Elon Musk, SpaceX, Startup company, Tesla, Inc. JUST SHOCKED The Space Industry With SpaceX's Insane New Engines!

The industry is shocked by the capabilities of the new engine, but how far in space can we go with this rocket, and is this the start of commercial space flights? Interestingly, how the industry is going to depend on elon after this before we just take off? Welcome to the channel if space is something that entices you or the ideas of elon musk then make sure to subscribe to the channel before any delay lets get started. Musk is renowned for his technical breakthroughs. In addition to paypal, tesla and spacex. He is credited with inventing the private space business through his company. Nevertheless, you may not have heard of his most recent enormous achievement to go to mars the moon and perhaps take over the aviation business. We need a completely new rocket engine being developed in a texan hangar. What, then, is so special about this new engine, whats so critical about it, and when can we expect it to be in use? Take a look at the present state of affairs. First rockets powered by either the raptor 1 or merlin 1d engines are all manufactured by spacex, one of the cleanest burning rockets on the market. The raptor 1 employs methane and liquid oxygen fuels and spacex has pioneered self landing rockets owing to their high power engines. Accurate throttle and gimbaling capabilities, although raptor 1 has been improved throughout the years. It is now a dated design that should be retired as a result of its intricate design manufacturing.

It is time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, it has reached a thrust limit of 185 tons, which means that it will not be able to meet the requirements of a mars bound, starship, a method. Liquid oxygen engine is still used in raptor 2. thats, all thats comparable between the two. Firstly, the turbo machinery has been completely replaced with a more basic and powerful unit because of this, the engine will be able to use a greater amount of gasoline additionally to make the most of this extra fuel, the combustion chamber, nozzle and electronics have all been redesigned. Finally, unlike raptor one, the raptor twos burner, controls are contained in a separate box. As a result of this simplicity, the shroud could be removed from gimballing engines allowing for greater mobility. It is possible to launch a small fleet of raptor 2 equipped starships multiple times each week because of their short turnaround time now in a single calendar year, spacex has the potential to launch more cargo into orbit than the u.s has ever managed in its entire existence. To colonize mars, spacex must raise its yearly cargo capacity by a factor of 10.. According to musks calculations, a self sustaining mars colony would need a payload of 1 million metric tons using about 20 launches each week. Raptor 2 equipped starships could theoretically carry this much to mars. In 10 years, raptor 2 starships outfitted with raptor 2 may only take a decade and a half to colonize mars, as you may expect, this will be quite expensive, but raptor 2 truly excels in this regard.

According to current estimates, it will only cost 2 million dollars for each launch to deploy a raptor, 2 equipped. Starship compare this to nasas sls rocket, which has a 15 lower payload and costs 1.5 billion dollars to over 2 billion dollars. Each launch, elon musks, mars colonization scheme, is, to put it mildly, audacious spacex had to rethink existing technology while also developing new ones. Spacex raptor engines are designed for the starship and its booster stage, which are both very heavy and they might power elon musks plan to reach mars by 2024. In 1898, a russian school teacher named constantine zlatoski, initially proposed the crazy notion of utilizing liquid propellants and rockets to explore space zlakovsky was sure that the speed and range of a rocket could be improved. With this new liquid propellant technology, slikhovsky was widely regarded as the founder of modern astronomy because of his vision and extensive study to break free from the earths gravitational pull. All indigenous rocket designs were created for one and only one purpose: a new spacecraft fueled by a completely new rocket engine, unlike anything done before spacex started. The creation of the starship, formerly known as a huge falcon rocket, a stainless steel alloy based spaceship backed by a booster, is needed to reach mars and return since spacexs falcon 9 and its merlin engines were such a success. They became the industry standard for reusable rockets. When spacex said they would reimagine rocket engine technology, they meant it.

Raptor was developed on the full flow staged combustion cycle, an unconventional gas cycle that had only previously been used in experimental rocket technology. To put it another way, the raptor engine can be more efficient than other rocket engines because it has more control over the flow of oxidizer and fuel. Other advantages of using a full flow staged combustion cycle include the ability to use oxidizer, rich and fuel rich pre burners. The raptor engine will be fed with cryogenic liquid methane, which is a first for rocket engines. Different rockets will be utilized for the same missions and then destroyed rp1 or rocket propellant. One is the fuel of choice for the majority of rocket engines, falcon 9 and kestrel engines, both utilized rp 1 as jet fuel. Therefore, when spacex initially used rp 1 in their engines, they were using the same kind of fuel. The complexity of rocket engines and rocket architecture is exacerbated by the necessity for a larger fuel tank for liquid hydrogen, since it requires rigorous temperature control and leaks quickly. Elon musk says that spacex wants the rocket to be simple. Inexpensive and dependable. Spacex opted to use a methane powered engine instead of a hydrogen powered engine, because the greatest component is no part and the best process is no process when compared to the yellow flame methane burns with a strong blue flame raptor engines, fueled by rp1 have a distinctive Appearance to follow up on the success of that initial test.

In august of last year, at the spacex boku shika facility, spacex conducted a series of shorter hop tests with the raptor engine on an sn5 starship before finally conducting a high altitude test on december. 9Th of that year in front of a crowd of onlookers, sn8 had three raptor engines mounted on it and when it took to the skies in boku, shika texas, in february and march of this year, it successfully ascended to its target altitude of 10 kilometers. But on its way, back to landing, one of the raptor engines failed to reignite and sn9 tipped over ending inexpensive fireworks. The raptor engine would crash again in high altitude tests later that month and in march, at boco chica at spacexs starbase facility in texas. This week. Musk showed off a batch of the new raptor 2 engines that will be used on the maiden orbital launch of the companys starship mega rocket later in the year. This is a pair of raptor 2 rocket engines at starbase, each generating over half a million pounds. 230 tons of force musk tweeted on tuesday many of musks twitter followers mistakenly identified the rocket engines in musks shot as the deadly delix from doctor who it was only a matter of time until he started creating delex, remarked twitter user, richard nellis. After the phrase dalex started, trending following musks picture, upload elon, it turns out, has made delex. He is davros and elon is not. The inventor of the dalek soldiers who live within machines has some similarities to a rocket engine, remarked simon, another twitter user.

As a point of clarification, elon musk has not invented a race of wicked soldiers that yell exterminate as they conquer the globe. Starship and super heavy boosters will use the raptor 2 as their primary engine. 33 raptor 2 engines will power each super heavy rocket, while 9 will power. The starship vehicle spacexs raptor 2 rocket engine, like its veteran merlin engines on its falcon 9 rockets, is meant to be reusable. Nasa has been doing space business for a long time, but spacex now achieved a lot more at building rockets than nasa did with billions of dollars in budget. How far will elon be able to reach with these new engines by how far we mean even further than just mars, with such developments going on in the space race, we can soon expect rockets being able to travel even far from mars.

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