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The same thing applies to these lebron, less nba playoffs, these lakerless nba playoffs. We can’t call it. We were talking earlier like how much fun it is. I mean it’s felt wide open for a while, because the lakers were somewhat compromised coming into the postseason, so it’s been it’s had a wide open field, especially when you consider all the injuries, but even more so now, not at the king uh. His reign is on paul, so one game into jazz clippers one game into suns nuggets two games into both the eastern conference. Semifinals it’s like who? Are you really feeling uh right now, who’s uh, you know who’s stock. Are you? Are you buying in these playoffs? Hey guys, it’s good to be here, i got ta do a little asterisk when i can’t call it, though smith, because my dad says man, i can’t dance man i’ll be like that that’s. So, like don’t say that i can’t dance. Okay, i never heard i never heard that one i’m like okay, sure anyway, um all right, so it was like what’s up it’s like what’s up man it’s like what’s up man, you’re like oh man, i can’t, oh man, i can’t dance man. I don’t know what’s up partner i’d, be like dad. Why dance interesting, you’re interested that’s, sometimes a little girl where’s dad from where is he from though where’s he from he’s from dc that’s a dc thing? Maybe that’s like a maybe that’s like a uh, maybe that’s like a go go thing i don’t know like maybe i don’t know it’s like my bad is pretty but it’s fine, it’s, fine, Laughter, um.

All right to your point, though, then i’ve been said, the east is the next to lose. I got the nets rolling there – i’m leaning in to the numbers in the west, though so far in this playoffs outside of the hawks beating the knicks for the most part, we’ve, gotten, sharp and so i’m rolling with the one in two seats out west. I think here’s i am at more trust in the upside of utah and the consistency of the rest of the band behind donovan mitchell. Then i am the track record of the clippers and the band may or may not show up behind kawhi so i’m in on utah, and i think it’s really hard to root against chris paul at this point. Um but again you can’t overstate how good deandre ayton has been in this playoffs, mikhail bridges coming on as of late. We know that devin booker was a terrific scorer cameron, payne, giving them very valuable minutes and monty williams. Who was everybody else’s either? If he wasn’t your coach of the year, he would have been sucking up, probably behind tips so i’m, taking the one and two seats out west that’s, where i am so wait a minute wait a minute. I just want to be so. You always had this position like did you think that the suns would beat the lakers and that wasn’t a surprise to you or no, once once we got injuries? I was in on the suns, but coming in i thought the lakers would figure it out.

I was of the camp that didn’t think lebron needed a ton of time to recreate the continuity but again deandre ayton kind of opened, my eyes to that. He gave drummond and a d all the work they wanted um and here they are and also just want to point out now. You said this is brooklyn’s. Toulouse. Look. I obviously don’t want to hear that i’m uh anti brooklyn hating on them uh, since they were formed uh and just coming up with new new avenues of hatred. You know it says a lot about me and what i’m about, but you said, you’re going with the chalk. Yet philadelphia has pretty much gone wire to wire all season. Are we dismissing philadelphia and just saying brooklyn’s got nothing for like they got nothing for brooklyn what’s up, i said i was going to chalk out west we’re just declaring coming back, bring it back here, bring it back to the neighborhood um right. I still like brooklyn. I still like brooklyn, i think now, don’t get me wrong. Joel embiid is playing fantastic basketball. I honestly forgot about the partially whatever that means torn meniscus, that he’s playing on he looks too don’t, look like it yeah and the way that those guys started game. Two tobias harris um, danny green, still struggling a little bit from three but tobias harris in particular ben simmons, still hasn’t necessarily been unlocked offensively, but i think he’s doing a great job on the defensive side of the ball um.

I just i don’t know that the sixers are gon na, be able to counter the way. Katie and kyrie are shooting the ball, especially if james hart can get back out on the floor the edge they have there. A hundred percent, though i would give them the advantage coaching and that probably comes to comes down to how the nets can figure out how to defend and be, but then that’s to me holly. I know you don’t want to hear this today. I don’t know who’s stopping up okay, yeah, you know i’m heard for and by people i mean michael holly about people like me, michael holly, who just who are who are in denial, but i guess i will say this just to kind of stay in the moment. A little bit and not get too far ahead of ourselves respect the process. That is a series we’ve been talking about it. Like you know, we all love to draw conclusions after one game. Definitely two games when a team takes a 2 0 lead. Can milwaukee make this series as interesting as we thought it would be coming into the series or or what we saw in the first two games: okay, you’re shaking your head. No, i think, that’s gone smith, like i think, that’s gone. Can they make it interesting moving forward sure, but it has already not lived up to what we expected and i don’t think you can undo that any adjustment made going forward now we’re gon na look at it and say: oh well, you know kd and kyrie cooled Off or whatever right i don’t know, can they win four out of the next six? No, i don’t see that so it’s done for the next five next five yeah 45 yeah, like it’s, done yeah yeah four out of five yeah i mean i was looking for.

