you guys could be worried about a pregnancy. A new baby here, healing your inner child will help you make money. Okay and angel help your angels are blessing you with new opportunities. So, yes, your angels are blessing you with new opportunities. They want you to take this new opportunity and yeah im saying a secret pregnancy. They want you to be like happy. Okay, this new opportunity is giving its bringing in a lot of abundance for you. We have. There are stealing from you here with the queen of swords and we have south node. We have home, invest in a home business or make money from home. You can have your own business here, and someone could definitely be taken from like trying to take some. You know be a child this year, yeah someone is very childish. They need to grow up, relying on others to help or hoping to be safe. Like someone is relying on your help and hoping to be safe here, trying to steal trying to steal your work. Okay be clear: this could be around a home here.

You can also begin a new home. All right. Somebody needs to grow up. We have control your thoughts in the ace of pentacles, so i see a new opportunity coming in for you all right get you away from some type of we have business yeah. This is a new business. I was picking up picking that up um. We have expect to have an amazing boost up in the business letter, so things are going up with your business here. You need to control your thoughts. I see her thoughts, its like everywhere. Okay, she has a lot of ideas, a lot of thoughts and things like that make sure you guys are journaling your ideas. Okay, yeah. We have tours just gon na be a success here. Something is im saying you maintain something yeah being very productive when it comes to a business, just control your thoughts. We have take the leap of faith here with the knight of swords, so they want you to be more in your knight of swords. Energy, not the queen of swords energy, all right. They want you to be more in that bold energy. I dont know why, when the queen of swords, she embodies all that energy so lets see, maybe because its it is feminine, and this is more masculine. All right lets see we have entertained here, okay, so yeah, so the knight of swords, hes, more bold, okay, the queen of swords shes a queen. She doesnt she really does not have to do too much and the knight of swords does here, especially when youre entertaining your charm will influence and help others get ahead here so yeah.

So something about you entertaining here. You need to take that leap of faith. Im telling you somebody is calling for someone to go on stage. Somebodys gon na be in red carpet. Gon na be performing im telling you take that leadership. They want you to do that here. Yeah, theyre, theyre, the angels are sending you these opportunities. Okay, so we have a red carpet here with the single one, all right, so this is you being in control. Taking that leap of faith, you can have a lot of leo in your chart. Okay, somethings gon na be a success with this libra energy, somethings gon na be balanced out here. Honey all right so lets see. Oh the libra here, thats karma, so whoevers trying to steal from you theyre going through some bad karma here. Whatever um libra lies is always some karma, good, karma and bad karma. All right lets see we have patience. Okay, it will require having faith while youre, showing the way so um have patience, have patience with whatever this situation is. Okay, all right also im picking up the buying timing. Okay, also im saying like some type of red carpet. You could definitely be performing thats. What im picking up some type of business. You have make sure youre not just putting your stuff on the internet im, seeing like protect your work, whatever work, you have protect your work. Okay, have patience for this situation. We have something like your daddy in a nine oclock.

We have counselor here. Okay, we have financial coach, can help you reach your financial goals, so its a situation where you could be helping someone or someone could definitely be helping you with your finances. Here you know, could be your father. It could be a sagittarius here, but its gon na bring in a lot of positive energy, um, youre gon na be growing and expanding and learning and teaching or whatever the situation is youre. Helping someone or someone helping you: okay, just control your thoughts, all right, and we have solitude here – yeah theres, a lot of solitude energy. The nine of cups is the emotional distance. We are retreating into your private world to find answers. Okay, so you could definitely be doing that all right lets see.

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