Elon Musk, Twitter, Tesla, Inc., SpaceX hocked! Billionaires Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates Enmity Tesla and Elon Musk.

His companies include spacex, solarcity and tesla. One of the puzzling things is that many billionaires dont like tesla, even though it offers a promising future for the electric car industry of the many. We must mention two typical faces that are jeff bezos and technology mogul bill gates. They have opposing views to elon on av development and have never sided with tesla. So what makes these two billionaires hate tesla so much find out in todays episode before we begin welcome to tesla fans, where we give you the latest updates and news about tesla, elon, musk and the most advanced technologies first time viewing our content. Then please subscribe to the channel and ring that bell. So you wont miss out on the next exciting episode now that weve gotten, that out of the way lets get started on todays content, elon, musk and jeff bezos are two of the biggest names in todays business. World musk has become the richest billionaire in the world and has taken the lead in front of jeff bezos. Surely this is not fun for the former founder of the multinational technology company amazon. So when did their fate begin? Teslas chief elon musk and amazons ceo jeff bezos have been feuding publicly for years, but not many know that the two once met for a friendly dinner back in 2004.. A photograph from the meeting is currently going viral on social media and it even captured elon musks attention who reacted to it on twitter wow hard to believe that was 17 years ago, musk wrote reacting to the pick, which shows the two billionaires at a dinner table When jeff bezos was very successful, with amazon and elon, musk became a billionaire with a private space company and electric car empire at tesla, even with success in their respective fields.

The two of them still cant seem to be on the same side, especially in the field of evs. Teslas market value surpassed the 1 trillion mark for the first time after american car rental company hertz placed an order for a hundred thousand cars causing the ev companys stocks to rise by over 12 making tesla the fifth u.s company, as well as the first automotive company To reach a milestone of one trillion dollars in market value, tesla is also the second fastest company to cross the milestone only preceded by facebook, reaching it in just over 11 years since its listing in 2010.. The company is currently worth more than the combined market value of the largest automobile manufacturers around the world, such as toyota, volkswagen and ford, with bezos making acquisitions in the automotive industry, mainly investing in electric and autonomous vehicle companies. Musk doesnt appear to be pleased so whats going on well: amazon just acquired zukes, a self driving car company. Last year, amazon invested in autonomous car firm, aurora innovation. Bezoss company also decided to invest in electric vehicle maker, rivian musk isnt, exactly flattered by all this limitation. As he recently tweeted, that bezos is a copycat and that its time to break up amazon according to geekwire jumpstarting bezoss ambitions, amazon is publicly planning to make half of deliveries net zero carbon by 2030.. This is undoubtedly a good thing. That said, is amazon really making moves on to teslas turf lets be clear, theres, definitely a competitive vibe between jeff and elon.

Their rivalry in the space flight arena also has a history of some twitter banter. Looking back musk tweeted bezos was a copycat previously in 2019, when amazons plans to develop its project. Kuiper broadband satellite network surfaced looking eerily similar to musks starling project over at spacex, but enough about bezos lets talk about the second person who is just rather jealous of the electric car business that musk is currently outperforming in microsoft, founder billionaire bill gates both have agreed On the future of evs on their usefulness, versatility and necessity, although when gates bought himself one, he did not purchase one of those from his tech rivals brand. He instead went for porsche. This was something that musk criticized publicly saying that he felt disappointed. Musk has accused microsoft, co founder bill gates of shorting tesla in a tweet on friday, the teslas ceo admitted that he asked gates if he was short selling shares of the electric car maker when investors short of stock. They are betting that the price of the asset will fall. I heard from multiple people at ted that gates still had half billion short against tesla, which is why i asked him so its not exactly top secret musk said in a tweet. He was responding to a twitter users question on whether a screen grab of a supposed text. Conversation between the two billionaires was real. The tesla chiefs response was yeah, but i didnt link it to nyt. They must have got it through friends of friends its not the first time the two men have had a public disagreement after gates said he was concerned about the range and premium price of tesla vehicles.

In a 2020 video with youtuber, marcus brownlee musk said in a tweet that his conversations with the former microsoft ceo have been underwhelming. To be honest. More recently, amid musks takeover of twitter, the tesla and spacex ceo tweeted a picture of gates side by side with an emoji of a pregnant man. Saying in case you need to lose a boner fast gates, told cnbcs squawk box in july of 2020. That musk should cut back on his controversial vaccine comments and focus on electric cars and rockets in a new york times. Podcast later that year, the tesla ceo responded to gates comments about musks lack of experience with vaccines calling gates a knucklehead musk has also attacked gates. In tweets regarding his vaccine efficacy, as we all know, the fact that tesla has grown so strongly in the electric vehicle market has made two rivals unable to sit still. They both tried everything to bring down tesla, but it seems like no matter what they try. Its not going to topple musk anytime soon, their differing views on each field made them arch enemies, though its not known when the war between the three most notable billionaires will come to an end. Its definitely going to be the focus of everyones attention, as does with most tabloids disagreements and attacks between the three have garnered outside attention due to their immense wealth, musk overtook, gates, title as the worlds second richest person in 2020 and later surpassed amazon, founder, jeff, bezos.

Taking the top spot, how do you feel about teslas future as its constantly being attacked by these two influential billionaires? Let us know in the comments section down below and with that last bit of news concludes todays episode. If you have any interesting topics, you want us to dive deeper in. Let us know in the comments and if you enjoyed todays episode as much as i did. Please leave a like share. The video subscribe to the channel and ring that bell. So you wont miss out on the next exciting episode of tesla fans. Once again. Thank you so much from all of us here.

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