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You know one of the best he’s gon na score. The ball nobody’s gon na stop that um Applause he’s got ta. Keep fighting keep trying to get through screens, keep trying to uh. You know get into him. Make him take tough tools, keep my throughput online, stick to our principles, keep doing things we’re doing, but better i’ve known kevin for a long time. What he’s doing now is something i’ve been seeing for a lot of years going against him uh when we’re teammates uh from our rookie year, um i’ve been watching him um, you know making a defense, you know, look silly and he’s been doing that for a while And you know that’s that’s, just the gifted the gifts that he’s been given and uh. You know he he’s a hard worker. I can play perfect defense and he’ll still score good. You know. Good offense beats good defense any day of the week. It just is what it is, but it’s over a course of 40 minutes being able to go down to win the game that’s, what it’s about damn what’s that what they spent the whole time praising this dude, not talking about the okay, okay, mckinney, you thought the Same thing too, didn’t you uh yeah, so you would have liked to have heard some other things. Yo man, i ain’t praising no other dude i’m playing against him: hey he’s, a great he’s, a great player. Thank you. We got to play better yeah that tastes like chicken tastes.

Like your first time, i played against michael jordan, i’m saying he’s great but we’re here and then not only that we just got beat down by 49, not 50. that’s right and i ain’t like no i’m man. I wish we were on hbo right now. So what kind of a milwaukee? What kind of a milwaukee team we going to see tomorrow night at home? Hopefully we see an aggressive, milwaukee team. Hopefully we see a milwaukee team that’s, not settling. Hopefully, we see a milwaukee team that has a lot of fight, pat riley’s, always saying you show people respect by showing them none. I don’t care who i’m playing against akeem was way better than me. He ain’t gon na know that he’s not gon na know that i’m gon na try to block his shot i’m, not gon na block it but i’m, not gon na get in the paper and say: oh, he has the best fade away in the game. Hey. I know he’s a great player but i’ve seen a lot of great players go down. I want to see johnny, say yo man, i’m, the two time defending nba champ uh. You know the vp mvp i ain’t going down like this. You guys get on my back and go ahead and i know on the other stations they’re having a little bit, but i know janus heard when somebody said don’t ever compare me to him. Yeah. If i hear somebody say say that about me, i’m going for his head going for his hair, i mean like some of it it’s we edited it.

So we i’m going to give it the benefit yeah that there may be on there on the floor. There might be all kinds of stuff about milwaukee talking, however, it was it is. It was very hey, kenneth, the stuff on the floor. We don’t see it in the movies, so it don’t matter. Congratulations. The adulation was a little extra. I was a good one chuck that was a little excessive, a little excited today. If it’s on the floor, it’s, not in the movie, we didn’t see it only because only the intensity of it was wasn’t. Because of what happened. You know you lost my. You were down 49., so you you would you you would think that there’s a chip that’s right like like, like you’re burned up like i just re, i i i’m, not knowing every time i i never would have played that shaq or or charles was in the Nba for sure, but i just remember we played denver, i mean uh utah in game. One and john stockton hits a game winner and whoever was on it was gums. We go back to hotel because that’s the only thing in in is we’re on and they go. John stockton, kenny smith, cannot guard john stockton. He could not play him. This is the reason why they’re going to lose that series. I i remember like that was yesterday and i swear i’m seriously and now it just infuriated me to the point where i couldn’t.

I could never say anything like that and i think the next game i think, had like seven or eight threes. I was like if i go to go down i’m going to go down and i’m and i was so infuriated listening to that all the time and people say you don’t listen to stuff on the line. Oh my god. It infuriated me. So you were at seven or eight threes, but you still can’t guard him yeah. Let me tell you a question to me. This game is all about unis he’s got to say, hey, you know what i am great too. I just wanted back to back mvps. I won defensive player of the year. I ain’t no slouch y’all, making a c like i’m. I would i would to me – and i say i don’t care – even if they lose, but you go down swinging ernie and he did not swing in game one. He did not swing in game two and not only this earner. This is the time where you make a name for yourself like they, okay we’re the underdogs. You got three great players. I’M coming for you all right. You know what that mean for my legacy. It means a lot the pressure’s not on me the pressure’s on the big three, but you know i didn’t play two games great yeah, but yeah yeah it’s it no it’s more pressure. They could stand a little. They could send a little more from chris middleton.

Also – and they could stand something from their bench they’re supposed to well so there ain’t, no pressure on the leader, hey this leader, got to lead the way yep that he does. He does the mvp got to lead the way for you joker. I spy with my little eye to fly. Oh, there was two of them. Oh, i see the second one it’s at the bottom yep there it is see. I told you, man come on man there’s the fly i told y’all. I don’t give a damn what y’all said. Somebody put some grease on those gizzards i’m gon na eat them.

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