Juneteenth, United States Congress, Federal holidays in the United States News Wrap: Tensions rise in Jerusalem as Israeli nationalists march for 'death to Arabs'

S. Justice Department to challenge the 2020 election results.. The U.S. House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee obtained the e mails.. They show that the Trump White House, officials and others were pushing claims of voter fraud. Justice. Department leaders dismissed the claims as false. New bursts of gun. Violence have claimed more lives across the country. In Chicago police. Today were hunting at least one shooter.. They said four people were killed and four others wounded when an argument broke out in a house on the South Side and gunfire erupted. DAVID BROWN, Chicago Illinois, Police Superintendent. In every case – and this is case after case after case where we have conflict and you put a gun in someone’s hand, you increase particularly an illegal gun, you increase the opportunity for violent crime. JUDY WOODRUFF Earlier in Albertville, Alabama police said a worker at a fire. Hydrant plant fatally shot two people and wounded two more before killing himself later. Tensions flared in East Jerusalem. Today, over a march by Israeli ultra nationalists., Hundreds of people paraded with Israeli flags, as some chanted quote: quotDeath to Arabs.quot Israel’s new government called the slogans. A disgrace. Palestinians responded with protests. Some in Gaza launched incendiary balloons that sparked fires in Southern Israel.. Back in this country, former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has confirmed that he joined pro Trump protests outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6.. A Maine newspaper reports that the California Republican entered a restricted zone, but there is no indication he stormed the building.

Rohrabacher served in Congress for 30 years before his defeat in 2018.. The Biden White House has put out word that it is giving Senate negotiations another week to 10 days.. Otherwise, Democrats might try to pass the president’s sweeping plan on their own. In the 5050 Senate. Party leaders divided today over a bipartisan plan of nearly 1 trillion. SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER D NY. I think there are many people, maybe everybody in our caucus, who believes it’s a good start, but it doesn’t do enough.. It won’t be enough on climate.. It won’t be enough on revenues. It won’t be enough on some of the human infrastructure like paid leave and childcare. SEN. MITCH, MCCONNELL R KY. I would love to see us get an outcome on infrastructure. It’s important.. The country needs it.. We have a history of doing infrastructure on a bipartisan basis. JUDY WOODRUFF President Biden has pushed a much larger bill than the bipartisan package that was floated by 10 senators.. The U.S. Senate today unanimously also passed a bill to establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday. The day, which officially falls on June 19, commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S. in 1865.. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives.. A dangerous heat wave has sent prices for power and natural gas spiraling in Texas and California. Utility grids in both states have warned consumers to conserve energy or potentially face rolling outages.. The heat wave already brought triple digit temperatures to the desert Southwest and is spreading elsewhere.

And on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 94 points to close. At 34299., The Nasdaq fell 101 points., The SampP 500 slipped eight. Still to come on the quotNewsHourquot.

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