Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA, Eastern Conference Perkins breakdown Nets at Bucks game 3; KD will keep dominate

Nothing lead after a convincing 17 point win monday night, chris paul looks healthy, deandre ayton held his own against that mvp nikola jokic and the suns look to make it 2 zip later tonight. All right perk is back. Uh jokic will take the court as the first senator to win envy piece in shaq 21 years ago perk. What is he going to need to do to get this series even heading back to denver? Well, it’s going to have to be the mvp dave it’s that simple right, greg popovich called him the let the modern day larry bird and that’s, who he’s going to have to be in order to beat this phoenix suns team tonight, he’s gon na have to dominate The matchup between him and deandre ayton, look the young stud locked them up on the defensive end, holding them 10 for 23 from the field with only 22 points, while, on the other hand, deandre ayton gave him that work 20 and 10 9 for 13 from the Field he’s going to have to dominate this matchup he’s, going to have to be the best player on the floor tonight in order for his devil nuggets team to pull out a victory yeah if ayden yokic is a push there’s no way the nuggets are going to Win this series all right: the other game tonight: nets bucks with brooklyn up 2 0. In that series, uh perk and i have had what would you say, a lively discussion on this subject over the last couple weeks.

Take a look here’s, a brief history of this kendrick. We have been jousting back and forth on who wins this next buck series look i’m gon na give you one more chance to come board. Brooklyn right now looks like their title to lose. If those guys stay healthy, they really look good. How long that dave! I know you watch milwaukee last night i’m, not gon na waste, any breath trying to convince you. You, like the bucks. I know that when i look at this milwaukee bucks team it’s nothing that they’re lacking you’re, not budging i’m, not budging you, my god, but we ain’t gon na jump the gun on them Music. Can we jump the gun? Now? Is it? Is it not? Is now the time to jump the gun and you can listen i’m gon na be the bigger man here perk all you need to do is recant your prediction and swing over to the nets and we’ll just go on about our lives. How about that yeah? And you know what we we can’t go on about our lives because i’m admit that i was wrong. I’M, not gon na blame the bucks i’m, not gon na blame giannis i’m gon na blame myself for letting everybody in the world trick me and fool me and make me believe that giannis was just this top notch guy. This top notch defender this mvp candidate and right now you know what he’s doing what he’s getting what’s happening with giannis is kd is cooking him and i’m talking about dear sausage and dear stew, right now, so look i’m not going to sit up here and say That you was wrong.

I was wrong for letting the outside world influence me and selling me on this milwaukee bucks team. My apologies dave no that’s a that’s, a beautiful resolution to this whole conflict. I’D. Love to hear that from you per much appreciated, and now we move on you. Do i check on get up with words. I’Ve never spoken before. I think jalen’s gon na get this one right, sneaky hembo of the eight remaining playoff teams, jay, which one has won. The nba championship, most recently, i love you himble and you guys are killing it on the radio in the afternoon, we’re gon na get an unlikely champion this year. Six of the teams have never won the championship. The two that have one did it when they had kareem abdul jabbar and that’s the bucks in the 70s, and the answer to this question is early 80s, philadelphia, fo, fo, fo, dr j and moses malone. That is correct. I had it right that jalen had it right the sixers and he is right. There are very few championships in the history of these teams that are in it speaking of trying to win a championship. The nets never have. But if this thing continues like this, you might as well give it to him now last night game, two, oh look at kd working on giannis crossing him up. He continues to make plays so does kyrie irving we’re still in the first quarter. The nets are up by 10.

. The nets would shoot 52 from the floor for this game. They had a 17 point lead after one, oh speaking, of high percentage shots, blake griffin, oh right, in the face of the honest everything going in that’s way, they lead by 21 a minute to play in the second quarter. The lead is 22. it’s durant. The nets made 21 threes in this game. Kd was four of six nets by 24 at halftime. Third quarter more the same to range: oh, look at this little nifty move. He had 32 and didn’t play the fourth quarter. Fourth quarter now: nets in cruise control, kyrie irving, would score 22 only because he didn’t need to score more. The nets win it by ‘ in a game, and i mean this that wasn’t as close as the final score, would indicate that’s right and they won by ‘, so jalen, i have so many questions. I kind of want to begin with the honest, like this was supposed to be the bucks year. Kendrick perkins was telling me last week the bucks are going to win this series and they’ve been humiliated. What happened? I picked the books also to win this series, and i was someone that wanted to believe that giannis, the back to back reigning mvp, who also won defensive player of the year with the addition of drew holiday and middleton playing like an all star like this team, Was going to be poised to go further this year than they’ve done in the past, and you touched on it greeny, it starts with giannis.

