Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, The NBA Finals, Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz "Most Unexpected" MOMENTS

Oh no, he makes another one. Now you have all these guys in and no timeouts the fifth best record in the nba and a ton of injuries during the regular season. Leonard gets the steal three on one slams: it down misses the three james stolen by payne. James gets it back caruso up to james for the slam. What a wild play off the backboard james has it in his tank. Russo doesn’t make this play a couple of weeks ago, but he trusts that lebron james has. They have started five of 12. booker carving his way deceptive move to get three and he puts it off the glass on a lean in a time. Capella there for help and cutting to the basket rose. Oh denied by capella hawks in transition here goes. Young randall is there oh, what a finish by trey young, again tutored and mentored turner bringing that smoke together for the most part. Now it goes, and oh, my goodness, what a basket jamal murray, how to get that one to go as lebron quickly died. They’Re not coming to help by capella rodriguez with his mind, made up capella says not on my watch big time. We have gone up and down without either team. Ohio Applause buries a triple at the buzzer justin, absolutely shot by man. A little double pup clutch right. There and gets it to roll in luca for three going two for one and knocks it down, and the mavericks will have the highest percentage of field goals in the restricted area.

Oh robert covington, a reverse slam to bring the motive center faithful to their feet, and the nuggets need a timeout to get game 3 rolling here. Applause, his rhythm here in this third quarter here comes booker. Three around him finds a knocked away by caruso, who is all over the joint he he continues to have some strong performances. You talk about. Deandre hunter has not played in this series: great ball movement and fittest, blake griffin, once again with the left hand, but just for the threes after he missed those first two got his rhythm by getting to the rim and then had the presence to finish up over The top on bogey rj barrett, just eviscerated the wreck and if you notice, there’s room now to manipulate inside the mid range taking it home, wow dad likes that one. Oh, that was sweet. You could see him wind up, pj dosh murray inside incredible. Well, they just can’t contain him out top they’re trying to trap him successful formula for the nuggets having milsap post up, shot clock down to two up and over the backboard okay wow. What a way to get the scoring started for the nothing who’s going to get the shot here, gets it in middleton for the tie. Oh, my goodness, chris middleton ties it with a long range three, and now they will and it’s, because the lakers can’t have that much spacing. You know why they don’t have many three point: shooters like that, like that damien lillard, locked away by james another turnover by phoenix and pesky defense.

Here they go. Prawn crew bars it in good feed from a.d in a time ball, guarded by kuzma, tough shot by paul wow with a bad shoulder and all he slung it in that’s, not the usual shooting embiid played by nedo just stands almost off the court and it’s simmons With the slam lopez, oh, it is slammed back by westbrook, only a second bucket at seven tries and, of course they love that here in wells, fargo center didn’t allow for morris to grab it cleanly, my goodness goodness, and that was a shot. You know we used to have to run into those like from hot, in a hurry. Crossover mitchell into a reason, went up high and when you get that hot you’ve got to come in, oh my goodness, all right. Thank you, david with the Applause Music and the rebound throws it ahead. Murray murray down the court jet black, oh mccullum, with a block craig, throws it up. That’S, no good wow off his head, maybe lob it up. Oh lebron, james, a major rack attack three seconds. Reddit gets a long two and sevens Applause. Nasty is emphatic on a 21 7 run. They go into miranda. Oh, my goodness beautiful play by john moran to an airborne off that baseline, give him 38 points field overall and 45 from the three point line. Oh with the hammer right down the pike, is there a trampoline on that end of the floor? Jokish, though, calmly, strokes in another triple so put in a three, and that is the third three by the lakers tonight, driving and it’s torrey, craig flying off that baseline and paul spoon, feeding Applause and rose with a long hand top and slams it down.

Obi topping finishing off that kemba walker, three pointer, oh and the follow tristan thompson. Does it again he pokes it away. James up and under throws Applause working against butler got downhill, couldn’t punch, it bam, says get it out of here. Applause got the start tonight. Oh two handed jam on bobon what you want to do: it’s, nothing better, andrew shamit, listen to this Applause for the last two minutes and 15 seconds of this game, wow chris paul butter, chris paul did he just blow a kiss up the camera. He did sterling Applause, Music Applause, the extension the length and how about at the end of it, the concentration series he’s only shooting 25 but i’m glad that he hit that you’ve got to get the score here: 360 by john morant dallas mavs six of ten here To open up doncic from the wing to the lady to the rim and a flush? Well, if you’re gon na double team doncic with your big, quick, double team of kawhi leonard when they saw the doncic had him by himself, oh and paul george flushes it in counted and a foul Music Applause. Anthony look at this going up high go bear erases. The shot inside what a defensive play, kneeing three on the fly, saved and anderson’s, got it he’ll gallop outside a little.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, The NBA Finals, Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz 2021 NBA Playoffs | Brother From Another