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Now there is the distinct possibility of both hardin and kyrie being out for game five, so the load will fall to kd. If this is the case who last night held to nine for 25 from the field, here’s steve nash after the game, yeah kai uh x rays are negative, but uh we’ll have to see how it goes uh tomorrow and further tests and treatment um yeah. Obviously we lost a great player uh during the game, which was tough. We all got to pitch in. We all got to play together. We got to move the ball and i thought tonight we got a little single minded. Looking for kevin. Every time puts a little bit too much pressure on him. It makes us a little more predictable. I thought you know which which puts a lot of burden on him all right. Final score. Last night, 107 to 96 friday, we’ll start with you here. Can durant win a game without the other two members of the big three i don’t believe so, because you look at that starting five that he has. This is the worst starting five in a playoff game that kevin durant has ever been a part of. I mean think about this. This may be the worst starting five that kevin durant’s ever been a part of since his first year in seattle. When you take out a kyrie irving and james harden, we don’t know, even if kyrie irving plays in game five.

What kind of compromise situation is he going to be in? Because a lot of his games is based on movement? He’S got to have that movement that great handle that great dribble and now you have to have joe harris and blake griffin play out of their minds i’m, not buying that from that standpoint, unless kevin durant grows 81, like kobe bryant did not too long ago. That’S, the only only way that i believe that he’ll be able to do that and win a game without those two guys you’re expecting guys who know their roles to go above their roles and as great as kevin durant is now he’s got to be a playmaker Facilitator leader well, we’ve wondered about there kevin durant. At least i have from the standby point of that. You don’t have to worry about being a leader on the basketball team, because that’s why i went to the brooklyn nets and why he was suited for that role. To be with this team and letting somebody else do that. Well now that has to fall on him and he has to do with the guys that i mentioned when it comes to guys that have to play above their roles so as great as he is. Unless he scores like 81 points, i don’t believe he can win. One game: without kyrie, irving and also james harden, who knows we’re, going to see those two guys for the rest of the series against the milwaukee bucks.

You don’t think katie can get a single game: freddy wild 81. I know bit of hyperbole right sure. In theory, katie does have the skill set that would allow him to do that here’s. What i think is different from compared to some of those teams that maybe didn’t have as stout a supporting cast as we’ve seen, katie be a part of in golden state or even oklahoma city. If you want to go that far back, kd has grown tremendously right. I think he is a better basketball player than he was when he got into the league. I think he understands the magnitude of the mona moment and, quite honestly, if jason tatum can get you 50 to allow a boston, celtics squad get a victory versus the brooklyn nets with two of their three superstars on the court. I believe that kd does have the superstar caliber dna that he could help elevate this team to that moment and, furthermore, beyond that, i don’t know that i trust the bucks that much that it is out of the realm of possibility, a single game. Kevin durant can do that for you. He is that caliber talent, now the series that’s a different story, because i do think that the bucks can continue to make adjustments and make it very difficult for him. But my good friend justin tinsley at the undefeated, has this mathematical equation for playoff series. Two one. One and two being your superstar has to carry you and get those two wins, and then your supporting cast get that one and one if kawhi leonard, could do it for the clippers.

I think kevin durant can get it done for the brooklyn that’s, not that it’s an easy task, but one game. I think kd can give me that you are i’m gon na use. These numbers milwaukee has two to kevin one kevin durant’s one and those two dudes right now, chris middleton and giannis and coombo are going to be better than that one with kevin durant. That means you’re telling me monica that kevin durant is going to match their production, which means 68 points, he’s not going to be able to do that, and right now, chris middleton and also giannis and cooper have a better supporting cast right now than kevin durant i’m. Not trusting that joe harris who’s been one for the series so far from the three point line is also going to find that touch, especially when everybody’s going to load up on kevin durant and you’re, going to have to have the ability to make shots and joe Harris has shown so far in this series that he can’t shake loose from that defense and even with me he was been wide open, like he was in game three. He was not able to knock down shots. Those two guys right now, yada tanza de kunpo and chris middleton – are not going to face the defensive pressure from the brooklyn nets. The way that kevin durant is going to face from the milwaukee bucks defense, because i know, if i’m milwaukee, if i’m, like bludenholzer i’m loading up my defense, hey kevin you’re, not going to do anything we’re going to double and triple team you, which means that blake Griffin will have to go back into the hot tub time machine and be blake griff when he won the slam, dunk competition and then the joe house gon na have to win the three point.

Shooting contest running away that’s a lot to ask from those two guys to replace kyrie irving and even james hart even come near their production. To give yourself a chance. If kevin durant’s going to go above the number that he’s going to have to go above. To find a way to make sure this is not a 3 2 series and going back to game 6 down 3 2 against milwaukee freddie. Where we agree is that it would be certainly a tall task, and i happen to believe that the slim reaper is up to get it done easy money sniper. But i will say this: how quickly we forget that we are only two games removed from the milwaukee bucks. Looking um let’s just go with crazy in the first two rounds. Right, like i don’t know that i buy that they have completely turned over a leaf and that middleton and yana san jacobo can continue to make up for what 76 of their offensive production. So, while i think that we agree in that at being a tall task i’m, not necessarily sold that the bucks are so fortified that we can’t see them, have a hiccup that resembles those terrible performances of game. Two now listen, a series is a long. What seven games potentially so i’m? Just not that convinced that the bucks are, that stout and locked in the rest of the way. I think kevin durant can carry it. Shooters got ta shoot to make shots, a shooter shoot have to shoot to get hot, and so for me, joe harris landry, shaman, jeff, green, obviously back on the floor in the most recent game for the first time in a long time, all those guys have to Continue to keep playing and what we did see from this supporting cast for this brooklyn net squad in the absence of all three of their stars, is that they are willing to play hard.

I think some of the nuggets in terms of the wins that this next team came without those big three. Obviously we know they didn’t play a ton of games, so those guys are capable of playing hard and getting after it. For you, i am not sold that giannis and chris middleton are so far gone that k.d can’t catch them. If some of those guys show up just a little bit, he can get one a little bit. They don’t have to show up a little bit you’re right. They’Re gon na play hard. They better produce hard it’s, not about playing hard you’re supposed to be playing hard at this point, but producing hard that’s asking a lot from the people. You just mentioned whether it’s, whether it’s michael mike jones, whether it’s landing shaman, whether it’s all those guys now you’re asking them to go above and beyond what they’ve been able to do and what could be an elimination game for the brooklyn nets. Because if they don’t win game, five they’re, not winning game six in milwaukee, this series is going to be over and milwaukee bucks going to be on their way to the eastern conference finals.

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