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m. On the east coast and, like i said, the markets are a freaking bloodbath, absolute disaster, the nasdaqs down 3.5 percent, the russells down three percent. The s p is down 2.8, as we have the dow jones down 2.6 percent, and the vix is now close to 30.. It is up almost 11 as golds up 1.2 and we have silver up over half a percent, and last i checked kryptos down a lot. I think bitcoin ethereum theyre down probably around four or five percent each at this point in time, maybe a little bit less. I havent checked um in about an hour or two, but overall it is a red day all across the board, and the reason why this is happening. The catalyst is the cpi data from may coming in way. Wor. Well, i dont want to say way worse, but it was worse than expected if you guys saw my video from earlier today, which, if you havent, go check it out. We broke down the cpi report a little bit more. We went over the cpi report in that video, but overall you guys have to realize it was worse than expected and thats. Why were selling off aggressively today and people started selling yesterday? If you guys remember, spy started falling at about 1 p.m same with triple q. That was yesterday and it just got even worse. You know we kind of consolidated pre market up until that uh report came out and thats where things fell off a cliff and it got even worse.

So at this point in time now spy is fighting with ‘0.. We are about 10 away from the recent low, which was at about 380 – that was hit about 20 days ago about three weeks ago and before that we were right around 385 ish on a spy, so were getting awfully close to the lows right now guys – and I wouldnt be surprised if at some point next week, we test those lows or maybe even break under those lows, definitely possible same with triple q. Look at this triple q is now under the moving averages collapsing and its awfully close to that 280 low um 280. To 285, where it was in the beginning of may pretty much all throughout the month of may so this is not looking good, you know, bulls are getting destroyed. Right now bears are making their money and im kind of pissed at myself, because no joke. Two days ago i was super close to buying s triple q, but i didnt pull the trigger and right now i dont want to dive into it quite yet or uh. You know chase it. Rather, i dont want to chase it because its pretty overbought, you know it could go higher. It very well could go higher, but at this point i feel like its wise for me to just sit back and wait if we get some sort of snapback rally, um in the very very, very short term here to then maybe build a position on s triple Q, if its able uh, if its able to pull back a bit.

So what do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and before we talk about what ive been buying and stocks, that im looking at here make sure to get your free stocks. If you havent done that already guys, you get six free stocks from weeble, they actually hit me up and theyre extending the promo till the end of june now. So if you want six free stocks from weibo with any amount deposited thats linked down below – and you could also get five stocks from moomoo each up to 2500 bucks with a 100 deposit thats also linked down below, and if you guys want to try out seeking Alpha premium, you could also use that link down below you, get 40 bucks off your premium membership, and you also get 14 days to try it out so use that link down below all those links help out the channel guys. I appreciate you as always so with that being said, cheers lets get back into the video. So, like i mentioned right today, i bought four individual, its not stocks, but i bought some etfs. I bought a stock. I bought four individual or i put in four individual, buy orders right and now that were starting to head back down in these markets, which is good. We want to see the markets go down, so we can buy more stocks at a cheaper valuation. This is good for long term investing right as weve been falling now and today in particular, i bought more vo s, p, 500 etf and i always preach well, i dont want to be um.

You know preaching on the channel trying to tell you guys what to do or anything crazy like that, but i talk about on the channel how im buying vo pretty much all the time now now am i buying it every single day? No, but i am averaging in every week pretty much i buy a little bit every week or maybe bi weekly, but for the most part, its uh pretty much every week, so im buying the s p, 500 etf on the way down because number one. I have no idea where the bottom is going to be so im not trying to time the bottom and number two. This is for a long term uh, you know – or this is for the long term and im in my mid im in my mid 20s guys. So, in 15, 20 years from now, i guarantee vo well, i dont want to say guaranteed because nothings guaranteed, but im very confident that vo is going to be higher than the buys im putting in uh today and ive been buying at this whole bear market. All the way down guys and even during the uh bull market, this is something that its uh, its its one of those things where you buy all the time and over time you get an average uh kind of smoothed out cost basis right. If that makes any sense, um so thats what im doing vol thats number one, you know one thing i bought today: they pay a 1.

45 percent dividend yield as well, which is nice. You know thats nice. I reinvest those dividends. I also bought more vot. This is a little bit more uh volatile than the s p 500, because this is a growth or rather a mid cap growth etf. This is down 31 from all time highs, whereas the s p is down about 17 18 uh, something like that. Actually, now pushing down 19, so i bought more vot to get some mid cap growth exposure. This is also for my long term and they currently pay a 0.57 yield, so its not a crazy dividend yield, but its its better than nothing and im reinvesting this, and the beautiful thing is: if you buy these types of investments, guys within a roth ira, which Is by far my favorite retirement vehicle, you know if youre, especially if youre, just starting out in the markets, guys its the best by far um. Essentially, if you own stocks within a roth ira, this is money that you already paid taxes on, so everything that grows in the ira, the roth ira, the dividends, the capital gains right. All of that is tax free. So if you, you know, if you have these investments in a roth ira, you can reinvest all the dividends youre, not paying any cash or rather taxes whatsoever, its great uh, another thing ive been buying is vxus. Lets pull this up. This is an etf that is uh the total.

