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It is a bit ironic that the supreme court’s travel was in the news this week. Two members of the senate judiciary committee, democratic senator sheldon, whitehouse and republican senator john kennedy. Yes, you heard that correctly two politicians from opposing parties did something together. Maybe i should let off with that breaking news, but these two senators asked the justice department to provide information about where supreme court justices have traveled. Where they’ve been. What are they worried about these justices wandering off and they can’t be found? Maybe we should put these justices on a national life 360 app so that we can make sure they are safe, now i’m worried about what they will find out. I mean how comforting will it be that our national judicial system is being run in between charter bus trips to the casino for bingo night i’m thinking, ignorance might be bliss here, no, no it’s, not that the justices are too old and wander off, and i am Trying my best to say this with a straight face, but the senate wants to know about supreme court travel as they are worried about ethics in the judiciary. Now senators, have you heard that maybe you shouldn’t be judging the speck of dust in your brother’s eye when you have a plank epidemic, just curious that the whole man in the mirror concept has occurred to you, but chief justice. John roberts is on the record as saying he doesn’t think the legislative branch can pass ethical rules for the judicial branch.

I think he was muttering something about separation of powers, at least that’s. What i think he said he also could have just said. He doesn’t think the legislative branch can pass ethical rules regardless it’s, a game on between the branches and unlike in the nba traveling, is a concern now well. This is the busy time for the supreme court. We hear a comedian of law, call it supreme court sweeps a season, but the nine are apparently waiting until the end to decide the blockbuster cases still to be decided. This term is whether obamacare aka the unaffordable care act is unconstitutional. You know health care is messed up when you go to costco and say no, no don’t run this through my insurance, i don’t. I want to pay cash as it’s cheaper. That way. True story happened to me yesterday. Well, how about this one can a school suspend a cheerleader a year for dropping the f bomb on social media? What are young kids swear? I wouldn’t know i haven’t watched netflix recently, but how about this one, canada philadelphia? Can the city of philadelphia refuse to allow a catholic organization to participate in adoption services because of its religious views on gay foster parents? So will the court show some love to the city of brotherly love? How about this case? Can a cop follow you into your garage? Stick his foot under the garage door to prevent the garage door from shutting all in hot pursuit of a misdemeanor violation.

There’S, a court is also considering the case of a whether a former child slave can sue a u.s corporation for its involvement in profiting from child slavery. Yeah, i think nike is following this case closely. Can the member institutions of the ncaa, which represent a billion dollar industry, agree amongst themselves to pay their employees nothing and get away with it by calling it amateur athletics? Now, businesses everywhere are watching this case closely and behind the scenes they are preparing for amateur stalkers. Amateur cab, drivers, apparently glorifying the amateur nature of an activity, allows industries to agree to screw the workforce. I had no idea that calling something amateur is a workaround of our anti trust laws, so we are talking significant, huge cases, but this week the court dealt with a case a little less sexy. This week the court decided board in the united states. Now this case dealt with the armed career criminal act. This act imposes a minimum 15 year sentence for anyone convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm. If the person has three or more prior convictions for a violent felony. So the issue here is what kind of prior convictions count toward the three a fracture court ruled that, in order for a crime to count as a violent felony, there had to have been actual intent to commit harm to another person. So a crime that, based on reckless conduct that cause harm, doesn’t count yeah not as sexy as whether the comps can invade your home in hot pursuit of a broken taillight.

So the court is letting the big cases linger until the end. You know creating a little bit of suspense again it’s all about the ratings folks.

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