June Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Highlights | Lightning vs. Avalanche – June 15, 2022

John cooper starts his checking line craig both wins by colorado, one in the shootout heres mccarran Applause, Music Applause and out of play as they amp it up in game. One last year against montreal heres pulling byron over the line for granted scores Music. This one could drive up the middle by bowling, byron and then through his screen, you could see vasilevskiy he didnt move at all. He felt it under his elbow the quick little release through the screen of chernak and then right on the car step, as its rolling in landis dog gets inside position there on hagel. He reads the play: vasilevskiy cant respond and this place ocean hands it off. The lead pass goes up the skeet to grandmas clock and stays in the constant pressure. Turning pucks over and aaron pass gets back. The other way the battle down low one here, a turnover by hedman on that pass, because a great pinch on the blue line and another one past mazeletsky vasilevskiy has been razor tight in the last 11 games. Hes allowed one or less here the abs in under 10 minutes have too early on that one. A little deflection off the defender and vasilevskiy thinks its going plus side the two skin Applause byrom, with a shoulder check and moves it around to a connor chopped out to center ice now, oconnor trying to skid onto it theres braden point and its rolled in and Applause, he makes the play at the offensive line, but how about this bounce? It just sort of dies, and you can see johnson got caught flat.

Footed didnt react to its hull, does a heck of a job and thats a split second decision by darcy kemper. Instead of going out for that bouncing puck, he stayed in, he ends up backing himself up and how about paul one hand on his stick. The last second just reaches up in a good spot, shot locked does ryan mcdonough the leading shot blocker get in the way. The car again down low theyll wait on rebound bounces past bradman kicked alive just over a half minute left in the five on three, the kevin spilled by belmore, the king of one driver blocked by true neck lameness, god, ranted Applause, Music, lots of puck movement, three Shot blocks by the tampa bay lightning. Now you get a little bit fatigued and thats. Just a perfectly executed pass shot that ones not going anywhere near the goaltender and off to the side, who scored the goal to get the avalanche here to the stanley cup. Final gets the one to give them their two goal: lead back well executed, play basilevski at the last second reddit. Now, starting back the other way, andre pollock chips, it passed him heres to get to the nether Applause and again that leading shot walker starts it. The other way or pull out chris, causing with futuram what a move in front scores its a beauty set up by kucherov Applause. The play defensively is everything here by mcdonough off of the line the little chris crosston.

How about the ability of couture hes? Just so elusive and hes got no panic at all. Hes got Applause, calmness and palat, who continues to just play. Such a big role goes right to the net, stops up that little bit of a delay by palette and hell, try and turn it to the net and that was blocked by oconnor. Hagel gets it back at the line. Scores game Applause dealt with it in the first period of the abs, scored one two goals in a minute: 36. The follow up shift the very next one, another offensive zone and theres a shot through traffic. That kepler never really saw. Circa chef moves a little bit. Laterally and he just fired that one through off the post and in and you could tell that the tied turn you go back to john cooper after the penalty going back, ricardo cant find it mckinnon trying to help Applause, victor hitman and stamfoss in his usual face Off Applause running an enthusiasm of the avalanche for them over the top kevin mentioned mccur without a shot, five blocked, three of missed the net, eight shot attempts and remember, eats, got it itll, be picked up by the avalanche and set out to center the tried to Get it in deep, knocked down by hitman bouncing puck for circuit chef here comes buffer, stinky, coffee winner, Music Applause does a great job theres another bad clear by sergei, but watch the lateral movement the shooting lane is taken away so, instead of shooting it sells, it First, one second little bump across the stick, a little late by headman and no chance at all for vasilevskiy.

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