His first move cleanse it from spam bots and his second allow freedom of speech, but wait. This deal, isnt sealed just yet its currently on hold and tesla fans are pleading with musk to stay away from twitter. What exactly is going on thats? Why were here in this video? We are going to tell you whats actually happening with the twitter deal, so stay tuned, because youre going to find out why we all know how famous and socially active musk is when it comes to twitter. But recently he has been getting a lot of mixed responses from his fans. Why? Because on monday, the 6th of june elon musk threatened to dump his 44 billion dollar bid to acquire twitter sources speculate on the myriad of reasons triggering this event. But let us pinpoint the details for you remember what we said earlier regarding elons. First move: it was to cleanse the social platform of spam bots now in order to truly cleanse the platform, you have to know the exact figure, or at least an accurate estimate, to determine your course of action heres. What happened twitter refused to participate in elons request regarding the percentage of spam bots on the platform, this made him very upset, but why is information like spam, bots so important to him? Every platform uses bots to allow smoother processes for doing simple things like liking. Commenting sharing and more on twitter, these bots or programs function, just like real human accounts, but in reality are automated, which means they are just coded to act like people, while some bots, like quake bots, for example, are beneficial.

Sending automated tweets with details of an earthquake or other natural disasters, there are other types of bots spam bots that are used for commercial or more nefarious intents. These spam bots are posted to offer a sales pitch, acting as an influencer to make you buy or engage in commercial activities. Other spam bots may be used for more nefarious purposes, to spread dis information or to clog up your feed on the positive side. Elons need to remove spam. Bots is justified because you may follow him, but you may also see similar accounts of him tweeting about crypto and how to buy them or other tweets that are just baseless and that can be annoying at times. This can also be a problem for advertisers, as they may be, trying to reach a specific demographic through advertising only to be misrepresented by bots that are just programs. Musk claims that twitter is underestimating the percentage of the bots on the platform and demanding that twitter submit internal data to his company for further examination. Although this is not legally possible, it all depends on what the court decides. Also in this video we mentioned that there may be other reasons. Elon may be hesitant towards the twitter deal. So in this part of the video were going to break down everything. Thats happened so far. A series of unforetold events twitters share price dropped in early may. This year, musk had signed a deal for 54.20 per share, but calculating from that fall in share price.

The gap between price and value is huge, almost 25 below what he originally signed for. Would you still buy an overvalued company for the price of 44 billion dollars? Tell us in the comments as for most of the speculators, in this case, elon is negotiating with twitter to reduce the price or hell just walk away. Can he do that? Twitter, on the other hand, claimed that he cannot do so because it would be a breach of contract resulting in a billion dollar breakup fee. As a result, that begs the question which one is more rational to you: trade for one billion dollars or buy for 44 billion dollars and lets not forget the trending topic that has everyone talking the polarizing political tweet that got joe biden. The president of the united states, adding his 280 characters to the fray, commenting rather than correcting elons political tweet stated that quote in the past. I voted democrat because they were mostly the kindness party, but they have become the party of division and hate. So i can no longer support them and will vote republican now watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold. Unquote. What a way to speak your mind, its a bold move in this game of twitter chess, who knows if it will ultimately result in what he intended for twitter. Another polarizing tweet from musk called out yale university. Calling the ivy league university quote the epicenter of the woke mind virus attempting to destroy civilization.

This tweet helped launch musk at ludicrous speed to the top of the trending list. After a professor from that university commented, poor elon, some of elons fans shared their views by asking musk to stay in the tesla zone and stop crying out loud, while others want him to just leave twitter alone. What do you think elon will do? The rest is up to you to speculate where all of this is headed for now, only musk knows what his next move is.

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