What is it called the total international stock index that excludes u.s companies right because, obviously we got u.s companies from vo and vot. Now we want to get some international exposure, so this went down super or it is down 2 percent on the day thus far and get this they pay. A 3.3 percent yield thats, pretty nice and overall, this is down from sixty seven dollars a couple of months ago, its down about eighteen percent, nothing too crazy, pretty much down as much as the s p, 500, and what we notice is international stocks. They have not been doing well, the past. You know 10 years, usually when u.s stocks crush it international underperforms and it goes in cycles. So, for me, i understand vxus has underperformed no doubt, but if the u.s markets underperform the next couple of years, maybe the next five ten years who knows vxus historically speaking, could easily outperform. So it provides that diversification. For me i wouldnt say its uh. One of the biggest positions i own, but it is a you know little five. Ten percent portion of my long term kind of retirement account that im looking at um. You know touching that money in 15, 20 plus years from now. So i do have you know some vx us and when it comes to individual stocks, lets get into those. As for individual stocks, ive been buying meta today, actually i bought more meta and i just realized.

I didnt tell you where i bought vovo t and vxus the dollar values uh, but its right around, where they are today its not that big of a deal but meta i bought more today at 177.25, i think, is where i got filled. So i mentioned before meta which it used to be facebook. Now its officially meta platforms, m e t a is the ticker now well, i guess its been officially meta platforms for a while, but they officially changed the ticker, so im buying more facebook, guys and ive said this before you know. I think facebook in the 170 to 190 200 range, preferably in the 170 to 180 range. I think that is a very good deal for the long term. Looking three five 10 years out very good deal, and i said if it gets under 170 to the 150 60 range, even better right bring it on. So today we saw meta and still, as of now, its down five percent, almost its getting destroyed right. So i bought more again at 177, 25 and currently just to talk. Some numbers here. 477 billion is what their market cap is the trailing 12 month. Pe is 13.3 and profit margins. This is very important. Their net margins are 31 and when it comes to google, which well talk about in a second, their profit margins are about the profit margin, 27 uh and a half percent. So what we know right now is number one were probably in a recession.

I said this two three months ago and a lot of people saw it coming its not like it was uh. You know out of the blue right. We all we all kind of knew. This was gon na happen, so advertising could get hit. In fact, it already is getting hit im, not sure if you know, but what youre watching this video on right now its something called youtube right: youtube. They pay creators money for advertisements right. Unfortunately, i cant pick what advertisements show on the channel and i do get comments sometimes like. Oh, the ads are a bunch of bs. I know some of the ads are bs and the truth is the ad revenue has been coming down right and thats kind of how i saw this recession um creeping in. It was one of the indicators i used um about three four months ago. You know i was like wait. A second. The ads are starting to come down a little bit from what they normally are and it kind of makes sense right. We have a lot of inflation right now. Companies are cutting back on their advertising budgets and what does that mean less money for meta, less money for google? So i guess i might as well just wrap google into this um. You know into meta as well, so i did buy more meta today, but i didnt buy more google google im holding out on until under 2000, 17, 1800 now or not announced uh thats.

What gold is roughly um, 17 1800. A share is where im going to be buying more google and again the advertising risk. That is probably the biggest risk right now facing uh meta and google. But with these healthy profit margins, these companies have a lot of cash theyre gon na be fine. You know sure the stock could get hit more advertising could come down, but overall long term is the trend of you know: digital advertising going away no its, not its just temporarily contracting and think about it meta. They might have capped out on uh user growth. For now, but you guys have to realize how big their user base is right now, and you have to ask yourself: are they maximizing the dollars from each user that they possibly could right? I mean i dont think they are. I think over the next couple of years sure they might not be growing as many users as they were. In fact they wont be. I mean its just, not gon na happen, but could they grow how much money they make per user? I think so right is there going to be more money coming in digital advertising and are those rates going to get you know more expensive, most likely? Yes, um, so thats? Why im holding meta same with google? I think those are great right now and in terms of other individual stocks, truthfully guys, i have not been doing too much buying lately ive just been buying meta ive been buying.

You know those etfs i mentioned, which im buying pretty much every week two weeks and i have been buying some reits. Nothing crazy, though, but in terms of individual stocks, guys really thats it and etfs thats all ive been doing keeping it simple im, not trying to buy 20 30 individual stocks im trying to narrow down on companies that i understand that i have a very big faith In right now, disneys another one, but i havent bought disney in a couple of weeks um and you know im trying to just keep it to the basics. So with that being said, ill catch you all in the next video hit. The like button subscribe drop me. A comment join my patreon. If you want all my moves, thats linked down below and you could also get your five stocks for moomoo and your six stocks from weeble all that helps out the channel.

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