Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, The NBA Finals, Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz ETRAYED but PREVAILED! (feat. Giannis Antetokounmpo)

Today was the day that his legacy was on the line. He knew that if he didn’t even get a game off the brooklyn net, it would be almost over without them. Having james harden, it started star giannis versus kevin durant, chris middleton, against kyrie irving, no matter if you have chris middleton as a superstar or all star whatever you have him, as you have to put some respect on his name and today he was able to get The job done for the milwaukee bucks now before i get started this video you guys, we have to get the youtube stuff out of the way. The goal for the channel is 6 000 subs before july, and in order for me to reach that goal, you guys have to give me that hbo special, if you don’t, know what that is. That’S, the helper brother out special so help a brother out and smash that subscribe button. I don’t want to waste any more time you guys so dc let’s get it Music. Now you guys, like i said before the milwaukee bucks were able to escape a betrayal for one of their players. I was watching the game and i was like wow it’s 9 to 30., and next thing you know is 26 to 32.. You see brooke lopez, this man on the defensive side of the ball against bruce brown was giving up mad buckets. Brook lopez is listed at seven feet. Bruce brown is listed at six four come on man.

That was something that was the game. Changer that’s. What made this game closer than what it should have been? They were really on the pace. To win this game by about 50 points and brooke lopez just dropped the ball. He would have been the reason why they lost now. The milwaukee bucks ended up winning 86 83 and giannis had 33 points, 14 boards shot 14 and 31 from the field, and one for eight from downtown that’s the atrocious from three point line, but chris middleton he ended up saving them 35 points. 15 boards shot 12 of 25 from the field. Three of six, from the three point line and eight of nine from the free throw line. He really kept them in this game and you honest, i’m, not saying that giannis had a bad game. He was the reason why they won two i’m, just saying chris middleton those shop shots near the end of the game. Rarely save the milwaukee bucks. Now whenever it comes to the brooklyn nets, kevin durant, he had 30 points. 11 boards shot 11 of 28 from the field was the best player for the brooklyn nets and, of course i need to give mad props to the milwaukee bucks organization and pj tucker, because pj tucker, he really made it hard for kevin durant that’s. The most i’ve seen kevin durant work hard for in a long amount of time for next game. I don’t know if they’re gon na start brooke lopez or what i really think they should give bobby portis more minutes, not saying he’s better than brooke lopez.

I’M. Just saying he’s, an energy guy, he didn’t have these guys on their toes. He has a mid range jump, shot and he’s, pretty confident on the court. Just watching brook lopez get destroyed by bruce brown had me concerned. He didn’t even put his hands up like he was letting a 6 4 guy score on him. That’S completely unacceptable. The guy was only taking he wasn’t, even taking him off the dribble. He was just catching it from the free throw line, maybe maybe taking the dribbler too, but he just floated the ball. He was nowhere around him on the pick and roll, and i don’t know it was just really bad you guys. In order for her to win this next game, giannis needs to attack the realm way more than what he does and chris middleton. He needs to keep doing his thing and true holiday. He really needs to step up a lot of milwaukee bucks fans and even in the organization think that drew holiday is better than chris middleton. So if he can just put up 20 points, the milwaukee bucks will advance to the next round, so we’ll see how it goes before i head out, you guys make sure you follow me on instagram. You know i’m doing a giveaway and also i have two questions. One, do you think the milwaukee bucks will win the series and two do you think they should bench brook lopez? I appreciate all you guys, love and support this.

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