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Anthony david aldridge is on our sidelines, so the net starting five, the front court spots filled by harrison durant, kyrie irving, is out there with ground and it’s griffin in at the five roaming, the paint and for the bucks, the talented front court pair is giannis and Middleton then it’s brook lopez, then it’s holiday and it’s forbes in at the two milwaukee with the ball after the miss three from kd, the kick out too out of the goombo, no good on the three or four missing their first four field goals irving passes to Katie irving sets the screen for durant down low and the slam by blake, griffin and so holiday will bring it up for the milwaukee bucks middleton right side. Good. The assist that time from holiday and that’s trail by five they’ve been struggling here on offense yeah, a bit of a dry spell for sure irving kicks to harris, and the three ball is good. You know really good to see harris playing with that kind of confidence, because you know these shots will only help him get better outside holiday to the wing right side. Forbes, the past giannis, the bucks working the ball around Applause on the wing holiday covered by irving plenty of daylight on that show passes it to harris brown outside here’s k.d back to brown. Applause going inside uses the glass to finish the layout. How about how he sets his man up? There runs him right into the screen and then gets the basket kicks to forbes Applause, a shot that time not on target some sour defense from brown Applause with the drive and it’s durant that time on the assist by brown well, that’s.

One way he can finish but far from the only way he gets it done. Applause takes a three it’s good from long range. Harris has got six points, pick works. Well there not much resistance from the d yeah that’s, not the defense, you need. You got to be tougher defensively, here’s middleton tries again and foul on the shot. He’Ll shoot two at the free throw line. Middleton hits them both in this quarter. No doubt about it. Nothing seems to be going for him. Brown finds griffin and there’s the pass to irving that drops and it comes off an assist from griffin chris middleton comes in for pat connegen and it’s teagan for brent forbes. Harris has checked in for brooklyn tyler johnson comes in for brown, now here’s durant and he slims it down right. On top of bobby portis. Tell you what, when durant is feeling it he puts on some swagger he’s gon na, let you know he’s got it going. Middleton on the wing, nice ball movement by milwaukee, Music gomez, kicks to portis cordes sets the pick for middleton that’s basket. Number two, with this third shot off to a fast two for three and sinking that one he ends a 14. Nothing run by the nets. Irving sends a screen for durant Applause, another three and we’re back for more exciting action from the eastern conference semifinals the pair of crush it’s lopez, then it’s holiday, then it’s chris middleton and it’s forbes in at the shooting guard position.

That’S, the five on the floor for the bucks and durant gets it to go. Keep the ball out of the paint at that end of the floor, guys they’re looking for a way to score here. Yeah they’ve had a tough time taking the lid off here’s holiday and that one comes up a bit short it’s, almost like he’s trying to make things hard on himself. You know he’s just got to slow the game down, try to get some easy ones irving drives in and harris wide open. He shoots yes and it’s irving. Picking up the assist irving’s got his third assist on the night holiday, the pass to tucker Applause, the bucks working the ball around a shot off that time. Some solid defense there from kd here’s irving five points in the game. Irving sets the screen for kd driving in oh in the champ by you know what the result is going to be when durant makes a move to the bucket like that, for him, the pastor, here’s, irving and middleton, with the block for the defensive hustle there by Middleton stretching out and getting his hand on that shot, excellent effort, and that was another look at the aggressive d that led to the one block and you’ve got to take your defense up a notch in the playoffs. He takes it up about three notches on that block deuce checked in for lopez, hatta takumbo comes in for p.j tucker and it’s teagan for true holiday.

A big group substitution here for brooklyn jordan, he’s checked in for griffin, nicholas claxton, comes in for harris. Landry schamitz checked in for brown and it’s tyler johnson in for irving, and durant puts up a deep free from beyond the ark and then some Music Applause he’s locked in on finishing no matter what the defense hits him here at league wide. I mean when he’s close to the rim he’s most likely going to flush it on outside durant on the wing johnson. This one for three, the rebound by middleton middleton’s, got five rebounds tonight. Applause here is forbes nasty middleton and count it hard to disrupt for shake middleton. When he’s in the zone, i mean doesn’t matter, who’s, guarding the pain and scoring right at the rim that length of stride of his and his speed. Lethal combination t kicks to middleton and he’s fouled pretty hard on that shot, but he’s got the chance to pick up the points at the line. All right, we’ll look at how the points have been generated so far scoring breakdown for the net they’re. Winning i mean they could use more from him trying to shut the door on this. One Applause right side, team out of the kumbho kicks to holiday, down to five on the shot clock for a three middleton good for another field, goal number five in the night: five for ten shooting. Well, when you got the jump shot that chris middleton has you’re always a weapon, which means you helped create spacing for your teammate that’s irving Applause looking to end its cold spell and it’s sent back by lopez giannis outside back to holiday in the corner, middleton with It outside holiday and another three for milwaukee a bit under three and a half minutes have passed here in the fourth here’s middleton uses both hands to silent down.

