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We are gon na be talking about the first two days of the tournament so far and discussing all four of the matches that have taken place. But of course guys, i do have to say – and i do have to stress that the most important thing, no matter what happens on the field, no matter what the games that we are about to talk about the priority here. It has been the health of christian eriksen who collapsed during his game against finland on saturday, thankfully he’s doing okay, he is stable right now, but that was a moment that i know shook us all and his recovery is our 100 focus. Our thoughts go out to him and our prayers to him and his family and his teammates he’s gon na be just fine and although guys, the football very much like i say, is secondary right now. Today’S video is coming to you, courtesy of the one football app where you can stay right up to date. With euro 2020 there are games every single day and i’ve got ta, say the tournament right now it does have that summer feel about it. I think in particular, when italy kicked off the tournament. That was when you really felt as though it’s all got started and the one football out there. The perfect place to stay up to date with plenty of big games to come in the coming days. But if we do indeed start the round up there in rome, because the tournament did kick off on friday evening, i’ve got to say that’s the best atmosphere that i’ve seen so far inside the stadium, rome there with the italian fans behind them, belting out the anthem.

You had the opening ceremony there as well and i’m, going to say they absolutely dominated turkey from start to finish. I was really really surprised because i know turkey had a lot of people out there thinking you know what they’re going to go into this tournament and they’re going to be the dark horses they’re, going to surprise a lot of people and, of course, they’re still good. But in this game they did not show anything at all: italy dominated the ball, they were creating chances and in the first star they didn’t quite take any. They didn’t quite break turkey down, but the problem was that turkey didn’t pose any threat at all going. The other way they didn’t really utilize yilmaz. They didn’t really get any balls in behind. They were constantly there camped inside their own half and italy. Their passing was really crisp. Sometimes, on the opening day of the tournament, you can see a team there who are a little bit lethargic, who can’t quite get themselves into the kind of rhythm that they want, but italy were absolutely sensational. I thought in that second half. Of course, it was an own goal that got them underway there, but immobility getting off the mark in the euros. He was very, very impressive and you feel like if he can get going in terms of goal scoring. They are gon na, be a real threat and, of course, insignia. He grabbed the third goal there and he was at the heart of everything good that italy were doing.

I think they are a very, very strong team. You look at the players they have at their disposal. The likes of kieza who’ve been brilliant at juventus this season he was simply brought off. The bench. They’Ve got a lot of strength in depth. There players, who can come off the bench think mancini has done a really really good job and he wore a fantastic suit. On that friday night, italy kicking off the tournament in style, three goals to nil against turkey, and already they are a team that you’ll want to watch. But if we do indeed move on to events on saturday starting there with wales against switzerland, and of course you may know that wales is indeed my nation. I was very, very keen to see how we were going to get on and i think going into this game. It was kind of known that switzerland, they were the big big favourites. I certainly expected their switzerland to dominate the ball, which they did. I think switzerland, there were actually very, very good. On the day. I was particularly impressed with brielin bolo. I thought he was a real threat right throughout the game. Of course, he scored switzerland’s only goal, but i think that was the problem they played really well. They had some good moments, they were threatening there from shaqiri set pieces. They were whipping the ball in the box, but they didn’t actually score as much as they should have.

They had a goal ruled out for offside, but they should have been more clinical in front of goal and even i can say in all honesty, they should have won this game. They should have put this game beyond doubt, but i think when you’re one year up in a major tournament, anything can still happen and you’ve got to give credit there to wales. They kept on fighting kiefer moore is a player that i really really like. He actually plays for my local team, cardiff city, so we’ve scored a goal at euro 2020 and it was a brilliantly worked set piece there. It came straight off the training ground. Really nice move little interchanging passing into the area. Fantastic glancing, header from kiefer moore wales had their equalizer and that’s a huge point for us. Switzerland will feel here, like they’ve dropped, two points, but for wales it is one big point earned and our game against turkey that’s gon na be make or break for who can get themselves out of this group, and especially in that game too, turkey are gon na, Be looking to bounce back from that italy defeat and they’re gon na want to show a completely different side to their game, but of course guys. We must indeed move on, and we must discuss denmark up against finland. That was the next game up on saturday, and certainly there in the opening exchanges of the game. Denmark were dominating the ball.

