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2 0. In the series it’s over, i mean let’s let’s say that right now the the bucks do not have enough star power enough ammunition enough, whatever you want to call it to beat these nets kd james harden and kyrie irving is too much to overcome, and actually right Now it’s, just katie and kyrie irving, james horton, hasn’t even been playing and the nets are still blowing out. The bucks it’s a close game. One game: two, not really that close didn’t even need james harden similar to how the regular season went for the nets without kd when he was injured at different points. James harden was leading the squad and they were beating teams pretty easily there’s, just not much. The bucks can do in this series. They’Ll – probably win a game. I expect them to at least win one game if the bucks get swept that’s tough, that’s, a pretty bad reflection on the bucks team that was kind of rebuilt, this offseason bringing in drew holiday. They almost brought in bogdanovic, which i think would have really helped that trade kind of fell through but drew holiday was a huge addition to this team and giannis doesn’t really seem to be taking that next step. As a player, he’s won the mvp twice, but we know what he is as a physical force and as a rebounder, but he can’t shoot period point blank. I don’t really know how else to say it.

He cannot shoot the basketball that’s, the one part of his game that is missing and until he develops a more consistent jump shot either in the mid range or from three or both or even becoming a better free throw shooter. He is not going to be the best player in the world in my eyes if he cannot shoot the basketball that’s just what this league is it’s a shooter’s league and you don’t have to be steph curry, but you if you can be at least like a Lebron james type, shooter lebron’s, not the greatest shooter in the world. We we all know that he is not the best jump, shooter or three point shooter, but he’s serviceable. He can be left wide open and make teams pay. You know if they leave him out in the corner or on the wing giannis. I will take my chances 100 times out of 100, if he’s shooting a three wide open, i’ll take my chances if he makes it oh well. I am that confident that he cannot make a three pointer wide open in a game chances obviously game. Three, though, for the bucks it’s do or die time for giannis, i will, you know, give him a little bit of credit, because he is a fake. He is facing a super team right now, it’s just two out of the three katie and kyrie know james harden yet. But i don’t want to use that as an excuse for honest we’ve, scrutinized, lebron james, countless times over the years for not being able to beat super teams.

The the last i guess, homegrown and like original super team that we probably saw was the san antonio spurs with tony parker manu ginobili tim duncan. That was a homegrown organic big, three and lebron couldn’t beat them at no seven in the in the nba finals. Couldn’T beat the golden state warriors a handful of times before he did eventually beat them once couldn’t beat those teams, and we really hit lebron hard on that for a long time. So we cannot use that same. We cannot excuse giannis for it. If we’re going to be hard on lebron james and we think of giannis antetokounmpo as the the supposed next one to take the torch from lebron, we cannot use a super team as an excuse for giannis is losing we can’t. We we’ve got to treat him the same. If he truly is the best player in the world right now or will be once lebron eventually maybe starts, hitting a little decline or retires. If we think he’s the next guy we’ve got to treat him the same, i don’t think he is the next guy i’ve never really been of the belief that he is the next guy, the the next face of the league. I think once lebron is done and really you could make an argument for right now that steph curry is the face of the league, not the best player in the league i’m, not saying steph curry’s the best player in the league, but he would be the next Face of the league, the next best player in the league would be kevin.

Durant, steph, curry and kevin durant can shoot curry’s a little bit of a liability on defense, even though he plays hard on d kd very capable on defense. Giannis is a capable defender, he’s one player or defensive player of the year a couple times offensively, though all he is, is just a bull in a china shop. He can get into the paint and score pretty easily, but you can back off of him. You can let him shoot the mid range, you can, let him shoot the three and he is not going to make you pay for it game. Three, though, is it’s gon na, be all she wrote for milwaukee if they can’t get it done in in game three. If they don’t win game three, my guess is they won’t win game? Four. They have to get this next game. If they want to even have a chance. I still think it’s a five game series either way and yeah, but we cannot give giannis a free pass. Just because it’s the nets and they’re a super team can’t give him a pass. We never gave lebron james a pass.

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