Elon Musk, SpaceX, Startup company, Tesla, Inc. JUST REVEALED Insane New Tesla Vehicle With IMMENSE Earning Power!

Elon musk has set a hard deadline for tesla to bring the cyber truck roadster and tesla semi to production in 2023, after delaying practically all new vehicle releases for the past five years. So watch this video till the end to find out more about elon musk just revealed insane new tesla vehicle with immense earning power, hello. Everyone welcome to spacex, live hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications to get new updates about space, mask tesla technology and anything about science and spacex also hit the like button to show your love with that being said, lets get started for a long time. Tesla has had the same model: lineup model s model, 3 model x and model y. Many more vehicles have been unveiled by the firm over the years, but they have all been postponed. How will tesla vehicles affect the industry? How can you make the best use out of it? What is the intake of the united states on it? Tesla debuted the tesla semi electric vehicle in the next generation roadster in 2017.. They were scheduled to be released in 2019 and 2020 respectively. They havent made it to production, yet tesla, notably introduced to the cyber truck in 2019, and stated that it would be available in 2020. It was also repeatedly postponed. Tesla ceo elon musk indicated during a product roadmap update in january that the company will not debut a new product in 2022, since it is focusing on scaling up the production of currency vehicles.

The cybertrucks release date was moved back to 2023, while the new roadsters release dates was also pushed back. Masker gave a more definite time frame for the launching of all those cars at the cyber radio event. Yesterday, cybertruck will be manufactured next year, well be producing both the roadster and the semi. All of this is about to happen. This year is all about scaling up, and next year will be all about new product launches. This is a more aggressive time frame than tesla. Has stated in years for those items musk also stated during the events that tesla will build a new futuristic, looking electric vehicle called a dedicated robo taxi, although he didnt provide a date for it. Aside from cars, the ceo even hinted that the optimus humanoid robot could enter production next year, albeit he used more cautious language in that regard. Tesla also brought a cyber truck prototype to the event, but it was the same one that had been seen multiple times in recent months, and the firm didnt reveal any new details or pricing after deleting them from its website. Last year, elon musk has gone into much information about teslas, new electric motor, the plaid carbon wrapped motor and even hinted at a higher rpm version. Coming to the next roadster more details regarding the new power terrain technology that tesla developed under its palladium program for the revised version of the electric sedan were one thing we were expecting during the presentation of the new model: s at the delivery ceremony.

Last week. Surprisingly, the ceo didnt go into great detail about the new technology. He merely cited a brand new battery pack, for example, without providing any other information. He did, however, show off teslas new plaid carbon wrapped motor and go through some of the specifics of the new technology which allows for smaller, more powerful and economical modes. The motors arent tiny enough to be carried by one person but powerful enough to reach ridiculous rpms. Musk mentioned briefly during the presentation that this new motor is only possible because of a new machine that tesla created it to make it possible. Yesterday, the ceo expanded on that machine in a new set of tweets, a high tension load is applied to the fiber as it is found over the road. Sir tesla automation created the machine that did this. The copper rotor must be compressed by the carbon sleeve or it will loosen at low temperatures due to differential thermal expansion. Preload also aids, in keeping a precise gap to the stator musk, went on to say that the new motor has many advantages over its predecessors. The main benefit is a substantially stronger em field when compared to a rotor, kept together by metal, usually high strength. Steel. Another benefit is that the rota can spin faster, because the carbon sleeve prevents the copper rotor from expanding owing to radial acceleration. In short, the new carbon raptor rotor allows tesla to push the performance of its new motors to unprecedented height.

Musk said that teslas new motor is arguably the most sophisticated motor on earth in another set of tweets, but he teased that the company is working on something even more powerful for the new roadster outside of maybe a lab somewhere. The plaid carbon wrapped motor is arguably the most advanced motor on earth. We have to keep some things hidden for the new roadster. We have a few ideas for raising torque and max rpm. Even further engineering is going to be a lot of fun and exciting. Previously musk proposed employing the same tri motor powertrain used in the new model, s for the new roadster, which might yield better performance just because of the smaller form factor, but it now appears that tesla is enhancing the powertrain technology as well. The new tesla roadsters engineering will be done this year. According to the ceo and production will begin in 2022. This summer, tesla is expected to have fresh engineering prototypes of the next electric hyper car elon musk. The ceo of tesla made several wild forecasts today regarding his companys cars potential to drive themselves. Musk believes it will happen sooner than most of his competitors, possibly by the end of the year. Musk made the remarks at a private investor and events at teslas palo alto headquarters, setting out a near future picture in which self driving tesla vehicles compete with waymo gm and uber. The following are some key lessons from teslas autonomy day event tesla presented a new microchip that, according to musk, will be found in every new tesla manufacturer today, the best chip in the world objectively, he said its a high performance special purpose microprocessor made in texas by Samsung with autonomy and security in mind, musk estimates that the business is about halfway through the design process for the next generation processor, which will be three times better than the current system.

Teslas autonomous system according to musk will have advanced to the point that drivers will no longer need to pay attention to the road by the middle of 2020.. He stated that the corporation plans to launch self driving taxis in selected areas of the united states next year. Tesla owners will be able to connect their vehicles to a tesla network which he compares to uber or airbnb musk stated we will have over 1 million robo taxis on the road in a year. Well have over a million cars with complete self driving capabilities software and everything these cars will have level 5 autonomy with no geofence, which means they will be able to drive themselves anywhere on the planet under all conditions, with no restrictions. There are no level 5 vehicles on the road today, according to musk tesla robo taxis may earn owners up to 30 000 per year. Tesla ceo elon musk stated that the company would soon be producing automobiles that would last at least 1 million miles and require little maintenance. Musk has been chastised for exaggerating, teslas, autonomous capabilities, while also beta testing semi autonomous technologies on its customers, with sometimes disastrous results. Tesla have been involved in a handful of collisions, employing the companys autopilot technology, some of which have been fatal. Musk has a reputation for putting deadlines he cant achieve and making predictions that dont pan out previously musk predicted that his cars would be fully self driving by 2018.

. As a result, his companys stock is among the worlds most heavily. Shorted musk, on the other hand, saw the investor day as an opportunity to set out his businesss ambitious aspirations for self driving cars in detail, while also establishing a clear line between tesla and every other company working on the technology. Today it was the shot across the bow of an industry that has been working hard in recent months to lower expectations for self driving car deployments. In its most recent software updates, the corporation claims to be making work on a new autopilot neural net, but the concept that present rules are impeding its implementations is perplexing right now there are no regulations that prevent tesla from fulfilling this commitment. This may be done whenever musk wants, as long as teslas cars meet current federal motor vehicle safety standards, which they do most experts believe that completely autonomous vehicles are still at least 10 years distant, if not impossible, to achieve a teslas vision based method. A light beam sensor, called lidar, is used by nearly every business now working on self driving vehicles, including leaders like alphabets, waymo, gm and ford lidar, is a crutch. According to musk, who has long contended that it is too expensive and cumbersome for teslas vehicles. Will people adopt to this? How will this impact the common citizen? Will this lead to a vehicle for wars anyway? What do you all think about this? Let us know in the comments and if you are a real musk fan, then dont forget to hit the like and subscribe button with.

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