It starts with him struggling to shoot outside of the paint he’s six for 35 in these playoffs outside of the paint six for 35. he’s 23, a 43 from the free throw line. The game is so very tough when you can’t make shots, especially your best player and while we’re highlighting giannis offensively. Let me tell you what happens when the rabbit get the gun. If you notice, it seems like kd had 50 yesterday and it seems like kyrie had 40.. You know why, because their buckets were loud, they were thunderous like that. Blake griffin, dunk – and you know who’s in these – highlights that’s giannis right there getting crossed up at n1 by k.d that’s giannis. That kyrie is coming across half court, pulling up from three that was giannis, that blake griffin dunked on and that was k.d who driving past giannis, who did the up and under so it’s, really hard to win and be confident when your best player is getting torched By the other team – but i must say this for the bucks they ain’t just losing they getting beat and without james harden is deflating, because when you lose game, one it’s one thing it’s like all right fellas we gon na respond in game two ain’t, no way They bout to beat us without james harden, especially in game two, and now they lost game. Two no way the bucks are winning four out of five. The nets are gon na find a way to advance okay.

I’M with you, i think everyone on planet earth is with you, but if you’re mike budenholzer and you’re, you got ta, you have to go into this thing. Trying so give me an adjustment. What are you doing? What is the one thing on the floor? Milwaukee has to do in game three to at least make a show of it. Giannis has to make jump shots greeny, like the one thing about the game, is he’s going to be dominant in the paint on his drives on his layups on his dunks. But when they’re leaving you wide open, you practice these shots. You have to make these shots from three from mid range and from the free throw line, because guess who are two of the best shot makers in the history of the nba kevin durant and kyrie irving. So when you’re missing shots, they’re going down on the other end, greenie, boogieing, oh and and on, and then pulling up and making shots with various degrees of difficulty, but giannis at the free throw line is struggling, which also affects him mentally. It affects the rest of the team psychologically, and also i need to see more from chris middleton in particular, in the first quarter. He looked off balance he he he was struggling to get uh. He was struggling to attack the basket with ferocity like normally chris chris middleton is smooth and he he’s the opposite of loud. He he gets his buckets within the offense and i didn’t see that from him, so i’m disappointed in middleton and holiday and then giannis but again they’re not just losing they’re getting beat and that’s two different things all right.

So let me do one thing for those who don’t know i once played on a basketball team that jalen was the coach. It was a celebrity all star game. One year you coached against bill simmons, i was on your team and we won here’s. The question i’ve seen your halftime motivational speech give me the motive. What is one player, whoever the leader of the milwaukee bucks, is have to get up at practice in front of all of his teammates today and say well, that person actually got to be honest, and also he has his brother on the team and here’s what he Got to say, hey guys, we can’t change anything that happened in the first two games that’s on me, but you know what i’m about to do i’m about to go out there and be a dog i’m about to go out there and be dominant and i’m about To dunk on everybody in the state of new york in the city of brooklyn, i am not settling. I know, y’all see them backing up off of me and all of that i’m just going to drive. You know what, when i’m playing d i’m, locking in i’m slapping the floor i’m getting up in kd’s, face and here’s what you got to also do like what got lost in today’s game is there’s. No physical intimidation like these guys, you can’t just let them operate freely. You got to upset kd, you got to upset kyrie, you got to have them looking at the officials, you can’t just have them looking at the bucket, because when they doing that kd shooting 55 from the floor 50 from three over 90 from the line and averaging 35, you got to interrupt these guys.

You got to be physical with these guys and you got to play like this means everything i resign for a reason, i’m dedicated to you guys. I resign in the offseason because i’m dedicated to you guys and i’m going to show you all in game three, how dominant i’m about to be huge game for giannis they don’t get swept. They do win game three. Okay, there he is jaylen rose. Who got the trivia right today and is feeling good we’ll see jalen and jacoby later today? Thank you, jay always upset kyrie. You got to have them looking at the officials, you can’t just have them looking at the bucket, because when they doing that k.d shooting 55 from the floor 50 from three over 90 from the line and averaging 35, you got to interrupt these guys. You got to be physical with these guys and you got to play like this means everything i resign for a reason, i’m dedicated to you guys. I resign in the offseason because i’m dedicated to you guys and i’m going to show y’all in game three. How dominant i’m about to be huge game for giannis they don’t get swept. They do win game three. Okay, there he is jaylen rose. You got the trivia right today and is feeling good we’ll, see jalen and jacoby later today.

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