I was looking for a reason to to stay interested to stay engaged as a like consumer of this. Whatever i am interested to see what adjustments are made, because the most disconcerting part to me is not that y’all are missing shots, they have looked like they’ve. Had no confidence, they look like they don’t have a plan on either side of the basketball like y’all were just gon na run up against the next, and it was gon na be the same outcome. We saw in the last two regular season. Games like what are y’all doing, i mean so that part is extremely bothersome. We literally were just praising drew holiday endlessly for how he put everybody into their natural position, and this team looks so streamlined, and this postseason’s about to be different and y’all showed up. Looking like boo boo, the fool, what y’all doing yeah, i mean here’s the thing – and i was saying i don’t think it’s adjustments like i. I think both of you would look at this uh series differently. If uh let’s let’s call it the uh i’ll call it the joe harris effect so there’s, a big three uh in brooklyn everybody’s talking about the big three and then joe harris will give you 25 and like oh wow, i don’t see that coming. So if, if milwaukee, doesn’t necessarily adjust but say robin lopez gives you 30 points or you know 25 points and everybody else plays at their just, maybe even normal level or even below, and it becomes 2 1.

Now you look at the series and say: okay, we have something different see. What will concern me? I i there’s no doubt that brook that milwaukee will win a game, but what will concern me is if they win a game on the strength of a 50 point night from giannis i’m, not feeling good about that, because the celtics did that in the previous round Game three jayson tatum scored 50.. I said that ain’t sustainable, oh that’s. What you need to do to win? Okay, you’re, not gon. Na win another game. I need to see milwaukee come out and have somebody else outside of the obvious. Have a good game, then i’ll know it’s a real series and it and you know what yeah monica, if, if, if brooklyn, if brooklyn wins tomorrow, i i i’ll, let it go i’ll, let it go: okay, i’ll! Let it go like seriously the thing about it is the the thing about it is it’s like i i don’t know what i was saying. I don’t know if it’s a if it’s an adjustment to be made for k.d and and kyrie in the way they’re playing. Not just them a couple of things i think people have overlooked is how competent the next nets – defense, not elite, not dominant, but competent. The nets defense can be and the depth that not only they always had, but that they developed through adversity, like we focused so much on the fact that the nets did not have their big three together, but in the process they were learning how to play without Them without one of them, two of them or any one of them at a time so they’re used to this.

This wasn’t, it wasn’t an adjustment for them to have to make to not have james harden like okay, we’re back to playing with just two superstars but here’s the thing for me uh, going back to what you were saying about about milwaukee moniker it looking like boo Boo, the food because it’s always like well, you know there’s one team blowing it or is the other team just that good it’s, always a combination of both. I really believe that what we’re seeing from milwaukee is really not milwaukee’s fault and it’s unfortunate they’re gon na be held accountable for it. Whenever this series ends, whether it’s in four or five or even six games, they’re gon na be held accountable for it, mike boonhole’s gon na be held accountable for it. They’Re gon na have to do some introspection, but tell me if i, if you with me that i believe this is just what the nets do to people. This is what the nets the nets make you play out of character. The nets make you try to match their individual brilliance and you get away from what got you there and you got giannis coming in coming up trying to take pull up threes like he’s kd like yeah, the the bucks are doing some things that they shouldn’t be Doing don’t get me wrong, but i really think this is more about just how good the nets actually are top to bottom percentage. I’M gon na give you um i’m gon na give you 60 40 on that, because i think that’s an astute point.

