Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA, Eastern Conference 3 – 1st Qtr | Durant & Giannis Highlights – NBA Playoff 2021

Duran is second in the nba playoffs in blocks per game. Behind rudy gobert he’s played some good defense. Jeff, yes, he has, and that was an excellent block, but middleton got deep into the paint. He’S got to spray that ball out on the perimeter and out of the back court violation and a turnover Applause, Music, irving, guarding drew holiday Music. You see early on they’re trying to get middleton involved offensively middleton. His first shot is good and that’s kind of good for chris middleton that’s. What you talked about coach you put pressure on him. Take advantage on the offensive end. Kyrie irving drives can’t connect. Well, so far, the bucks have done something they didn’t do in game. Two. They have a lead antenna, the scoop, won’t go and it’s good shot, though attack the rim, joe harris fakes, drives can’t finish the follow from where brown will go, and here comes that pedo group bone drives hard and throws it down that’s a pretty good statement. To start and a quick four, nothing lead joe harris kicks it out. Durant brown is wide open. He can’t hit and throughout these playoffs start over four and to the cupola for three bj tucker tries to deflect it out of bounds last touch by tuck. Now this certainly isn’t a must win situation, it’s, not an elimination game, but the bucks know you go down 03 in an nba playoff series. The teams are oh and 142 after that scenario, as durant tries to throw it all stepped out of bounds, holiday ball and a block inside and durant will bring it up.

Duran has been just sensational so far in these playoffs stops pops in and out two and a half minutes gone by still no points for brooklyn measures up the floaters up and good and it’s a quick seven, nothing lead for milwaukee you’re, the bucks you like the Way this game is started and giannis eating that space up when we talked about in the open, taking advantage of his matchup well, the first quarter of game two as kyrie irving misses zapina guppo who’s, the leading rebounder in the playoffs grabs that one already with three Boards Applause gets inside, has it knocked away, gets it back lost it a second time the scramble and durant picks it up that a group will thought he was fouled Applause. Music, blake griffin is shot well from three misses that one they’re over eight Music drew holiday. Kicks it back out, lopez tucker finds it to the koopa once again, the slam, the holiday kyrie irving, match up of this end so fun to watch holiday, one of the best perimeter defenders in the league and irving, as gifted as they come offensively durant inside brown And finally points it took them nearly four minutes, as bruce brown gets the first bucket for brooklyn, but again good defense, not a buck. Anybody not named kyrie or kd. You live with them taking shots. He has really struggled from three point range in this series. Actually, in the playoffs he’s now three for 25 total joe harris who has not struggled from three misses that one Applause, Music Applause middleton trying to find some room on the elbow chris middleton two for three.

The next switch a lot of actions, but they don’t switch on giannis pick and roll, which gives middleton the mid range, pull up, durant on the pull up, play and it’s that’s scary, because we know the level that he has the ability to play at he’s been Spectacular and griffin wraps his arms around uh, his second free, throw in air ball. He had a 10 second violation called on him earlier in the playoffs deserving holiday draped all over and makes it a tough shot. Applause irving bumps at ferragupo who goes the other way.

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