Well, it starts with defense. They got some stops, scored some buckets after that and now we’ve got ourselves a ball game nasty katie. They need this one, yes and it’s irving. Picking up the assist, seven rebounds in the game t kicks to lopez, nice ball movement by milwaukee and it’s anadakumbo penetrated and all of a sudden. That great run makes this a ball game again and now is no time to take your foot off the gas. They have got to stay aggressive. I think they will. I mean they’re close enough to taste it so they’re, going to keep that pressure on and keep coming at him. The pass to katie Applause tradition out to irving into the lane. Applause for the added work in the weight room for giannis coming into play. There i mean you got to send an army to try to stop this guy middleton against kd on deep and again no good by brooklyn lots of guns, seven of nines on the field down the stretch here in the fourth quarter: terrific shooting lopez’s screen on griffin, It’S giannis, with the drive, oh and out of the corner, hammers it in and onto the goomba it’s, just a blur. I mean i don’t know how a seven foot guy with that wingspan and all legs and arms can be a blur. But man he’s like this much with his percentage in the sky. High range they’ve had no choice but to make him their number one option on every trip and on our sideline our reporter david aldridge.

Well, i was able to listen in on what the nets head coach was going over with his team and he’s excited about their chances. He said this is what we’ve worked for. This is where we want to be now it’s up to us to take it. That means big, plays and big shots see if they can rise to the big moment. Thank you, david Applause, there’s 57 seconds left in the game harris. This is the giraffe from the arc and no good that john ganes, with some nice deep steps back middleton with it and griffin picks him up defensively got it. Oh you just love, seeing a player with absolutely no fear. Yes, 27 seconds left to play here in the fourth Applause kd passes to irving fires for three buries it from outside irving’s got him falling right now, that’s for sure timeout called the bucks they’re down by two now here is holiday, pass to once jukumbo over durant. Oh wow, a huge basket to tie the game. Well, i like how anthony takes his time on these shots? No rush measures. What he wants that mid range game, j of his really starting to get better courtesy of gatorade, all fueled up and ready to go. Let’S reset the lineup for us now in overtime, setting the floor for the bucks in the forward spots, it’s, middleton and giannis, and it’s durant with the ball he’ll, bring it up for the next Applause, some solid defense from honor to combo the bucks train, it’s good Donos has got 23 Applause, Applause and it’s off the back rim.

No good for milwaukee they’ve gone one of four from the field in the overtime period so far, and the whistle blows as the best accounts in a three point play chance right here and when the greek freak takes flight, i mean he’s looking to tear that rim. Apart so ferocious in his throwdown, and now they decide to foul Applause intentionally and he does get the second one and that puts them up by five timeout called the nets. They’Re trailing by five 26 seconds left in overtime Applause. He drops the first one and that increases their lead to six. It definitely has the respect of the locker room holiday is someone that players enjoy playing with, and so both free throws are good and it’s. A seven point game perfectly done at the strike there. That brings their lead up to an even more comfortable level and it’s still a rare sight to see rebound numbers like the ones he’s had tonight boy he has put in some major work, he’s earning his pay for sure, and so the bucks take the win. Things were looking bleak for him, obviously coming into this game, but with tonight’s wing greg, they’re right back in it and that’s the fight this team. Has they don’t care? What the odds are, they are going to keep battling and suddenly we got a series on our hands. We sure do and now we’ll go to david aldridge who’s standing by with our player of the game.

Take it away david kevin thanks, giannis congrats on the win. You had it going and talk about that mentality. I was just trying to be in attack mode. You know my teammate did a great job. You know helping me just being aggressive throughout the game. I think we did a great job. You know moving the ball basically and just guarding hard, and it showed in the second half man thanks congrats, on the win back to you. Kevin you’ve enjoyed our coverage during the second round of the nba eastern conference, playoffs for clark, kellogg, greg, anthony and david alter.

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