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Um. The brooklyn nets, in my opinion, are not winning this series without kevin. Without kyrie and james harden it’s not going to happen um after they went up 0 2. They were up 49 points, we saw an annihilation in place uh and the bucks showed up for game three which we both predicted would happen uh, but still we didn’t see any way that the brooklyn nets were going to lose this series so long as they were Healthy enough to to to play that’s, not the case, kyrie, irving and james harden are both out, and i don’t expect the brooklyn nets to win this series without kyrie and james harden. But who knows if they would be available for game seven, which takes us to game five, because milwaukee’s winning game six they’re not losing game six in milwaukee? They will win that game. So to me it comes down to tonight and where i became one of my most famous quotes max and molly was in 2001, when i was a beat writer for the philadelphia inquirer covering allen, iverson and the philadelphia 76ers. My boy, kevin frazier for entertainment tonight always brings this up because they were interviewing me and i said the lakers in five it’s, nothing to discuss and everybody was like well. Why didn’t? Why aren’t you calling the sweep – and i said, oh hey, i will get you one a. I will get you one. Six feet: 160 pounds soaking wet the answer: allen iverson rolled into the staples center and dropped 48 and stepped over ty lue to clinch the deal.

It was just one game, i knew they wouldn’t win another, but he got you one because in the game of basketball, when you are that dude, when you are that superstar caliber player, you can get a game, not the series but a game that’s. What we’re asking kevin durant to do tonight? Please understand something i don’t know if anybody knows us max, i don’t know if anybody has said this before kevin durant is the greatest player in the history of new york. There’S been not clyde frazier in 1971, not patrick ewing, not carmelo anthony. No one kevin durant is the greatest basketball player to ever represent the city of new york in basketball, that’s true period, there’s, no doubt about it. Okay, you can seven feet. Arguably, arguably one of the top three scorers in the history of basketball – you can’t just show up for one game, although your 44 games removed from that achilles injury, you can’t show up for one night and get one game. I believe he can. I believe he will. I believe a night like tonight, kd drops 50 and it saves brooklyn for a few days, hoping that kyrie and or james harden can come back for game seven, because they’re gon na lose game six. They don’t even need to drive travel number one. You don’t get to get. No, no you! You know you can’t, get away with that time. Out, wait a minute. Kd doesn’t have kyrie or james harden right.

You know who else doesn’t have kyrie or james harden giannis. He never has kyrie or james harden when he plays kd. The second best player in the series will always be on kd’s team, middleton and holliday show up as stars, sometimes, which is why they’re not perennial all stars, they’re, sometimes all stars harden and kyrie. Those guys show up all the time that’s why they’re perennial all stars in in hardin’s case and a perennial mvp candidate. Now all of a sudden giannis has the second and third best player. You know outside of giannis and kd in the in the series now it’s k.d, giannis and then the next two best players are both on giannis’s team and now all of a sudden kd gets off the hook. Why? Well you weren’t letting giannis off nook. I was i’m not expecting kd to win the series. Now he doesn’t have a set. He still has joe harris shoot. The lights out still has black stars, blake griffin, good. You hit you with a double double, basically averaging for the series and if he needs to step up he’s capable of more, we saw him posterize the honest physically. He looks good again. No, no, if you’re not letting giannis off the hook, then katie doesn’t get off the hook either in this case, and if you think kd can win one game. Well, look when you say a star can get you one. I remember lebron james had one game of kyrie irving against the warriors in 2015.

. They lost that game in overtime. Then he didn’t have kyrie the rest of series. Also didn’t have kevin love. All series got two got two you’re saying one game to start a series you’re saying: kd can get one game now, there’s three games left. If you can get one now, it’s gon na come down to a one game. Winner go home, you should be able to get that one too i’m giving kd a pass cause. He doesn’t have his guys, but you should hold him to the same standard. You old, giannis well, first of all, that’s a very ignorant statement for a couple of reasons. Number one k.d give me k.d with chris middleton andrew holiday, and i still would have picked them. What i’m saying to you is this: when i get on giannis, i get on giannis for two things: number one, his perimeter, shooting or lack thereof and number two. The fact that you called him the best player in the world, those are the things that i get on giannis about. In terms of i never picked giannis to win this series. I said brooklyn all day every day i said brooklyn at the beginning of the season. I said brooklyn coming into this series and i said giannis against kd it’s no real match because he can’t hit perimeter shots. He needs somebody else to do that for him, particularly in tight playoff competition, because he can’t make those perimeter shots, and i think that’s been proven.

True, even though giannis is big time. That’S his achilles heel, the case with kevin durant, joe harris can’t, hit shots away from the barclays center. Blake griffin suddenly looked like he was in detroit again: okay, jeff green, just returned after being out throughout the playoffs because of his injury and again whether it’s, kyrie or james, harden i’ve been on the record stating just one of them with him. Kd will win but to ask him to win this series without them. I think is a bit much, but again you take one game at a time and in my opinion, he should be able to deliver the goods tonight, one game to force a game. Seven back at the barclay center he should be able to win one game. Three things one i said: giannis was the best player in the world because he was the reigning regular season, mvp and as a prediction, i thought he would do well in that playoffs. He did not yeah, so i had to say there’s one that leaves people they weren’t the best i get it, but just because he was the mvp didn’t make him the best that was well given his age, his size, the kind of player he was. That was predictive. Are you the only person on the planet that didn’t notice? Okay, sometimes you make predictions that are wrong and when the series was over i was like okay.

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