They were actually looking to create a lot of chances there in front, of course, our very own martin braithwaite, that i was hoping that he would do really well in a denmark show, and i have to say even despite the circumstances braithwaite did for me – have a Very very good game. He looked a threat there when running at finland, but of course, just before half time and honestly i’m. Finding it difficult here to describe this i’m not going to show you any photos whatsoever of exactly what we saw, because i thought it was actually quite disgusting to see the way that this was broadcast christian eric’s in there collapsing. He went down with nobody really around him suddenly as soon as there, his teammates realized what had happened. There was obviously a lot of panic. I do have to single out simon kier, the captain there of denmark, because he was the first one to get across there to actually help out ericsson. Whilst he was on the floor and he was also the man to console erickson’s partner as well on the field. Him and schmeichel were real. Real heroes throughout i’ve also got to praise the response there of the referee. He was very quick there to make sure the medical staff got on the field as quickly as they possibly could and, of course, the medical staff themselves. They were the ones there who were working on erickson. The scenes were honestly sickening.

I was watching that there numb it was absolutely horrible to see that happen, and i think we were all just thinking. Please please, please, please pull through. That is all we wanted. It didn’t really matter about the football doesn’t, even matter where you’re from all we wanted in that moment was to see christian erickson alive and well, and that was the news that we were all craving. So i am so so happy now to know that he’s been taken to hospital. They managed to bring him to a stable condition. He is speaking he’s there, of course, with his partner i’m sure his teammates are going to be visiting him as well very very soon, but i was also so so shocked about the fact. This game then continued about the fact that, on the same day, denmark, apparently and finland, both the players according to uefa, agreed to continue the game. I find that so so hard to believe and it’s incredible that they went back out there and they continued the game. They played over half a match and it was difficult. You know it was not going to be easy for any of the players out there, given what they went through and, of course, as well. This game was in copenhagen. You could feel it in the fans. It was such a strange atmosphere and, of course, football was secondary. Who cares what the result of this game was? The only priority, and the only thing that we wanted to know was that christian eriksen was okay and, like i say finland, of one big respect to them as well.

They scored there wasn’t too many celebrations and i also loved the moment they were in finland and denmark. They were both together in a huddle there. On the field, there was a real, real good spirit between the two teams. They were an example today, i’m, so so proud of what they did there to cover around erickson as well. They gathered around him when he was on the floor to make sure that what was happening couldn’t be filmed by the media. They did him really really proud and, like i say, doesn’t matter about the football we’re so happy that eriksen he’s gon na be all right and, of course, guys the final game of the day. I have to say in this one. Belgium were extremely comfortable. They really really were against russia. I think i personally expected here a bit more from russia. They were playing there in a home crowd in saint petersburg. I expected them actually not to go toe to toe with belgium, but at least they’re to put up a bit more of a fight but lukaku what a season he is having what a player this man is right now and i also love the way that he Took his chance brilliantly in front of goal, he didn’t expect them all to come to him. He looked to be in offside position, but the defender made sure that it got there from russia, so he wasn’t giving his offside lukaku scores.

He goes over to the camera and he says i love you christian, his teammates of course, at inter milan lukaku there sending out a message to erickson and then indeed they made it too. It was munier who actually came on as a sub the first player ever to score as a first half sub in the euros. They were tuning up at half time absolutely cruising, and then they basically just coasted their way through the second half there, wasn’t really too much urgency about they didn’t really want to go and add too many more goals. I think here they never really got out of. Second or third gear, and just before the end of the game, lukaku he’s got another one. He is probably right now my favorite to be the top goal scorer in this competition in front of goal and the way that belgium probably will go deep into this tournament. He is absolutely ruthless and also money there getting the assist for that goal, so lukaku and munich really putting in a great performance of belgium which sees them off to a perfect start in their group b, but it has been guys a difficult day. Yes, we are happy, of course the euros is going on. I was really really excited about the whole tournament and indeed making these kind of videos for you guys, but there’s, no denying the events that we saw today. The images that we saw unfold in front of our eyes they’ll stay with us and they honestly will.

It is very, very difficult to actually forget right now what we saw but, like i say like i, keep saying. The amazing thing is that ericsson, he is okay, he’s, stable he’s speaking, and we wish him all the very best. Let me know your thoughts guys in the comments down below it has been a tough day and i hope you’re all doing okay and doing well cherish every moment that’s. What i would say here cherish every single moment, because life is short. We have seen many many examples of that and we really do have to enjoy life to the fullest. I hope you’re enjoying the football, and i also hope that you’re enjoying the videos – i will see you soon guys with plenty more updates throughout euro 2020 and also there throughout copper america on the channel i’ll be seeing.

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