Okay. I’M with you in that the issues about the next don’t play defense, overblown if the score is 202 to 200. You got to score 204 if you didn’t the next win, so i agree with you and not being overblown. I can remember back in april, or it might have been march, they hit a skid, they played, i think the pacers, it might have been like a three game run there, but i remember saying this second unit is giving them a defensive backbone, and to that point, Though smith jeff green is absent and he’s been a huge part of what they’re able to do defensively in terms of his versatility on both sides of the board stand up, you know how we do um. So yes to those those are great points and – and the defense argument to me was just so lazy now. My only push back on your point about this is what the nets do to people. This is not pop one or aau. The bucks know that, and to be elite, basketball players drew holiday, pj tucker, bobby porter’s, chris middleton. You know that the worst thing that i can do when i’m playing an opponent that is more talented than me is try to play their game come on now. You guys are nba all star athletes, you know better, so you mean to tell me you know you can’t necessarily defend this group in a half court, you’re not going to swing the ball two three times to make them play a little bit of defense to wear Them out in terms of the big picture of their stamina and the whole bit you’re, really gon na come down, take two dribbles and shoot the ball consistently, and so for me, the next didn’t make you an idiot overnight, like you guys had the best one of The best wreckers in the league, where one of the top scoring units in the league, the series between these two teams has boasted like 230 points or more over the course of the regular season, it’s, not that brand new.

Now, what i’m hearing or seeing real its head again is that y’all don’t know how to act when it comes crunch time in the playoffs again, which is disappointing, yeah yeah. Let me let me uh yeah something else. I feel you there’s a lot of. They put a lot of pressure on you man when, when, when they’re clowning on you like 49 points, you can no listen, i am not making it. I am not making excuses for the bucks, because they’re they’re they’re there’s a self fulfilling fulfilling prophecy going on. But when seven coming down – and he clowning on you when 11 is dancing on you, okay, he can dance when they’re doing their thing and then blake griffin is is jumping back in the way back machine. They don’t have james harden, but they got mike james, joe harris would when it. I think i think it puts you’re right. They should know better than to fall in the trap of trying to match them. Uh. You know and play their game, but i do think that that’s tend to put that kind of pressure on you when things are rolling they’re panicking that’s, they look at them, they’re, panicking, they’re panicking because that’s how they’re built. Let me let me switch gears on you. Uh, monica and michael and and talk about you know, we’re on brooklyn and – and this is coaching opening season, the pacers just fired their coach uh, the the trailblazers fired their coach, the celtics switch coaches and a big surprise and coach head coach goes to the front Office so a lot of people uh have come up as candidates, including mike d’antoni, for an assistant for the brooklyn nets.

Chauncey billups’s name has come up and once again, i want to ask you about this, because i wonder how we can get past this nice little pleasantry feels like a pat on the head, but we need to get beyond the pat on the head. Lawson’S name came up as a head coaching candidate, becky hammond, her name came up again, she’s been an assistant now for eight years with the spurs and how do we get by? I just want your opinion on this. How do we get by oh yeah? The time has come, four dot dot dot. She is capable of dot dot dot. She would be great dot dot, but still nobody has said all right. Let’S. Do it let’s name a head coach who happens to be female in the nba? How do we get past that so when terry stotts, the announcement came down, who recommended jason, kidd or said that’s the guy? He wanted that’s right, okay, yeah dang, all right, so it needs to be a player. Then huh that’s, where i’m at and and i think in due time it will happen. Um but – and i i don’t mean this in a negative way, but the folks that are still calling the shots, whether they fully grasp it or not come from a different school of thought. Right and pop could. The only way – maybe it happens in san antonio is if pop decides he retires in the middle of the season and she’s next up, but we’ve seen sometimes in his absence.

Tim duncan got tapped instead of becky that’s, neither here nor there, but in a league that is driven by its players. I think it’s going to require one of these top guys saying that’s, who i want yeah yep simple. As that yo you are so clutch. You are so clutch monica. We appreciate you falling through and getting buckets on our show and uh and tell pops who said what’s up just so he can say i can dance all right. Thanks for having me y’all. Thank you. Monica no dog appearance, this time where where’s the puppy, they’re, asleep they’re, they’re sleeping, oh wait. You always got more than one well. My sister drops hers off and that’s. Usually why the other one starts barking, but they’ve been here a little bit they’re, both laying down it’s, actually kind of cute. Oh that’s, nice, all right, what’s up! Thank you! We’Ll! Have you we’ll? Have you back on when the uh bucks make it to the conference? Final, oh wow, please i will eat all the crow if that happens, but i don’t see it. My guy appreciate you appreciate you: hey thanks for watching brother from another on youtube, make sure you hit subscribe before you leave and be sure to watch us 3 to 5 p.m.

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