Supreme Court of the United States, Affordable Care Act, Law We HAVE To Call It What It Is!

I always just say it like. I see it now, my wife. On the other hand, she is a media relations person, so she’s very cautious with her language and she coaches people on the language they should use as they give speeches and that sort of thing for a major health care system in kansas city and something she shared With me recently was that when it comes to language, you really have to be cautious, because – and she gave me the example of they they made – they quit using the term obamacare, because it had a negative connotation with it. Instead, they started using the term the affordable care act simply because when you say the word obamacare you a lot of people don’t like that terminology, so they’re not as appealed to whatever it is you’re talking about. Well guess what gun, control doing the exact same thing? People now changing the verbiage from gun control to violence, prevention now that’s a drastic change, because one you’ve got to throw in the word god or somewhere. Otherwise, because and the reason they do, it is according to polls that people don’t like gun control. When you say anything about gun control, they don’t like that terminology. However, when you use the terminology, violence prevention – that is a whole different story. Now, all of a sudden they’re willing to get on board and people have actually said they would vote for violence prevention acts where they were in the exact same polling that same person said they would not vote for gun control, acts.

It’S trickery, it’s trickery through verbiage. Again, you know i’ve never been one to beat around the bush i’ll just call it. How i see it, but that’s, not the game that politicians are playing across america when it comes to gun control or gun laws, they’re switching their verbage to try to appeal to mainstream america. Now, as we know, gun control is a big problem. You know i’m sitting here in new york city. This is a big problem here. It’S people are more suppressed in new york city than many many cities across the world like china or russia, so and they’re they’re they’re, riding themselves, they’re voting themselves into suppression because of the verbiage people are using. So we just have to use the words that that are there and it is gun control. It is controlling of guns and they have to kind of shift from that. But they’re doing it because i mean let’s just face it. When people go to the polling booths, they often don’t read they just start checking boxes. The typical american will not read deep into what that act and what that law is saying as they vote and it’s a huge problem. Um. You know it’s. First of its laziness. Let’S just start there, you got ta, look at the details before you vote for anything, but beyond that they know that to be true and they’re using it, because who couldn’t get on board with violence prevention, i mean nobody likes violence.

It’D almost be weird. If you voted against violence prevention, but then, when you looked at it’s, actually not violent, it’s gun control now that’s a whole different game and that’s. Why they’re playing this game? So we have to look at the language. We have to not use violent prevention, as a second amendment advocates. Don’T use the violence prevention, verbiage use it for what it is, call it for what it is: it’s gun control and you can’t look at it any other way. It’S, the controlling of guns in america and that’s. What they’re trying to do it’s, not violence prevention? If they wanted to focus on violence prevention, they start looking at better ways to criminalize the criminals. So, for example, if you know, if you commit a crime with a gun, there should be more severe penalties for that thing, so or or focus more on mental health, but gun control. The efforts are: are trying to control the law abiding. So, like those gun control measures affect me, i’m, not a criminal i’ve never been never have. I have no record of a crime, but there’s, no reason why i should be controlled at all. So there you go. You know i just want to get away from this idea of the verbiage being just call it what it is: it’s gun, control, um, so i’m kind of making this video just you know second, amendment people they’re kind of on board with this type of things, but This is a new thing.

You know it’s kind of like the term assault weapon. We don’t like to use that term assault weapon. I remember the first time i used a vid made a video and i said the word assault weapon. I got all sorts of flack for it. We need to do the same thing with gun control, it’s, gun control, it’s, controlling of guns, it’s, not violence, prevention, if it was violent, prevention, they’d be focusing on the criminals and mental health, but they’re not they’re. Focusing on lie: abiding citizens so it’s a controlling of guns, not violence; prevention, love to your thoughts on all this. If you’ve seen this verbage in voting or if you’ve seen it on billboards or advertising or debates put in the comments below, because i i had not heard of this until recently – it’s kind of a new thing – it’s just really an effort to get this through. Because, again, i want to remind you gun control laws are pretty close. You know the country’s divided about 50 50.. You get some of those middle people on your side by simply switching the verbiage. You change everything and that’s really what this is all about. So i’d love to hear your thoughts on it put in the comments below if you like this video click like and subscribe. If you feel called support this channel to patreon, that link is also below for the most important part of this channel. We take prayer requests, so please don’t ever hesitate to send that in.

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